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Is there an extended edit of 'Break The Ice'?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mushroom, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. As many of you are aware, from the 2.03 point in Britney Spears' 'Break The Ice' the album version and the version used in the music video vary dramatically with the video version taking a more abient approach to the song's finale and the album version continuing in similar vein to the instrumental before it. Is there an edit, anybody is aware of, which combines the two into an extended version with the video version's middle eight and chorus preceding the more ballsy final chorus of the album version?

    I understand this is incredibly specific and likely to bare no fruit but the song is so damn close to perfection that I thought it worth a shot.
  2. BML


    The version used in the video is actually the same as the album version. You must be referring to the demo that keeps the same beat throughout the song. But I know what you mean, maybe one of these are similar to what you're looking for?


  3. I've been listening to the demo version all of these years!?

  4. "I like this part."

  5. Well, we know who buys their music...
  6. Ironically, that's the bit where the song goes shit for me.
  7. The official remix with Fabolous is incredible. Better than the original.
  8. I have 'Blackout' on CD, I swear! I've just had the same download folder since late 2008 and have never thought otherwise, seeing as it's HQ.

    Now, onwards and upwards with our search Godney's angels!
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