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It's Gonna Be a Hot Rate : Monrose Discography Rate (Winner revealed!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Vixen, May 23, 2016.

  1. Kii, no I think the sped up version might be worse with the higher pitched vocals. Though it's good for a laugh.

    I love how Bahar and Senna are laughing on the cover because she knows how embarrassing this song is.
  2. So which next song is relieved that 'Oh La La' was recorded and deemed the worst song from Monrose?

    Well before revealing that to you guys, let me tell you about Monrose's history a bit.
    Did you know guys that 'Monrose' actually came from 'Marylin Monroe's name?

    Yes! Senna confirmed it in a English interview! INDEED AN ENGLISH INTERVIEW. FROM SENNA.

    So, with that in mind, let's listen to this little jam :

    Let me tell you more about Senna now.
    She absolutely love 'Prince' ...

    Hmmmm. Have you guessed which song it is now?
    I think you do.

    60. Diamonds and Pearls


    Score: 4,761.

    Highest Score: 8 x 3 ( @Remorque , @Totto , @Zdarlight )
    Lowest Score: 1 x 1 ( @TrainJumper )

    'Diamonds and Pearls' actually achieved the same average as 'Oh La La', but managed to get the upperhand by getting one extra 8.0 score and by also having the lowest score of 1.0 instead of 0.0. The track has served as some sort of b-side to 'Even Heaven Cries' and I believe a somesort of bonustrack in some edition of the album.

    DJHazey laughs of it and asks "What is this, an advertisement for a jewelry commercial?", although he further comments that "their voices are lovely, but it sounds like a leftover from some rom-com movie with that chorus. The verses, I'm not even going to discuss that. Messy messy, mess mess. The """theatrical""" parts are laughable." Damn! Poor it. Although, it's not like I disagree. I do think the vocals are quite lovely myself except on these verses. What the hell is that, Mandy?! plasticFANTASTIC also thought of the Prince song when he saw the title, saying "more dated r&b diva shenaningans on this track. If only it were a third as good as the prince track. At least the melody they were nicking here for the vocals is a much better choice than yankee doodle"... Is that 'Butt Butt' shade that I smell? Could that one be next?! Hmmm, so many questions. Epic Chocolat also mentions Prince, but not in favors to the girls : "Sadly this song loses the title war to Prince, forgettable."

    Sprockrooster usually always has a little nice thing to say and so does he with this one. He compliments the intro by saying it's "great", but that despite it, he's "losing interest fast during the song".

  3. Disney Princess Monrose, kind of fun. I approve of these eliminations... so far, so good!
  4. Hmm, wait for it.
  5. The next song to be eliminated is a ....



    And that word is 'No'.

    59. No


    Score: 4,978.

    Highest Score: 9 x 1 ( @Sprockrooster )
    Lowest Score: 1 x 1 ( @iheartpoptarts )

    You guys have voted 'No' as the third worst Monrose track ever. Placing 4th on their first album 'Temptation', released in 2006, 'No' is the second track from that album to leave. Before we begin to see what you guys have to say, let me ask you a question... Which song from 'Temptation' do you think is next? Guess away!

    Totto opens the conversation by doing what he does best...which is laughing at Senna : “The intro ('So Listen Yeah'), it kills me the way Senna pronounces her words." He further picks up a certain line from the song, probably in an attempt to throw shade: "I’m shaking what my momma gave me!" ... What horrible lyrics. These sound like they came right of a Little Mix albumtrack. In fact, this whole song sound like something Little Mix would have put out if they had been around in 2006. Basically, it's a "No" a for me. iheartpoptarts comments on that as well, saying "Accurate title is accurate." Damn right it is.

    plasticFANTASTIC makes another girlgroup comparison, one I wasn't exactly expecting. He says the track "sounds like a parody of what en vogue would have sounded in the aughts" and describes it as "really average". Ouch! Ghetto Princess joins him in his hatred for the song by labelling it "Cheesy in a bad way, very grating with those constant NO! moments". Couldn't agree more, babe.

    But that's me, because Sprockrooster certainly has the absolute opposite to say. Awarding 'No' a big fat 9.0 score, this is what Sprockrooster had to say : "YAAAAAAAAAS! A total jam and discovery. Bring the fire ladies."

    Sadly, I think you're gonna be alone on this one, honey, because DJHazey seems to agree with Ghetto Princess. "So this is at least acceptable until the first standalone "No" and everything goes to hell pretty quickly from there. "Noooooo" with those pointless lines afterward sound so clunky and make the song fall completely flat. Each line of the chorus seemingly drives the song further down into the's astounding. This is a shame because there's the foundation for something here, but I've completely forgotten what that part sounds like anymore." Go on, you can throw something at him @Sprockrooster !​
  6. I'm not surprised! I wonder which inevitable flop I gave a high score to this time...

    'Butt Butt' would be my first guess!

    Meanwhile, poor En Vogue.
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  7. This is astonishing! My only 2s and then my 3. I'm running out of bad songs pretty quickly!

    I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_, my commentary might be more of a mess than the songs themselves.
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  8. As for the next song from's got to be Live Life Get By or Work It.

    A Love Bizarre should be next. I thought it was going to be out already, with the way you teased it @Vixen.
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  9. What if I told you it was 'Certified'?

    That would be a certified lie.

    Next thing you know, 'Strictly Physical' leaves at #58!
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  10. I would say the bottom 10-15 was pretty much constant since the beginning in terms of which songs were there, but in terms of placement, it kept changing. In fact, one of your favorite was actually the first song to leave at some point. As you can see, it's not anymore!
  11. Okay, that's my second guess.

    But why?!?!? It's so 90s!
  12. Well, you guys sucked at guessing.

    It's a such a shame really...

    It makes me wanna cry, even!

    Well, you know what they say...

    Even Heaven Cries...

    Or wait, is that it?

    No, wait, I remember now. What people say is "Life your life, get by".

    58. Live Life Get By


    Score: 5,022.

    Highest Score: 9 x 2 ( @Totto , @TrainJumper )
    Lowest Score: 1 x 1 ( @Sweet Music )

    Well, shit. You guys are good at this! You were right ; I lied. Oopsie.
    'Live Life Get By' leaves us at #58 with a 5.0 average. That seems decent enough. I do think it could have stayed two more rounds, but I'm not going to be devastated about this. Like they sing in the song, "Live life, get by".

    Granting it a 9.0 score, Totto begins his commentary by accusing me of "forgetting to add this track [to the Google drive link]". First up, hoe ; you're rude. Second, I'm pretty sure that's just Google who deleted it because I'm pretty sure it was there before. Anyway, this rude hoe also claimed 'Live Life Get By' as "already one of my favorite albumtrack of this album". Joining him with a 9.0 score is TrainJumper who can relate to the song because he feels like the lyrics "all we seem to do is wait around for something more" basically describes his life. Don't wait around, go get it, babe!

    Sadly, the rest of you didn't have that many nice things to say about the song. DJHazey hands the girls a few points for "trying to go for it in the verses". He continues and says "I don't know know what is going on the chorus because I'm trying to figure out who decided that opera voice in the background was a good idea. Low-key irritating. I mean if you take it out, the song is barely pushing a 6 anyways". Sprockrooster disagrees, as it seems the intro and the operatic voice is his favorite part of the song : "Quite the collapse after that intro. And they sink deeper with every minute passing by".

    plasticFANTASTIC entrusts the song with another snarky comments like I love them : "Another ballad that's big on drama. It's decent. I do give the girls credit for having three very unique voices and distinct singing styles that work very well on all of these tracks".
    But in terms of snarky comments, iheartpoptarts wins it all with his: "How about we don’t try to be Alicia Keys?" I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_!!!!
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  13. I didn't know Ooh La La was a boo2 track. I know Amelle's sister was in some other budget girl group and they had an iconic song called Bike that eventually ended up on Queensberry's album!

    So far so good! No major losses.
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  14. And you don't even know what's next...

    The first few results are quite tough on you.
  15. No.

    I thought this was going to be a chill rate. Oh well. As long as I am highest scorer on #1
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  16. WELL, actually... I'm doing some results in advance so I can post them without feeling the rush... and there's a minor victory for you that is coming. So, there's that?
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  17. Okay, so I did the next three results and saved them - and I will reveal them in a few hours, so people from the UK and stuff can participate as well.

    Don't hesitate to guess away and talk about the songs that were eliminated in the time being!
  18. No big losses here. Diamonds and Pearls is cute, though.
  19. Can live without all of those so no tears here.
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