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It's Britney Bitch! The Britney Spears Discography Rate - So so so scandalous!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Holly Something, May 24, 2021.


You're introducing someone to Britney for the first time. Which album do you play for them?

  1. ...Baby One More Time

  2. Oops!... I Did It Again

  3. Britney

  4. In The Zone

  5. Blackout

  6. Circus

  7. Femme Fatale

  8. Britney Jean

  9. Glory

  1. In The Zone/Blackout/Greatest Hits/Remixes

    Those are the ones that have had no losses so far.

    Waits for @JMRGBY to come in and start a prayer circle for a 3 elimination ddd.
  2. The fact that it’s still here is a travesty.
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  3. Hopefully it's from the Remixes/Greatest Hits section because I'm not emotionally ready to lose anything from Blackout or In the Zone yet.
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  4. The 'Till The World Ends' remix feat. The Cousin Of The Trinidadian With The Impotent Friend has far outstayed its welcome.

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  5. I gave it a 10
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  6. I've already revealed that this is from an as yet untouched section...

    So it's something from In The Zone...

    Or Remixes, Greatest Hits or Blackout...


    121st Place
    (from Blackout)

    Average: 6.788


    High Scorers: 10 x 3 (@GimmeWork, @unnameable, @Music Is Death)
    Low Scorer: 0 x 1 (@Trouble in Paradise)
    My Score: 7.25

    Everybody appears as track 14 on the Deluxe/Japanese editions of the Blackout album. The song samples 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) by The Eurythmics and for this reason contains writing credits for Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart, along with Evan Kidd Bogart and Jonathan "J.R." Rotem, being produced by the latter.

    My thoughts: I was very generous with my scoring here. It kind of just plods along and there's nothing to get excited about. I'm not surprised it didn't make the standard tracklisting honestly.
    @cdd216 (2.5) There should be some sort of punishment for so egregiously misusing someone else's material. Annie should prosecute. Girl, take it easy.gif

    @boombazookajoe (6) Not her worst "cover" by a long shot, but this is still completely unnecessary. Get rid of this track, Brit hun.

    @blaze_dave (7.5) I do like her vocals on this and sampling Sweet Dreams is so cool, but the JR shootouts are distracting.

    @Sprockrooster (9.5) I know I am a mess, when I view this as among the best of the album. To confirm, yes you are a mess.

    @Rantaro (8) It’s the worst thing on the album, but it’s still better than 95% of Britney Jean

    @unnameable (10) one of the few uses of “Sweet Dreams” that actually justifies it.

    @Ugly Beauty (9.5) the Sweet Dreams sample is genius *she said unironically*.

    @livefrommelbs (9) I stan 'Sweet Dreams' and JR's turn-of-the-decade foghorn bops, so as you can imagine this one just hits the dang spot.

    @Ana Raquel (4) Eh, I appreciate the taste of choosing Sweet Dreams to sample but sorry sis it didn't work quite well

    @daninternational (6.5) Did Crazy Ira and The Douche produce this track? At least she tried something new with this cover

    @M24 (3) It depends a bit too heavily on the sample. Yes, it's boppable, but I can't find a reason to listen to it over the original Sweet Dreams. Yeah I think they thought the sample would do a lot of the legwork and it kind of... doesn't.

    @BeingNormal (6) Not a fucking air horns over Eurythmics sample

    @Guyhawke! (7) I like the premise of sampling the Eurythmics’ ‘Sweet Dreams’, but seeing how perfectly Marilyn Manson’s dark, grimy cover fit into the ‘Circus’ tour makes ‘Everybody’ even more underwhelming.

    @Milotic (8.5) Not a bad use of the sample at all, just not one of my favorites on the album. It loses a half a point for the obnoxious air horn.

    @Verandi (8.5) I'm not proud to say that I discovered this one before the song it samples. That's what happens when you're born in the new millennium ":)" @mods can we ban this child?

    @lilylu (7) It's cute but something about it feels like a demo.

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  7. Sis, then hold my face while I bop!

    These sultry bops need to stay much longer!! Especially over the likes of 6's like Rock Me In, Deep In My Heart and Mona Lisa which should have left already.
  8. I don't mean to put the cat amongst the pigeons but I can now confirm that a total of THREE 11's will not be making it to the top 100...
  9. The way Everybody assaults the sample.
  10. Eh I saw this coming to be honest, I still love it and I don’t regret scoring it highly also If this was on the standard it would’ve placed higher.
  11. Considering your Annie stanning in the Women of the 90s rate.


    At least we were spared another @WhenTheSunGoesDown comment claiming Britney can do _____, but _____ can't do this, because clearly they know Annie could do whatever they want to do.
  12. "Sweet Dreams" is an 11 but this is sacrilege!!! "Everybody get to jumping" HOW DARE YOU!? Ms Annie Lennox is a legend in her own right and this sample deserves more! Thinking this is anything other than trash is brain worms xx
  13. My final zero to depart… well hello, let’s celebrate that!

    Absolutely nothing about ‘Clumsy’ works for me, between its horrible vocal take, offensively naff and rhythmically-void drop and the frankly bizarre choice for the whole thing to invoke some sort of 1940s era hellscape.
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  14. This made me laugh out loud. They'd approve of those air horns for sure.
  15. I mean Everybody is the only real weak song on Blackout… but before Alien??? Did people gaslight themselves into thinking that one is good because of William Orbit?
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  16. I keep losing 9s and 9.5s, and I don't WANNA keep losing 9s and 9.5s!

    That said, my lowest score left appears to be a 6, so... it could be worse.
  17. I will never stop being pressed about Till The World Ends remix still being here over anything from Blackout. I should’ve given it a 0 while I had the chance.
  18. You take that back!

  19. Everybody is one of her stone cold bops for me, surprised that the forum isn't here for it. But anyway you look at it, it shouldn't have left before Britney Jean and the Till The World Ends remix.
  20. Hey ladies, I apologise for being MIA. I’ve had my boyfriend staying with me for a few days and I’ve broken my toe so I haven’t had time for eliminations. But I’m committing right now to cutting 4 songs today to catch up. Will it be a bloodbath, or will it be some songs that have far outstayed their welcome? And will we finally lose an 11? Stay tuned!
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