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It's a Sin (Russell T Davies)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Wild Man., Dec 18, 2020.

  1. Beverley Knight is such an underrated icon, I love her so much.
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  2. I’m on the second episode. Gosh. There’s something incredibly powerful about this show coming out right in the middle of a global pandemic. The way he says “Keep your distance” made me do a double take.
  3. "You need to wash"
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  4. Keeley Hawes in *that* scene in episode 5. What a masterpiece.
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  5. I’ve finished. So many thoughts. So many feelings.

    Sorry if I’m speaking the obvious here. I wasn’t alive in the 80s and so this show has made me look at that period of time in a way that I never have done before...

    What struck me most was just how horrendously cruel it was that this disease targeted the one group of society who were already marginalised and looked down upon. Literally ripping through an entire community and punishing these poor boys one by one for daring to live their authentic lives. The AIDS crisis just gave the bigots the excuse to intensify their hatred and prejudiced views.

    Can’t quite believe it’s taken this long for a show like this to be made, although I understand why.
  6. I’ve just finished too, I feel like this is one of the most important pieces of television made in a long time. It’s hard to put my thoughts into words to be honest.

    I just feel so so so much sadness. That it was seen as acceptable to treat a group of people this way just because of who they loved. And that if this disease reached an individual, they suffered so greatly, with some men lying there dying on their own. My heart just breaks.
  7. My entire soul left my body during this scene.
  8. Earlier today, we found letters & cards that my mum received when my dad died 22 years ago when I was 4 years old. I’ve never seen them. Floods of tears etc.

    Making that discovery on the same day that I watched this series in full. Wondering what my dad would think of his 26 year-old son. Hoping, wishing that he would be proud of me. I *think* he would.

    All of the emotions. Just feels odd that I should make that discovery on the same day that I watch this show.

    Sorry, just felt the need to write that down somewhere.
  9. I watched all of this this afternoon
    Utterly heartbreaking in parts, astonishing in others, and funny.
    They were a good, but Callum Howells stood out, and Keeley Hawes delivered a masterpiece of a performance in that final episode.
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  10. I’ve just finished watching this and I’m an emotional wreck.
  11. I’m just so fascinated by how Valerie is written. She is sort of directed into the ‘villain’ role and yet the writing (& the performance) simultaneously makes it impossible for us not to feel totally heartbroken for her.

    If I’m going to be honest, it’s Valerie that I sympathised with most... is that wrong of me? Her “I didn’t know” as Gill walked away from her on the pier was gut wrenching.
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  12. What a way to start 2021. Such a beautiful series and I can only hope this gets seen by more people.
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  13. Halfway through episode 4 and this is an honest-to-God masterpiece.

    Incredibly upsetting, and even though it pre-dates me by about 10-15 years, it feels all too real.

    After hating Cucumber, I’m floored by it. Absolutely floored.
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  14. Any idea why E3 isn’t on TIVO or is it just me?
  15. La! The first episode was fantastic. I'm going to watch it weekly to spread it out (gotta love a bit of edging). This series already feels like an 'event'. It reminds me of secretly watching Queer as folk with the volume turned down so that my parents (in the next room) couldn't hear it!
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  16. I love how many people tell that story of watching Queer As Folk with the volume down.

    I was very definitely fast asleep at that time... Nursery in the morning!
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  17. The final episode broke me. I've seen Keeley Hawes spoken about a lot but Shaun Dooley also stood out to me with his portrayal, as well as Lydia West (Jill) who was the emotional heart of the whole show for me. The whole cast deserves all the praise they are getting, just a brilliantly acted show from start to finish.
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  18. Haha same, the slightest creek in the floor board and I’d launch myself at the TV and turn it off... then back on again because it was a false alarm ddd.

    That “I didn’t know” part broke my heart. I was really hoping they’d go to that coffee shop.
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  19. I was in sixth form when Queer as folk first aired, but I wasn't 'out' and I didn't have any gay friends. It was torture not being able to talk to anyone about each episode!
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