It's Gonna Be a Hot Rate : Monrose Discography Rate (Winner revealed!)

Awkward, I actually messed up three scores from @eyeline and it changes the order of the eliminations (just the next three, don't worry).

'Your Love Is Right Over Me' would have left at #54 instead. Should I change it or should I just leave it at that?
Awkward, I actually messed up three scores from @eyeline and it changes the order of the eliminations (just the next three, don't worry).

'Your Love Is Right Over Me' would have left at #54 instead. Should I change it or should I just leave it at that?

Just eliminate the next songs as #56 and #55 and we'll know that Your Love Is Right Over Me was #54. Edit that post though.
Senna was always such a mic hog. Bahar and Mandy could hardly ever get their parts in without some adlibs or unnecessary "harmonizing" by Senna.

Haha litteraly every live performance I've watched the past few days. How she tried to make her self the main vocalist on What You Dont Know from being the last in lead.

Funny thing is, her ad-libs arent even that good. She kinda reminds me of Keisha Bunchanan.
Your ACTUAL #56 is...





56. Butt Butt


Score: 5,109.

Highest Score: 10 x 1 ( @Totto )
Lowest Score: 0 x 1 ( @If You Go )

I didn't think it would leave that soon. I thought the whole 'fun' factor would come into action and make it some sort of a guilty pleasure. Well, I'm not really sad to see it leave, but it could have stayed a few more rounds, I feel.
'Butt Butt' was a bonustrack from their first album 'Temptation'. It also happened to be on the single of 'Even Heaven Cries' as some sort of second b-side (a c-side?). How hilarious is that? 'Butt Butt', the b-side to fucking 'Even Heaven Cries'?!

I guess that's another little victory for Sprockrooster who could have been one of the lowest scorers if it hadn't been for If You Go (0.0) and Sweet Music (1.0). The only thing he had to say was "March out of my sight with that fucking fanfare". Okay, mister party pooper!

The others seemed to have enjoyed the very ... peculiar aspect of the song. tylerc904 stated it was "bizarre but slightly boppable" - which couldn't describe the song any better in my opinion! iheartpoptarts claims the "chorus is ridiculous and I think I love it". You know, girl. Totto didn't even what know to write for this track, but thought "this song is perfection". He adds "I mean come on, it's about butts. I don’t care I love it." Tell'em, Totto.

Finally, two of you seemed to have noticed the Yankee-Doodle sample more than anything. PlasticFANTASTIC : "hollaback butt? the intro promises a better song than it ends up being. put on your special boots, d-d-dance the night away. and then it kicks in, yankee doodle out of all things. still, gets points for being out of the ordinary at least, i guess." and DJHazey admitted he "under-estimated how much of a kii this song is", pursuing : "OH MY WORD. Horses sounds though? No. Yankee-Doodle sample though? Hell No. I can't score it that low, because it puts a smile on my face...something this album was severely lacking at times."

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Butt Butt sounds like an amazing pop track with the title but Monrose didn't deliver the goods.
Okay, guys, so here's what happened. @eyeline gave a 10 to a song from Temptation. Thing is...I actually gave that score to the song that comes just before in the tracklist...

So that means, eyeline gets to keep his fave for a few more rounds, but...

@DJHazey loses his.

55. I'm Gonna Freak Ya


Score: 5,152.

Highest Score: 10 x 1 ( @DJHazey )
Lowest Score: 0 x 1 ( @Sweet Music )

Ouch. Turns out this was actually the first track to leave at some point. I thought that was hilarious because it's clearly one of DJHazey's fave. Then @eyeline voted and I gave his 10 to the song and it changed everything. Except, that 10 wasn't meant for 'I'm Gonna Freak Ya'. Oopsie!
So this is, again, another 'Temptation' song. Will the slaughter stop? Who knows!

Sprockrooster deemed it "not bad, not good, just very average". I couldn't agree more with you, babe. plastisFANTASTIC, on the other hand, reminisces about good (or are they?) old days : "eh, the past three tracks take me back to that brief dark period in uk pop when brits were pretending to do american r&b back in 2002/3 and failing miserably at it". Poor Brits. TrainJumper tells me he "always liked the Popstars version with Mandy, Bahar and the girl named Ari more". I wish I could show you that, guys, but everything's been deleted of YouTube, or so it seems.

But despite coming at #55, 'I'm Gonna Freak Ya' received quite a few positive comments. Obviously, one of them is from DJHazey who presented the track of one of his first (but not last) 10s : "A similar vibe rears its ugly head again, but thankfully there's a stunning melody in the chorus to help me forget about all that. The opening bit is always a bit strange, but here I am on my third listen and I'm already craving that chorus again and again. "I got the love, I don't wanna waste it/I want you to taste it" is freakin' strange as fuck, but I'm willing to let it slide this time. Chalk this up as a delayed favorite, because anybody reading this commentary would think I hated it at first." Well, not you coming for the actual good part of the song, but whatever!
iheartpoptarts admitted "This one could hit a lot harder", but that "the melodies are spot on". Well, that's a nice way to put it, for sure... Finally, Totto says he "really love the verses" but "the chorus lacks something". It just isn't that good, Totto, that's simple.​
It fucking knocks and I don't care what anybody says! It's probably one of my lowest 10s because I felt bad for how I was scoring the album, but I truly love the song.