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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ePoise, Nov 18, 2018.

  1. Isaac Dunbar has just released his latest single - blonde, which has sold me on his sound. He released a music video for his single freshman year not too long ago!

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  2. BOP
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  3. Didn't listen to "comme des garçons (like the boys)" because I thought it'd be a cover of Rina's song.
    Apparently it's not?? It's a totally different song?? With the same exact title? Girl what are you doing..
  4. I did listen for the same reason, was so disappointed it wasn't a cover of my fave song of the year :D
  5. Apparently he's been writing this since 2018. It's cute, and when I read Teen Wolf fanfic I get reminded of him thanks to his name
  6. The EP is pretty decent and he's just interesting to me. I feel like he can breakthrough to the mainstream.
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  7. I'm obsessed with this. Severely underrated.

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  8. He's been my favorite discovery of this year. Ever since I heard God, This Feels Good on Love, Victor. He is indeed criminally underrated but I hope he gets the recognition that he deserves very soon.

    Also he just delivered yet another melancholic bop.

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  9. Just made for fun he says. What an icon in the making me says.

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  10. The fact that he's working with people like Leland and Joel Little... Incredible.

    This has several Lorde nods.

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  11. He's completely gifted and a genius in his own right when it comes to producing everything on his own at the tender age of 17.

    But when he as mentioned works with the likes of Joel Little and thankfully once again Leland, they produce actual magic.

    Looking forward to the EP in February and fingers crossed for an actual album coming shortly thereafter.
  12. He just dropped yet another gut wrenching melancholic bop and a visual.

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  13. Quite a diversion to his usual sound. His new EP dropping next month will sure sound quite eclectic.

    I'm such a fan of his. You have no idea.
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  14. "intimate moments" is fine and well executed but I just feel nothing. It feels big for the sake of it. Also, the vocal production/mixing during the bridge is quite unpleasant.

    "pink party" is way more interesting and unique. Clearly, BROCKHAMPTON / Tyler inspired but still its own thing.
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  15. He announced a new EP. February 19.

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  16. I seriously simply adore Intimate Moments, rather than; Love, Or The Lack Thereof.

    His voice and those intrinsic lyrics. Good god.

    It's the new Cologne/Freshman Year/Pharmacy for me.
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