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It's a Sin (Russell T Davies)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Wild Man., Dec 18, 2020.

  1. And I’m done. Totally amazing.
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  2. I am in floods of tears at this.
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  3. I loved episode one - though I’m anxious it’s all going to be heartache.

    Olly’s family home - eerily just across the water from where I lived - had the same wallpaper we had until the 90s.
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  4. This was just so honest. I’m gutted but at the same time I loved every minute of it.

    I have to say that
    The protest scenes really upset me most of all. Seeing the typical white bald straight man shout ‘BENDERS’ etc hit far too close to home and as someone who wasn’t born until 93 and raised in a Roman Catholic community it’s quite sobering to realise that a lot of people haven’t really budged an inch since this was set.

  5. Haha, every time ‘Tozer’ was mentioned I was like:
  6. Episode 5 made me so angry.

    God I fucking hated his mum
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  7. Absolutely brilliant. We are in floods of tears. Can anyone recommend any good books on the truth about the aids crisis as I’ve found myself wanting to understand it better after watching this.
  8. Really resonated with me. My mum had a very similar reaction when I came out. My Italian father was surprisingly understanding yet my mother took it all very personally and made it all about her. She literally said the same things to me about ‘you and your friends have been lying to me, going behind my back, in my house’ blah blah blah.
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  9. I thought it was a really interesting and unexpected angle to have the “sweet” mum be the nasty homophobe. Film and tv often go for the dad as the villain, but I’d say, in reality, it’s probably just as common for it to be the mother. She did a fantastically chilling performance of it. I’m so glad that Jill read her for utter filth.
  10. I really expected it to be the dad as well, based on how he had been portrayed in the first few episodes. So to have him be the one who had the reaction of just loving his son, and being there for him, really got to me.

    Shout out to Colin's Welsh mam too. A queen!
  11. I just finished episode five. What a series. Bravo.
  12. I just finished episode 1. Loved it.

    I’m afraid to keep watching cause I know it can only get darker from here on.
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  13. I’ve just finished the series. All I can say is - I’m broken. Such a great watch though.

    Im sure there’s bits I’m missed, but there’s no way I’m ready to rewatch just yet.
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  14. Okay, I made it through episode five. My emotional reaction like others is to hate Valerie, but I genuinely don't think she thought he would die. She was in denial about a lot of things. "I didn't know".

    God there's so much I could say... I just loved this show and this cast, they acted the shit out of it and Russell totally out-did himself and wrote what I think is the best work of his career. As he himself said in an interview I watched earlier, I just wish it was 20 episodes. With that said, covering an entire decade of a life in 5 episodes and still having it feel full and layered and detailed and colourful and bright and thrilling but at the same time conveying tragedy and sadness and loss is such a huge achievement for a small series. Give them all the awards.
  15. You could easily have had a few more episodes, but I think it's probably for the best to keep it tight. Punch in, punch out.
  16. I've seen Russell T. Davies be dragged for his previous projects for dragging them out, so I completely get this why he'd want to keep this compact to maximize impact.

    I want to watch this but I also don't want to cry ddd. Maybe I'll just do one a week.
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  17. It's dated now, but this book is pretty much the standard:
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  18. I read some shade about him but I cannot remember for the life of me what it was about.

    I read "How to Survive a Plague" right after I was diagnosed - it's comprehensive and you will cry throughout but it is compelling reading. It has a companion movie which made me sob for days too. Highly, highly recommend both.
  19. I just finished it and I cried at least 3 times in the last episode alone, whew.
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  20. I had no idea what this was about, but my boyfriend recommended we watch it based on all the good reviews.

    Wow, what a compelling watch. Watched it in 2 sittings. I’ve already seen Milk, and Dallas Buyers Club. Aswell as a few documentaries. But it really hits harder with the entire thing being UK based. The suffering, and indignity is so horribly upsetting. The characters are amazing though, and add so much humanity, and humour to such a depressing/horrific time for our community. Bravo!
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