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It's Gonna Be a Hot Rate : Monrose Discography Rate (Winner revealed!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Vixen, May 23, 2016.

  1. This "Temptation" slaughterfest is not surprising me at all, ha!
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  2. I cannot with the Live Life Get By shade. The song is the only one that not sounds dated at all.
    Even Mandy realized that and did a great solo version:

    I fear for my fave Your Love Is Right Over Me.
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  3. 4,7 for Diamonds and Pearls !? That is crazy and I also can not somehow turn the bold symbolic option off, .....whatever.

    Live Life Get By is a true lost, I have been listening to it a lot. The "ohhhs" on the background during the chorus give me so much life and I noticed the Senna/Mandy chorus turns into a solo Senna chorus for a bit then Mandy come back after (with additional ad-libs) . The song has such a deep melody, I love the production. I would probably give it a ten now, same for Certified.
    I have a late obsession for Certified.

    Also what did I call you in the commentary @Vixen ? Yes write it down, don't be ashamed.
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  4. This is going fantastically! Diamonds and Pearls is better than a handful of Temptation album tracks but still nothing special.

    Next please: Your Love Is Right Over Me, Do That Dance, Love Don't Come Easy, and Butt Butt!
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  5. @Vixen, you keep teasing that my favorites are going so early. I mean, Strictly Physical at #58, yeah right, we'd have to cancel the rest of the rate if that happened. However, if we're talking about my favs leaving earlier than they should, I'm afraid for I'm Gonna Freak Ya.
  6. Wait, this one is worse than Do That Dance, Butt Butt, and Your Love Is Right Over Me. Lemme edit my desired eliminations (in order): Love Don't Come Easy, I'm Gonna Freak Ya, Your Love Is Right Over Me, Butt Butt, and Do That Dance.
  7. I vote we keep 'Butt Butt'. It's the best kind of ridiculous!
  8. Like I said, I fear for I'm Gonna Freak Ya.
  9. Meanwhile, I feel like some of these songs are getting a free pass simply by virtue of not being from Temptation. Does anybody else think 'Definition of a Woman' is horrible?
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  10. No.

    I do think that A Love Bizarre needs to start packing its bags.
  11. Going pretty well so far.
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  12. Surprised about Diamonds & Pearls' early departure. It's not THAT bad.
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  13. That one just needs to lose the saxophone!

    [/me on every song ever]
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  14. Now that is a song that even sounded dated during its release.

    I'm interested to see which single will have the lowest score. My guess would be Breathe You In or Even Heaven Cries. Even though i'd prefer Hit'n'Run. Worst single for me.
  15. I love Definition of a Woman!
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  16. As anyone should.
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  17. Maybe it's next though....

    Ahem ahem.
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  18. Hit n Run is great and should be top 15 tbh.
  19. Don't even.
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  20. Do we not think that Supah DJ should leave next ?
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