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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by gagapourgaga, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. This new govt is a damn mess, but the bright side is it'll probably wipe out FF in the future (because after this....what on earth do they stand for?), and Sinn Fein will probably make big gains, because all they have to do for next couple of years is be a solid, coherent opposition. Eoin O'Broin is already great when it comes to housing.

    However, there are rumours that Jack Chambers, the insolent women-hating child, could be getting a ministerial position. I hope it is just that.

    Fuck FF in general though.
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  2. Also, FG missed a trick with this I think. I am no fan of FG, but Leo has a really high approval rating due to the current crisis, and FG are doing great in polls. If I was a FG political advisor, I'd be telling them to go to the polls now while they're ahead, and scrap the deal.

  3. I love this former DUP SPAD's summary of the political philosophy of FF
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  4. Yeah I was kinda shocked they didn’t go for this! They’re riding high after handling the pandemic relatively well, this will hurt them pretty badly.

    I personally voted for the Social Democrats but I was never that bothered by Fine Gael. I can’t say I know much about their history, I’m sure there’s bad in there, I just would prefer to have them around over Fianna Fáil.
    How anyone would vote for FF after what they did to this country, I will never know.
    But I guess people forget! My parents voted FF and for one an Independent who voted no on having the Abortion referendum a few years ago....
  5. Yeah when all things are considered, I prefer FG over FF as FG TDs have tended to be more socially liberal in recent years, and less corrupt. But they've handled our health and housing crises terribly since 2011 so...
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  6. has been an absolute shitshow.
  7. This government are an absolute disaster, but it was to be expected with FF at the reins. Anything they touch turns into shit.

    People voted for change in February and the establishment parties did everything they possibly could to block that change. As a result I can see Sinn Fein making even bigger gains in the next election. The best thing that probably could have ever happened them was being in opposition to this shambles of a government.
  8. Yeah like the government haven't even got to their 100 days yet and it's an absolute disaster. Also some of the "apologies"....

    And I don't even know whether they realise the level of public anger they're facing. Like I'm up north and the level of anger and criticism towards SF about the Bobby Storey funeral
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  9. Lol the last 24 hours have been almost like satire. It's so insane how entitled they all are, and important to note that dinner party included several members from both FF and FG. They're as bad as each other.

    I'm glad some heads have rolled but Phil Hogan should go too. Our govt is fucking embarrassing right now.

    Also regarding SF attending the funeral...a bad decision for sure, and should be criticised. But still not the same thing as 80 politicians rocking up to a golf dinner, the day after telling the country they were implementing new guidelines and that taking personal responsibility is so important.

    I'd love another election.
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  10. Noel Grealish is my local TD and everyone loves him around here. He should be long gone from politics. He is a self entitled slumlord with draconian views on immigration, women and gay rights. Hopefully people remember this next time.
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  11. Guillotine.
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  12. Oh he really is awful. I expect him to go nowhere however, considering the people in Galway West have been voting him in since 2007. Once someone like that almost gets a cult like following in parts of rural Ireland it is very hard to get rid of them.

    I mean look at the continuous support for the Healy-Rae's in Kerry...
  13. Looks like we'll be moving to Level 3 restrictions from tomorrow. The Government aren't implementing the recommendation to move to Level 5....
  14. Yeah, it’s interesting that the govt are officially moving away from the official recommendations. It’s a risk, because if things worsen the blame will lie squarely with the government.
  15. NI Executive will be breathing a sigh of relief at that.
  16. 6 week lockdown from Wednesday night.
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  17. It's almost like Leo should've listened to NPHET two weeks ago instead of completely undermining them...

    Ugh I'm so over this.
  18. Thankfully I got haircut last weekend. Hopefully the set duration will make things easier psicologically.
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  19. Sadly I can’t see as many people following the rules like last time.
    Local Gaa players tested positive near me this week. Them and their friends constantly at busy house parties over the past few months, really hope people realise how serious it is, fucks sake. Some people just don’t care, or seems to think they won’t get it.
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  20. LPT


    I think its odd that GAA finals or whatever the fuck it is and elite athletes get to go ahead with their matches? Is it really that important to the Irish people? Surely the level of risk is too high.

    I also query why they bothered putting together a 5 level restriction plan if it was just going to be thrown out the window for Three Plus and whatever frankensteined restrictions we are going under Midnight on Wednesday.
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