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It's Gonna Be a Hot Rate : Monrose Discography Rate (Winner revealed!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Vixen, May 23, 2016.

  1. I think I played you 'Hit N Run' on Dubtrack once, and I think you loved it!
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  2. I might try this. I know Strictly Physical by heart, but I don't know the rest of their albums. I'll definitely be following this rate, though.
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  3. Oh Reboot! You have to, I would love for you to participate.

    Either way, you should really give a go to the albums that came after, just for your own pleasure.
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  4. This is beyond horrible.
    I love it!
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  5. You should partake if you have time because there's a few of us who know zero albums, so you're already ahead of us!
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  6. I am in!
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  7. The Temptation album is completely blocked on Youtube for me @Vixen.
  8. The only thing that's keeping me is the fact that their stuff is not on Spotify apart from Ladylike. I do own Strictly Physical, but I don't really like listening to music on Youtube that much. I'll get over it eventually though.
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  9. Me neither to be honest, so I'll probably find train tickets for all four albums and go about it that way. I mean I'm probably going to want to have what I love in the end anyway.

    Would've loved Spotify though, I could be listening at work on my phone right now.
  10. Say Yes is missing from that link you provided too @Vixen although I found it elsewhere. Just listened to Strictly Physical and love the title track.
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  11. I love my old iPod. I just checked and it conveniently happens to have all four albums on it already!
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  12. Your iPod is iconic.
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  13. Sometimes I think you know more of the obscure bubblegum stuff on it than I do!
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  14. You knew it at some point, otherwise how'd it get there? I did reveal Spin-Up to you though! I'm sure I'll find another one next time!
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  15. I've always had a habit of acquiring anything and everything that sounds amazing, and then only getting around to checking out bits and pieces of it here and there.

    I do love those moments when I'm like, "What is this song? I need this song," only to discover I already have it!
  16. I Am feels very bloated as an album. Stolen is the standout track.
  17. If anyone is having trouble with the Youtube links, you should click on the "year" the album was released. There's a different link (googledrive) for each album. (For example, for 'Temptation', click on "2006" instead of the tracklist.)

    @GhettoPrincess @Reboot
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  18. I've realised I forgot to put up the Halloween ultimate bop that is 'Scream' in the Extras, so now it is.

    Don't forget to rate it as well.
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  19. Temptation's first couple songs are great, but then this happens:

  20. Ha! Like @Conan said, it was put really quickly, one month after they actually won the show. So I wouldn't be too surprised about the quality of it.

    Still, I wonder, which track were you at when that happened?
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