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It's Gonna Be a Hot Rate : Monrose Discography Rate (Winner revealed!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Vixen, May 23, 2016.

  1. [​IMG]
    As some you might know Monrose was a German pop girlgroup, first established in November 2006 on the fifth season of the German adaption of ‘Popstars’, a bit similarly to Girls Aloud. The trio consisted of Mandy Capristo, Senna Guemmour, and Bahar Kızıl. They were signed to Starwatch Music and released their debut album 'Temptation' shortly after that in December, becoming one of the most successful acts launched on a similar platform, thus following the steps of the likes of ‘No Angels’. The girls found success mostly in Germany, as well as in Austria, Poland and Switzerland. They were never properly launched in the UK, let alone the US, but their music travelled through the world to entice a few of us here, ready to rate their discography. Which consisted, by the time they broke up in November 2010, of four albums, three of them being quite good and hiding some of the best girlgroup songs of the last decade, and most precisely the absolute bop that is "Hot Summer". This is the time for you guys to discover all those goodies!

    As I'm well aware some people do not know exactly who they are, but could potentially be interested in discovering them, I decided to throw a little "playlist" of some of their songs (12, actually). Hopefully their sound will seduce some of you.

    More to be found here

    The Rules

    Let’s keep it simple : rate each song on a scale of 0 to 10, using half points too if you want, and send your completed list to me (Vixen) by PM, by using an appropriate title so your votes are easy to find amongst all the other messages if anything was to happen. You also have the opportunity to award that one extra special song an extra special score of 11, so don’t waste it! It could mean the difference between a song coming in at #1 or #3, and we know all too well how irritating that feels. Commentary is also welcome, and encouraged. In fact, as this rate is rather niche and will potentially only appeal to a certain number of people, you are all very much encouraged to provide commentary so the results do not look too empty.
    Also, I’m not keen on faffing around with single mixes, radio edits and what have you, so if a track is concerned, just rate whichever version you prefer, and mention which it is as an aside in your comments if you truly must.

    You have 30 days to vote, that’s Thursday the 23rd of June. Work it!
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  2. The list of everyone who voted :

    Sweet Music
    Epic Chocolat
    If You Go

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  3. (Just in case, you never know!

    That means, you can all post know and appreciate that shitty graphic I did.)

    Right, also, since some of their material have been deleted from Youtube (seriously, which label still does that?), I've joined a different link for each album. You'd have to click on the year the album was released instead of the tracklist to get to that "second link".​
  4. Yaaaas, let me read through this properly when I get home from work. I'm ready for these ladies to become a new fav!
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  5. If I may recommend you (or anyone else, really) a listen order to their albums, it would be that one :

    01. Strictly Physical
    02. I AM
    03. Ladylike
    ....... 04. Temptation (try getting through that cheese fest, there's still a few bops)
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  6. Actually getting the worst out of the way is always my policy and knowing it will get better will help. So that works out, by doing it in order.
  7. Well, I meant that 'Temptation' was their worst album actually. So if you want to get the worst out of the way first, start with that. It's very "local Popstars released cheesy Pop RnB leftovers" whereas they were already far more electro and glossy one year later with 'Stricty Physical'.

    EDIT: Nevermind, you actually understood, haha.
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  8. As someone who gets my life to 'Hot Summer' every summer, I really should check out their albums! Here for this!
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  9. Here for this. I love Monrose, especially the I AM album.
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  10. I am so ready. In fact, I lay awake last night reminiscing and thinking about what to put in my commentary.

    For a start, I don't think "Temptation" is that bad, considering it's a Popstars debut album, hastily cobbled together and trying to fit any of the contestants. It definitely has it's moments, especially this one:
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  11. It's an absolute bop. You should really give a try to 'Strictly Physical' (the album). That's the one 'Hot Summer' comes from.

    It's an amazing album. I can't wait for your scores!

    'Two of a Kind' is that bop. So is 'Push Up On Me'. But let's be honest, 'Temptation' pales a lot in comparison to their three other albums.

    But yes, please, provide commentary! That woud be very much appreciated.
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  12. Please everyone provide commentary because I know @Vixen will deliver that sass/shade/dragging where needed.
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  14. "I keep it composed / Just wanna rip off my clothes" is, like, the best couplet ever.

    ...I need to go learn more songs now.
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  15. 'Hot Summer' is just perfect through and through. It's funny because despite Senna being an iffy vocalist, she's truly selling those verses like no one else. All these damn covers of 'Hot Summer' pale in comparison of Senna's cool and almost arrogant delivery of those lines.

    @Mr.Arroz don't do me and our girls like this. Post immediately.
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  16. ?????????????

    Ok I might have to give this band a listen.
  17. Listen to this and try to resist diving headfirst:

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  18. Containing the lyrics :
    So strip your ass
    And shake it
    And show'em you can take it
    Don't get stuck in the middle of a thing you should've known...
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