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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by gagapourgaga, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. I'd fuck Donnchadh O'Laoghaire
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  2. Him and Garry Gannon are the ridiest TDs by far
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  3. Gannon is a babe.

    Have to say, I am loving GB commentators losing the run of themselves with the commentary. Though Ruth Dudley Edwards also compared it to the rise of the Nazis so...

    Interesting to see if Martin goes back on his word though and go into coalition with the Shinners. I can't see how SF/GP/PBP/Inds/Lab/SD coalition would survive?

    Also one of the things I have noticed about SF is that they have more representation in the Dáil than the Assembly now and Mary-Lou was quick to slap the wrists of Conor Murphy over the Paul Quinn comments - think we're seeing a power shift within SF with the southern part of the party maybe getting a more dominant now over the northern part and keeping them in line.
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  4. It's such a pity SF didn't have more candidates, They weren't expecting this amount of support. I wonder how Varadker felt to be on a waiting list for once!.
  5. Labour made promises that they wouldn't increase student registration fees if they got elected, then agreed to raise them once they got into power. That alone killed them for an entire generation. They've gone from coalition partners to fringe party.

    FF supplied arms to the IRA in the 70s, so it's rich of them to point the finger

    I don't mind SF being in power as we'll finally have the answer to whether they're competent leaders, or just effective opposition. Both Mary Lou McDonald and Michael Martin have a mandate to be Taoiseach (both got an equal number of seats in the election, FF's 38th seat is the automatic re-election of the Ceann Comhairle)

    We can also celebrate the fact that far-right parties got less than 1% of the vote -
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  6. Sinn Fein are more progressive and left wing than Labour, the Greens and Soc Dems. Their manifesto is really really exciting would transform the way the country is run. But I definitely agree their history is an issue but its a new generation in their party now and we have to move on as they have in Northern Ireland.

    Also its such a massive shame Ruth Coppinger lost her seat, truly one of the best politians Ireland has had.
  7. Ok I’m not tryna be that girl but does anyone have some policy examples other than “unify Ireland”?
  8. I mean you could google it but I'll give you some.

    Sinn Féin will deliver the biggest public housing programme in our history, we will cut rents and freeze them and we will ensure that affordable housing is available and really affordable to people. Sinn Féin will end the scandal of homelessness.

    We will reduce the cost of childcare. We will stop the pension age increase to 67 and will return it to 65. We will take 1 million workers out of the USC. That’s real economic recovery, that’s money in people’s pockets and that’s what really counts.

    We want to make Childcare and Early Childhood Education a public service. We will invest to ensure workers in the sector are properly paid and have a good career ladder. We will reduce the cost of childcare by an average of €500 per month per child.We will extend paid maternity leave to 52 weeks and increase maternity benefit by €50.

    People should feel safe in their communities. We will crack down on crime. We will recruit the maximum number of Gardaí each year, so Garda numbers reach record levels – 16,000. This will mean thousands
    more Gardaí on the streets, patrolling in local communities.

    Our manifesto has been costed by the relevant government departments and is affordable and can be delivered. There will be no borrowing necessary. In fact we will run surpluses and have a surplus of more than €3bn in 2025. All taxpayers who earn under €100,000 will see a decrease in their tax of up to €700 a year.

    Let's see if they can deliver, Either way FF and FG have had their chance and all they've done for the last 25 years was run the country into the ground and line the pockets of the rich. Sinn Fein's policies seem very fair and inclusive of the working class aka Me. I sure never saw a Celtic Tiger but I definitely saw a few greedy pigs.
  9. Also YAS at Aontú only getting 1.9% of first preferences so they just miss the threshold for receiving state funding.
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  10. Just to add to this that SF have probably got one of the few politicians that has a good and in-depth understanding of housing in Ireland - Eoin Ó Broin.

    Also I think your last point is key. I was listening to Morning Ireland on Monday and Audrey made the point that whilst people see the cranes building the apartments, the hotels and the new fancy office blocks going up in Dublin, they don't see the benefits of the 'economic recovery'. Although would also like to make the point that something similar is happening up in Belfast atm - new office blocks and hotels being built but people in many areas of our society aren't seeing their lives getting any better.
  11. My first Preference Holly Cairns got through, just about. Delighted for her!

    Do we think there’s a good chance of another election in the next year? Can’t see Fiana Fáil going for it, they know Sinn Fein would run more candidates and be close to a majority.

    Hopefully whoever gets in will tackle the likes of healthcare, homelessness and climate change, and really make a difference.

    Things like the astronomical Car Insurance prices, childcare and rising rents really need to be looked at too. It’s crazy that some young people are expected to pay thousands for 1 year of care insurance, if they’d even get quoted at all.
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  12. Even if Mary Lou manages to create a coalition with the Greens, Soc Dems, Labour and Sol PBP its still only 67 seats. They'd need 13 of the 19 independents, and a lot of them are very conservative (and fucking dumb as rocks/racist). Even if there were enough to join a Left Alliance, that would be the most unstable government in history and it wouldn't last long. I assume Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael think this would make them seem like the solid reliable parties, but I would hope the electorate would realise it just means electing more progressive TDs.

    As for a SF-FF coalition, I don't see it happening. My dad is a lifelong Fianna Fáiler and he hates SF far more than FG.
  13. A rotating FF/FG Taoiseach.. what a fucking nightmare. The Green Party TDs can choke for approving this, most of them were elected because of the Vote Left, Transfer Left campaign. Two-thirds of the Green membership has to approve the deal so it will be very interesting to see what happens.
  14. This summed it up for me.

    Processing that the heads of government on the island will be Arlene Foster, Michelle O'Neill and Micheál Martin
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  15. I mean it’s hardly a shock? This was always happening....
    It just leaves the door open for Sinn Fein to win by a landslide at the next general election in a few years time. They most likely would be leading government at the moment but they didn’t run enough candidates, can only blame themselves.
  16. That's my take as well.
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  17. I'm not so sure they can repeat the same success they had in this election in the next one. Nobody saw the protest vote boost Sinn Fein got this year, they ran as many candidates as they could have but it was very late in the game before the potential was realized. The coronavirus crisis has effectively put a freeze on everything, and we don't know yet what the long term effects will be. Ireland is due for an 8% recession this year, and for reasons we can't pin on any political party. Will we bounce back in 2021? Let's see.
  18. Who said they were shocked? I made a post because the PFG has been finalised and I’m annoyed and angry at the state of Irish politics that this has happened.
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