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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by gagapourgaga, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. It's a fucking shit show.
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  2. Absolutely sickening that they've voted to seal those Mother and baby home records for 30 years, Shame on all those in FF, FG and GP. Absolutely devastated for the survivors of those horrific institutions. This country really is a joke, I don't know why I'm surprised this corrupt shithole was home to, ruled by, and buried the bodies both literally and metaphorically of the biggest Peadophile ring in the history of mankind aka the catholic church.
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  3. I think it's stupid stopping the click and collect shopping, If retailers can maintain social distancing and stick to regulations, Parents with kids birthdays coming up would be relying on Smyths, Argos etc for toys. It makes no sense that you can still have takeaways open where the staff may or may not be all over each other! Not naming any names but closing bigger retailers with larger stock rooms or warehouse for picking orders. Holland and Barret is still open today I noticed I'm sure they are essential to some people but are they an essential shop in the grand scheme of things? Not so sure.
  4. I assumed the reasoning was to stop people traveling outside their 5KM limit, to say collect toys from Smyths, which would be pretty common I think?
    There are loads of shops open deemed essential, that really aren’t that essential let’s be honest.
    I’d be fine with takeaways and Off licenses closing to be honest. January and February are quiet months in general, if they’re going to lockdown hard, it should be now.

    The roll out of the Vaccine is ridiculously slow too...
  5. The vaccine roll out is an utter disgrace. We are at the most dangerous point we've been at to date and things are moving at a snail's pace. I've said it in another thread, but Monday to Friday 9-5 is simply not good enough. The government need to be absolutely hounded on this until they get it sorted, because the situation is just too serious at the minute.

    Is it too much to ask that things be done competently and efficiently in this country just once?
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  6. Agreed re the vaccine rollout. I just listened to the David McWilliams podcast today and he had a guy from Israel on talking in detail about the logistics of their amazing vaccine rollout and it made me sick. Obviously Israel are trash in many ways, but man they are getting the vaccine rollout so right and we could learn a lot.

    And sorry but these new regulations?! LC students in three days a week - is that some kind of joke? I had no idea covid only infects schools if you're in 4 days a week, who knew?!?! The government has been a disaster over the past year and all their problems are coming home to roost (mainly how shit the HSE is and always has been), but the Department of Education have been a special kind of stupid.

    Hopefully the unions will refuse to go in because the LC is not more important than our ICUs literally overflowing.

    I want to scream.
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  7. The press conference just angered me honestly. A government that has been utterly inept, taken wrong decision after wrong decision and today just washed their hands of it basically.
  8. Rob


    I'm not sure where this narrative came from but my partner's brother is getting his first vaccination at 9pm tomorrow...
  9. I went on my morning walk this morning and stopped by a Costa to get a takeout coffee, While there was only one other customer in store and plenty of social distancing there was 5 employees behind the counter and the shop is tiny! I wouldn't care if takeaways, coffee shops, off licences etc closed I just happened to be passing but I was shocked at them behind the counter like sardines. I just find it ridiculous that I can go into Tesco and buy as much alcohol as I want but the toys, clothes etc is sectioned off. I can also go get botox and lip fillers where an injector is right in my face if I wanted but I can't click and collect from Argos where they have lots of space in the back to pick orders, I know this because I worked there before. Either lock everything up or don't these essential/non essential rules are a load of shite.
  10. It's Therapie that are still doing botox and fillers isn't it? It's actually shocking that's allowed because they know damn well it's not essential.

    I actually had an appointment with Therapie for NYE and they called me a few days beforehand, and I was fully expecting a cancellation, and they said 'so just confirming your appointment?', and I was like 'emmm what, you guys are open?' and they said 'yeah as we have doctors we're open'. And it's bullshit, cause I know another Botox doctor that stopped for the lockdown. I cancelled my appointment as it didn't feel right to go.
  11. It's a few places, Anywhere that has a "doctor" can still legally work because they offer other services but I know they only do injectables day to day. I had a consultation before Christmas when we weren't in Lockdown and this Doctor asked me to take my mask off took my face in his hands and started touching me and staring at me and telling me what I needed! I was meant to go back this month for some work but I cancelled it, He's still working away though.
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  12. My god I don't think it's been this depressing and gloomy to live in Ireland since the fallout from the recession.

    The government couldn't have got it more wrong if they possibly tried. They are utterly hopeless; no initiative, no forward planning, just constantly winging it and half-assing everything and then shouldering the blame back on to the public. I have never seen public mood to be so angry and frustrated against those in charge, especially with Mehole's antics over the past week. And now today, on top of everything, we learn that TD's will be taking another pay rise come July.

    Adherence to the lockdown is seriously going to wane in the weeks to come and it's very worrying. But people are at their end of their tether and the government has done everything in their power to make it worse.

    Fianna Fail and the Greens are going to get absolutely decimated at the next election and rightfully so, but I just hope the public don't fall for Fine Gael's spin and put them back in power, because they are just as much to blame. We need real change in this country and pronto.
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  13. Agreed, it’s all so depressing. Finding it hard to even muster up the anger I used to have, it’s just all grim with no end in sight. Particularly hard this evening after seeing how well the UKs vaccine rollout is going and how they plan to be back to normal by May/June.

    The government winged it all last year and got away with it because the public did the first lockdown really well. But it’s been a shit show since last autumn really.
  14. Have to agree its particularity tough tonight seeing how all going well the UK will be back to normal in June while we have no end date in sign, no structured vaccine plan just everything is just so vague its so frustrating. I honestly dont understand how the vaccine rollout has been such a mess here. Onto the gin for the night I think is my plan
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