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It's a Sin (Russell T Davies)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Wild Man., Dec 18, 2020.

  1. The trailer alone is already better than Cucumber/Banana/Tofu.

  2. This looks great.
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  3. I got tired of Cucumber/Banana pretty early on and never finished them, but yeah this could be good.
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  4. This article is very moving, it always makes me feel incredibly helpless when I read about HIV in the 80s.

  5. Olly's performance looks interesting!
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  6. Channel 4 really going to town with the promo for this today. The logo in the corner of the screen is in their classic colours and they're running idents and promos from the 80's all day.

    Even the announcements are being delivered in a more 80's style:

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  7. Launch Day? It's out today?!
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  8. This is pretty great?

    Cait wait for episode one tonight.
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  9. And the entire thing on All4, right?
  10. Ooh, is it? I have no idea. Even more excited, in that case.
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  12. I think I'll watch week to week. You can't skip the adverts on All4.

    Really looking forward to this.
  13. The reviews of this have been insane so far, can’t wait to watch it.
  14. I've watched loads of shit on there this week and they usually only play one advert where a break would be! Out of the main (free) on demand players, it feels the most light on ads.
  15. I think there are less ads if you watch using a TV app rather than on a PC.

    On a PC they do that annoying thing where the ads pause if you switch to another tab, so it forces you to watch them.
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  16. Y’all watching then?
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  17. I already know I’m going to want to binge watch this by the time episode 1 is over.
  18. They had me @ Keeley Hawes.
  19. Neil Patrick Harris! Yes!
  20. Sam


    Watching this with my mam and it gets to .... that part #thatpart

    So I’m looking away from the TV at my phone, and she gets up and quietly says “I don’t think I’ll watch this with you Sam” and she takes herself off to bed

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