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It's been two years since "Confessions On a Dance Floor"

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by HoochieKylie, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. Tbh... Confessions kinda sucks!
    'Hung Up' is the only major song on there.
    Oh and 'I Love New York' is fine to listen to if you aren't one of those pompous prats who's all arty farty about how music 'should have lyrics that tell a story and are beatifully written' etc etc.
    The other single releases are pretty lacklustre, especially 'Get Together' which imo is a sorry excuse for a song.
  2. i can only think you've never heard it in a club...

  3. ScottStar

    ScottStar Guest

    I love Get Together. The first three songs on Confessions are bliss.
  4. (love the bug ScottStar!)

    I adore this record and place it in the top 5 with her best: Madonna, Like A Virgin, Like A Prayer and Ray Of Light. It played particularly well live, esp songs like Sorry. At Madison Square Garden, the audience reacted to that song as if it were a 20 year old classsic. HUGE roar of approval.

    I'd say the most classic "Madonna pop" song is Jump - when people say she steals and has no set character, this song is an example of how that's not true. It reeks of her own musical style. My other faves are like the rest of the gang: Sorry, Get Together, Let It Will Be (still don't get the title) and I Love New York. I've gotten over the dork line.

    That said, next we need a good Madonna ballad.
  5. Re: It's been two years since "Confessions On a Dance Floor"

    god i cant believe its been two years already. i love this album, i got the unmixed version, i dont like the megamix one, i love the singles, hung up has an amazing video, i love the 80s vibe to it, other stand-outs for me are 'forbidden love' 'how high' 'push' 'let it will be' and 'super pop'. with this new album i get the feeling shes trying to hard to be cool and i dont like that, i think ill love the album tho, i like JT and Timberland but id rather she worked with kleerup
  6. I will make a prediction now that if the single is 4 Minutes To Save The World, pop fans will be pleased. It sounds like it has a tremendous chorus from the live leak.

    One thing about Confessions: I abhor the videos, although the Hung Up one is okay and amusingly imitatable (with its Saturday Night Fever ripoff moments at the beginning). Sorry was terrible, Get Together was phoned in and Jump squandered the potential of Madonna running around Tokyo (a la The Killers).
  7. Re: It's been two years since "Confessions On a Dance Floor"

    the confessions videos were bad apart from hung up, i just love it, (i really want that boombox) sorry would have been good if it wasnt for that stupid everyone in the van thing, what was get together tho well done for not just leaving it as a boring live clip from a tour dvd like Pink always does, and why didnt she just go to tokyo? could have made it so it looked like her jumping around like that samantha mumba video. im just worryed what her next image is gonnabe for this hip hop adventure = the old blond woman in the pink tracksuit at the end of Pink's stupid girls video anyone?
  8. ScottStar

    ScottStar Guest

    Actually I like all of the videos apart from Jump. Her hair looks so shite in that video, and the dance moves are cringe worthy.
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