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Is Nick Lachey Gonna Do Well

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ScOtty2oo6, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. His last singles/album never got a release over here and i dont think they done all that well in america ,

    He's back now with a new sound tho so do yous think he will do well?
    His single has actully grown on me and i can see it going in about 11-15 but the album is pretty nafff , every song just sounds the same , really cant see him making another album after this
  2. I wish I could be that concise, but it continues to be beyond me.

    I saw the video over the weekend. As I was listening to the first verse I was all "ooh, pretty!" Then the chorus lumbered in and I was all "argh, generic wank!" It was all over after that.

    Also, what's with all the beige in the clip? How obvious do you want your tedium to BE, Lachey?
  3. He's best known as the ex-husband of Jessica Simpson, who's never really taken off in the UK. His other claim to fame is as an ex-member of 98 Degrees, who are even less well-known. Apart from all that, there's just no gap in the market for him. We may have a serious deficit of interesting and vibrant popstars, but when it comes to bland, charisma-free balladeers, the UK and Ireland grow their own.

    So that's a no.
  4. What would make me take an interest in him would be if he were to make a video like Cry Me A River and you see him plotting the death of his air head ex-wife. He carries this out to the backing sound of soulful pop balladry.
  5. listening to his album again and there is a few decent songs on it but all the songs just scream "get over jessica"

    yet jessica has managed to come back with a total summer anthem that has no reflect on him.
  6. He didn't do well the first time around so he clearly won't do well this time around. His 5 minutes of TV/music fame is up.

    Whereas Jessica on the other hand...
  7. Steve

    Steve Guest

    He was actually dropped by Universal, after "Soulo" was a massive flop, but Sony BMG (who, incidentally, also have Jessica on their books) signed him up and have turned him into a success, at least in the USA. Hopefully people won't be guillable enough to fall for it here.
  8. I know What's Left Of Me is generic Westlife pap but I do have a soft spot for it...
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