It's Gonna Be a Hot Rate : Monrose Discography Rate (Winner revealed!)

Now let me start acting like @Vixen did inbetween every set of eliminations in The Sats rate.

When's the next one(s) coming?

Don't stop the beat, keep on the accelerator
Keep it up, keep it up, keep it up for me.
Sometimes, you don't really like a song.

Do you know what to do in these kind of situation?

Well, you just gotta' walk away from it.

57. Walking Away (Craig David's single)


Score: 5,065.

Highest Score: 9 x 1 ( @Sprockrooster )
Lowest Score: 0 x 3 ( @SloMover , @Epic Chocolat , @Sweet Music )

Re-recorded for Craid David's Greatest Hits in 2008, 'Walking Away' used to be a solo single released in 2000. It actually did quite well in Europe, hitting the #3 spot in the UK, but was a total flop in Germany. Maybe that's why he thought he needed the queens of the german pop scene to help him out.
Joking aside, the new version of the song actually has multiple versions. It features Lynnsha on the French version, Nek on the Italian version, Álex Ubago on the Spanish version and Monrose on the German version. Fun fact : Monrose were the only one actually singing in English.

Good old DJHazey starts it off by asking a rather surprising question "Hew is Craig David?". Now now, Don Juan, it's not because Craig doesn't have breasts, red hair and long legs that you can just ignore him! Joking aside, here's what he had to say : "I don't have high hopes for this. And now that I'm hearing his voice, that's confirmed. Why is there a country undertone to this song, is he a country artist? Oh, it's his chorus. The girls don't even sound that great in the verses. Let's just give a 4 and leave it at that." Poor it. But I would have to agree, the girls don't sound that good. Unlike Don Juan, Ghetto Princess actually knows who Craig David is, although she's admitedly not a fan of either Craig or the song : "They don’t really add or take away anything from this song but I’ve never been a big Craig David fan".

But let's see what the few people who awarded the song of a high score had to say.
tylerc904 said he "never knew this existed!" and that he had "always loved the original version so this is a pleasant surprise". He then comments on how nice it is "to see Bahar with a substantial vocal, even longer than Queen Mandy!" Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Let's wait and see what eyeline's gotta to say about Bahar, but I'm keeping that for the end.
Sprockrooster bestowed a 9.0 score and admitted it was "working so much better with female vocals than this being a solo song from him. Standing ovation here." Well, my, my!
iheartpoptarts, on the other hand, likes it, but questions if it would be weird to see "something everyone knows as a Craig David song [do] well in a Monrose rate"... Well, don't you worry about that, love!

Sadly, some people weren't so kind with their words. SloMover couldn't even mutter more than a disgusted "No." and
Epic Chocolate called it "Unnecessary and butchered." You think this ends up here? Well, no! Because plasticFANTASTIC also has his little few words to say : "I generally never liked those big name stars record version of song for every territory thing that was going on around 2008, similar to when Enrique eliminated Ciara for european countries with the likes of Sarah Connor". Same, babe, same.

Now now, the best comment award clearly goes to eyeline who brought up a really hilarious YouTube comment : "The short brunette needs to relax her self". SCREAMING!

I'll let you guys judge.

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Wait, this one is worse than Do That Dance, Butt Butt, and Your Love Is Right Over Me. Lemme edit my desired eliminations (in order): Love Don't Come Easy, I'm Gonna Freak Ya, Your Love Is Right Over Me, Butt Butt, and Do That Dance.

What is this heresy? Love Don't Come Easy is the best song on Temptation!
Either @Vixen doesn't know that @GhettoPrincess is a girl too or I don't know something and my 'forum marriage' is built on lies. I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_.

I have honestly never heard of Craig David before in my life and I'm sorry for it. That song is useless.

Living for this Don Juan moniker and to what ends @Vixen is going to go with it.
I know the Craig David song, but don't like the Monrose version very much. Not even because if their vocals, but the way they produced it.

Mess at @DJHazey not knowing who he is.
You guys suck.

Gotta give @Sprockrooster a little victory after the lost of 'Walking Away'....

54. Your Love Is Right Over Me


Score: 5,174.

Highest Score: 10 x 1 ( @TrainJumper )
Lowest Score: 0 x 1 ( @Sprockrooster )

Ya'll are fucking tasteless. This nice little ballad didn't deserve to go that early. How the hell is 'Work It', 'Do That Dance' and 'I'm Gonna Freak Ya' still here and this has to go?! I hope Senna finds you all and beat the living shit out of you guys. There you go.
(Who am I kidding, though. I only gave this a 7, but still, it deserved more.)

Let's start with the naysayers. Rob "thought this song would never fucking end". Rude, that's what you are, Rob! Sprockrooster couldn't "believe some parts are out of key. On a studio version". Well, clearly you have never listened to a Cheryl Cole record! #Oops.

Others seems to think the main issue of the song was how the girls delivered emotions throughout the song, or plainly just the delivery in itself. It's the case of iheartpoptarts that thought the track "would benefit from a more delicate vocal" but that either way she wasn't "that I’m overly fond of it anyway…" Similarly, plasticFANTASTIC wished they would deliver the song in a better fashion, in a way probably unique to famous UK girlgroup 'Sugababes'. "They always had the sugababes in mind when they were creating monrose, envisioned as a sleek, cool, urban-pop band. This track borrows heavily from that idea, though it is nowhere near as classy as any of the suga-ballads, all of which were able to transport emotions very subtly. This is as subtle as a sledgehammer. It works though, at times". 'At times', I'll take that!

DJHazey claimed "the melody sounds like something that should work better for me, but it's executed on such a shameful level. In the end, this song was always going to pass right over me." I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_, I bet you're proud of that pun, aren't you? I could almost picture a smile on your face after you wrote that.

Finally, TrainJumper who was the only one to do this song right said it was a guilty pleasure of his and that he "always have the "easy come/easy go" part in my head when I think of Monrose".

They are honestly killing it in this acoustic performance :

"Hold on a second, babe. Take your time, bruh." Not Senna stopping Mandy from singing.

Seriously, guys, watch this.

EDIT : Messed up some scores a little bit, so this actually comes up at #54, not #56!​
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