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It's been two years since "Confessions On a Dance Floor"

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by HoochieKylie, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. HoochieKylie

    HoochieKylie Guest

    Wow! Two years...


    I think the album still sounds good but in retrospect it coulda been a lot better. There were better ways of mixing the songs together rather than the slightly dull orchestral bits and some of the more selfish songs (Isaac, Push) coulda been replaced with better dance tracks.
  2. it would be cool to have an album of just up tempo dance songs,but then some people just like ballads (weird i know...)but push was just the right balance...
  3. Still not overly keen on this album. There are a few good moments, but it's all very throwaway.

    I much prefer her albums from Ray of Light to American Life.
  4. KaMZ

    KaMZ Guest

    The standout tracks were all the singles really. But it was necessary in a sense of predominantly rescuing her US career from the "American Life" fiasco (I liked that album).
  5. Yes it did bring her in America to a best level after the American Life fiasco as most of the people says, and the singles were brilliant, as anything Madge does when it comes to dance pop music.
  6. pdf


    For me there's actually only two classic Madonna tracks on it: Jump & Sorry.

    I'm a big M fan but I have to say Hung Up kinda irritates me... It might be an iconic track - you know, ABBA, the leotard, the hair-do, huge hit etc, but i don't think it'll be remembered as one of her best.
  7. KaMZ

    KaMZ Guest

    I'm liking "Get Together" the most, but it's very House and the clubbiest/edgiest Track on there.

    The other singles are more normal Dance-Pop. I didn't like "Jump" at first, but after listening to the intros and seeing the similarities with it and "West End Girls" I totally fell in love, although it has one of her cheapest looking videos (along with "Fever")
  8. Don't really listen to much off it now, 'Get Together' is the only one I play fairly often and I prefer to listen to the Confessions Tour versions of 'Future Lovers' and 'Forbidden Love'. I don't think I listen to it less because its boring or anything, more that I kind of rinsed it to death when it came out.
  9. HoochieKylie

    HoochieKylie Guest

    my fave is "Get Together"
  10. I only listen to;

    Hung Up
    Get Together and occasionally

    So the singles really. I can't be bothered with the rest.
  11. I love the entire album, start to finish, it all flows so well. Also have the dvd/tour album, with the Music Inferno remix, which is amazing.

    My favourite song off the album is Issac, followed closely by Jump and Like It Or Not.
  12. I downloaded all the 'full length' versions of the tracks, added 'fighting spirit' and 'history' and made a 'regular', non-mixed album, and I prefer it that way to the mixed version, just sounds fresher.
  13. It's still awesome! The singles are fantastic but the album tracks were even better! Especially Forbidden Love, Future Lovers, Isaac and Push... Madonna can do no wrong, really.
  14. Hung Up, Sorry and Push were the only tracks I ever listened to, and I only listen to them when my iPod randomly picks them on shuffle. There's never a moment when I think "Oh God! I must listen to Sorry!"

    American Life still remains my favourite album by her. Easy Ride is heart-wrenching.
  15. two years on, i still think that this is gonna pass as one of the (if not the most) insignificant record madonna ever put out, musically speaking.......the sound was dated from the moment "confessions.." hit the streets, there were flat-out terrible songs (the "rock" version of "i love new york" beats the crap out of the horrible version included in "confessions.."). basically, it was a record targeted to the (supossed everforgiving) gays. me, being one, felt truly dissapointed with that record. still, there were great moments: "get together", "future lovers", "forbidden love"-"jump" (the best junction of the record; "hang up"-"get together" being easily the worst)

    my only concern is that the new record, hearing the previews 'til now, is gonna be worse....
  16. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    i loved the singles, and the confessions tour made me love the other songs.

    my mum has this on her phone!!!
  17. HoochieKylie

    HoochieKylie Guest

    What you heard were just demos. Also you heard Pharell stuff - this is gonna be a Timbaland record.
  18. and that is supposed to make me feel better??? 5 songs with justin and timbaland?? i think that is a little ....too much.....she should've worked with them before anyone did...or never at smells like desperation...
  19. HoochieKylie

    HoochieKylie Guest

    Well don't judge music you haven't even heard.
  20. Confessions was a bit hit and miss for me
    When i first heard it I thought 'All the tracks sound the same!?' Disappointed
    Then I listened to it over and over again, and then liked EVERY song
    And gradually I liked less and less of them.
    Really I only like 'Hung Up','Get Together' 'Sorry', 'Jump' and 'Like It Or Not'- So the singles mostly
    But the only track i really only select on my ipod (Usually whilst I'm in a night-out frenzy) is 'Hung Up'
    I think it is quite a defining moment for her
    The other ones I like are just 'okay-tracks-I-listen-to-whilst-my-ipod-is-on-shuffle'
    But 2 YEARS!?!?
    No way :O
    Time Flies
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