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It's Britney Bitch! The Britney Spears Discography Rate - So so so scandalous!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Holly Something, May 24, 2021.


You're introducing someone to Britney for the first time. Which album do you play for them?

  1. ...Baby One More Time

  2. Oops!... I Did It Again

  3. Britney

  4. In The Zone

  5. Blackout

  6. Circus

  7. Femme Fatale

  8. Britney Jean

  9. Glory

  1. One section takes its first hit now...

    But which one...?


    125th Place
    (from Chaotic EP)

    Average: 6.617


    High Scorers: 10 x 6 (@lilylu, @Music Is Death, @TheBakersSon, @m_dimitrov, @soratami, @boombazookajoe)
    Low Scorers: 2 x 3 (@1991, @M24, @Hurricane Drunk)
    My Score: 3

    Chaotic is the title track from the Chaotic EP released in September 2005. It also served as the theme song to her reality show with then husband Keven Federline - Britney & Kevin: Chaotic. The song was written by Michelle Bell, Christian Karlsson, Pontus Winnberg & Henrik Johnback, and was produced by Bloodshy & Avant.

    My thoughts: I hear a lot of similarities with Do Somethin' just... not as good. It's a criticism I've levelled at a lot of songs lately but again, it just sounds like a demo. Nothing really sticks out as good, not the vocals, lyrics, production... nothing.
    @Christopher (9) I SO wish the final version had the demo middle 8:

    @boombazookajoe (10) If my 11 wasn't already locked in, this would be a serious contender — and I had never listened to this before. Holy shit. Wow.

    @blaze_dave (8.5) The talking singing works well but the ad libs on the chrous are so good and are the highlight!, The chorus is great too. I do like that middle 8 bit, where it sounds spacey.

    @Rantaro (7) It’s a killer dance track, but she has better. You mean filler, not killer, right?

    @stereosalt (7) The production on this is sickening.

    @Epic Chocolat (8) Does the job, a catchy self-descriptive TV theme song.

    @cdd216 (7.75) The bridge is a bit of a let down and I find the outro a little weird, but this is generally a fun, quirky little bop. I found the ending a little strange as well.

    @daninternational (4.7) Good name for this

    @M24 (2) I can only say.. I'm glad Chaotic was just an EP and not an album. This feels more like a demo.

    @Guyhawke! (9) For a song called ‘Chaotic’, this is actually the most musically direct of all the ones from the ‘My Prerogative’ era. Like P!nk’s ‘Get The Party Started’, ‘Chaotic’ blends pop and hip hop influences to create a straightforward song about partying. As ever, Britney’s colourful vocal delivery elevates the material.

    @Runawaywithme (8) This gives me heavy Janet vibes. Obviously a good thing

    @Verandi (8) Wait a moment, I hear sumn…

    @lilylu (10) Even though I'm a huge fan, I've never watched Britney & Kevin Chaotic, and I'm okay with that. Ignoring this being used in connection to the show, it's just a really really fun well done song that fits the era of In The Zone/My Prerogative/etc while having its own personality. I've never watched it either honestly.

  2. I can't find a difference
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  3. It was my first time hearing the songs on Chaotic and I don't know nothing really stood out from it, it was all so...nondescript really. I'm gobsmacked that it took this long to eliminate anything from it.
  4. The correct first Chaotic elimination, but still too soon! It's a solid 9 amidst solid 10s.
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  5. It's not a bad song, really, but I did watch the god-awful Britney & Kevin: Chaotic, so the two are forever linked in my mind and it makes me never want to listen to it.

    The show is basically grainy home-video footage of Britney obsessing over the deeply unworthy Kevin, who seems high and half-asleep the entire time. I watched it as it aired because I was on a break between semesters at college and had nothing better to do, but it seemed kind of depressing then and I bet it would be way more depressing to watch now. You could see that Britney was exhausted from constantly working and touring and she thought Kevin was her way out and into a happy family life. But as we all suspected then, and know now, he was not that. I hope she'll get a real redo with Sam soon.
  6. One section loses its penultimate song now...

    I'm not happy about this...


    124th Place
    Walk On By
    (from B-Sides/Bonus Tracks)

    Average: 6.640


    High Scorers: 10 x 4 (@Music Is Death, @An Insider, @BreatheBox, @LykkeLi)
    Low Scorers: 2 x 2 (@Womanizer, @M24)
    My Score: 9

    Walk On By was released as the B-side to the Stronger single. It was written by Jörgen Elofsson and David Kreuger, and was produced by David Kreuger and Per Magnusson. It was also covered by Gareth Gates on his debut album 'What My Heart Wants To Say'.

    My thoughts: This was a rate discovery for me, WHAT A SONG! Honestly I'm salty that this didn't even make the top 100, I think it being a b-side hurt it's chances. Had this appeared on one of the first two albums I think it would've scored better and had more nostalgia attached to it. She's giving serious vocals on this, especially on the adlibs near the end of the song.
    @Womanizer (2) A miracle it never made the album @mods, can we organise a thread ban?

    @clowezra (7.5) This really hit me whilst rating, really lovely song.

    @JMRGBY (7) I’ve always had a soft spot for this. Gareth Gates also covered this for his debut album which was a cute little surprise. I like Gareth but his version isn't really a patch on this.

    @boombazookajoe (6) Cute.

    @blaze_dave (8) Another good ballad, very Sometimes and From the Bottom of My Broken Heart. I hear the Sometimes comparison.

    @Rantaro (8.75) This is one of my favourite songs from the Oops! Era. The key change in that last chorus is heavenly! I think it deserved to be on the album proper over something like Dear Diary.

    @unnameable (9) If you told me this was discovered on a demo tape meant for Solid Harmonie or BSB I would believe you. I was kind of shook this wasn't a Max Martin production.

    @livefrommelbs (7) Kinda amusing that something so by-the-numbers was the B-Side to the iconic Stronger. I don't dislike it, but it's just a bit lacklustre.

    @stereosalt (7) Britney sounds sooo good on this!

    @daninternational (7) she's cute

    @M24 (2) It's a cute ballad for a bside. Though it feels a bit more like a leftover from Baby than from Oops.

    @An Insider (10) Another song I've never heard of before this rate and I absolutely love it! Adding this to my Britney playlist. I did too!

    @Guyhawke! (9) I fully expect ‘Walk On By’ to tank in this rate, which will be a shame because it’s one of the best deep cuts from the ‘Oops!’ era. It is a lesser ‘Born To Make You Happy’ with a similar sing-along melancholy, doing the admiring-from-a-distance lyric much better than the turgid ‘Dear Diary’. I’m glad Britney got her coin from a co-write on one of the best-selling albums of all time though.

    @Milotic (7) A cute mid-tempo moment.

    @BreatheBox (10) SO CATCHY and her vocals are so sweet

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  7. 'Walk on by' must be one of her best bsides. It is definitely one of my favorites from the oops era.
  8. I had genuinely forgotten how this went until I pressed play on the elimination post, Oops!
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  10. Both need to remove their Britney avatars immediately.
  11. M24


    Hey, at least I said it was cute!!!

    Anyways, I'll keep the receipts for Perfume's impending elimination, simply for being on Britney Jean, when it's actually one of her best ballads.

  12. [​IMG]
    ... Seriously though, even as a lover of the first two albums and their associated Y2K cheese, I've always found Walk On By quite saccharine for my own taste. I didn't even know they were so loved here!
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  13. Walk On By has always been one of my absolute faves. I was planning to give it a 10. But since I was giving too much 10's I lowered that to 9.75. Can't believe it's gone so soon.
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  14. I guess taste just walked on by for some of you, didn't it?
  15. I love 'Walk On By' only a little less than I did when the 'Stronger' single came out. I was absolutely obsessed with it then and thought it was one of her best songs. It's still towards the top of the 'Oops!' pile for me, such a beautiful, yearning midtempo. You could definitely mistake it for a Max Martin track.

  16. I always loved the song but for whatever reason I’m currently obsessing over Don’t Go Knockin’ on My Door.

    Don’t go knockin on my door, gotta stay away for sure.

    What a bop. I hope you all did it right.
  17. Walk on By is fucking amazing and everyone who tanked it should be ashamed of themselves.
  18. Okay let's not get carried away now.... it's a rate and I'm sure that a lot of my fave songs are going to get tanked by people they sound like ass to.
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  19. One section loses is about to lose its last remaining song...

    Which means it can be only one of 3 songs...


    123rd Place
    Girls & Boys
    (from B-Sides/Bonus Tracks)

    Average: 6.709


    High Scorers: 10 x 4 (@Steve003, @Ana Raquel, @m_dimitrov, @Runawaywithme)
    Low Scorer: 1 x 1 (@JMRGBY)
    My Score: 3

    Girls & Boys was released on a special bonus disc with the DVD Britney Spears: In The Zone. It was written and produced by acclaimed singer/songwriter/producer Linda Perry.

    My thoughts: Erm, this sounds like a combination of a bunch of things she was trying at the time. She does all of them more successfully on a bunch of other songs, so this feels a bit redundant if I'm being harsh honest. The breathy vocals are cute, that's probably the only thing I like about the song. I'm a little pressed that this just edged out Walk On By as the highest charting song from the B-Sides/Bonus Tracks section.
    @Womanizer (7.8) "Lying in bed touching her skin" - her own version of Madonna's fuzzy dream We love consistency don't we girls?

    @JMRGBY (1) I honestly have no idea why I dislike this song as much as I do because on paper, I should be obsessed with it. I do also wanna point out the similarities between this and And Then We Kiss, literally starting with the same line. The main difference being that And Then We Kiss is great and this is garbage. Interesting that it uses some of the same lyrics as Linda Perry isn't credited on And Then We Kiss...

    @boombazookajoe (6) This was a single B-Side, right? It's not bad, but I get why it was left off the album.

    @blaze_dave (7.5) I love the production but not feeling her vocals on this.

    @Sprockrooster (9) I… never heard this before and this is bloody brilliant. #flopfan I hadn't heard it either, but I do not enjoy it as much as you ddd.

    @Rantaro (7.65) I do really like this! That being said--is this song related to And Then We Kiss somehow? I feel like they share some lyrics.

    @unnameable (4) I didn’t miss out by not checking this song out earlier.

    @livefrommelbs (8.5) I'd forgotten how much this one slaps.

    @stereosalt (9) This song is pretty hot. Why do I feel like it should be in The Matrix, though? I can sort of hear what you mean to be fair.

    @cdd216 (9) Was introduced to this song circa 2008 by someone who catfished me on DList. Seems we always have a little price to pay... in this case a few dick pics and some mild embarrassment. I think I got the better end of the bargain. This song is pure sex. As someone who doesn't know a ton about song writing, I have always enjoyed the shared elements with And Then We Kiss - interesting to see how what might have once been a singular core idea evolved out into two stand out tracks in her back catalogue.

    @daninternational (6.4) Clearly a B-side, but not bad

    @M24 (4) It took me a while to appreciate this one. The verses are quite similar to those in "And Then We Kiss". The chorus is boppable enough.

    @Guyhawke! (6) Linda Perry did Britney dirty with this song – it’s not very good and, worse, sounds like it could have been track 8 on any electropop album from 2003. The chorus is nonsensical and the image of Britney ‘lying in bed, touching my skin’ doesn’t come close to the effervescent sensuality of ‘Breathe On Me’ or ‘Touch Of My Hand’. I’m salty that this was chosen for the ‘In The Zone’ DVD over the incredible summery bop that is ‘Sippin’ On’. Had that been included in this rate, it would have been an instant 10. I've never heard Sippin' On, perhaps I'll check it out.

    @Milotic (6.5) It's okay.

    @BreatheBox (9) trip-hop classic Who said that.gif

    @lilylu (8) It's good but I imagine this evolved into And Then We Kiss and this isn't at that level.

    @Runawaywithme (10) One of her best songs from this era. This should have made the album main tracklisting.

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