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What about the Kolors ? It looks like they're doing well in some European countries...

  • #64 Shazam Global
  • #1 iTunes Italia
  • #4 Spotify Viral Italia
  • #4 YouTube Italia
  • #4 Spotify TOP 50 Italia
  • #6 Spotify Viral Germania
  • #8 Spotify Viral Polonia
  • #9 Spotify Viral Svizzera

Came here right now just to talk about them, they are playing on one of the greatest radios in the Lisbon area in Portugal and that is how I found them and I love the song so so much, I'm addicted.


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Uhm the album has no right to be this good. The choruses become a tad too predictable/formulaic production-wise, but this really is a great album. The run of the final three tracks are amazing.