It's Gonna Be a Hot Rate : Monrose Discography Rate (Winner revealed!)


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Ladylike and Strictly Physical are the only two albums with all their songs in.

That can't last long....

So which song do you think is going to leave first for both albums?

Monrose Theme for Strictly Physical and All or Nothing for Ladylike?
Not with me stanning All or Nothing with my scores it ain't!

No No No would be my guess/choice. Or I Surrender if it counts.
Golden should follow next, Senna sounds so bad on that one. Reading those comments I really fear for my faves.

Besides Your Love Is Right Over Me everything is good so far.
Here's a clue for the upcoming elimination...

Ti esrever dna ti pilf nwod gniht ym tup I

Ti esrever dna ti pilf nwod gniht ym tup I

I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it

Is it worth it, let me ..............................

This is a Missy Elliott one-time exclusive (Come on)


Hmmm, sorry guys. I just got the memo.

Apparently, our budget couldn't allow us to get Missy Elliott, so're gonna get Monrose's "Work It" instead.

51. Work It


Score: 5,478.

Highest Score: 9 x 1 ( @iheartpoptarts )
Lowest Score: 1 x 1 ( @TrainJumper )

Told you guys the Temptation slaughterfest wasn't over yet... Now, I do think that song should have left a few rounds ago as I feel like it's even weaker than the two ballads.

tylerc904 describes it as a " mild bop, maybe just by comparison to the rest of this album". Fair enough! On ther other hand, Totto seems to enjoy it far more, stating it "sounds like a late 90’s pop album track, which is always a good thing for me". 'Higher' is better, teebs. Although, Totto isn't the only one who noticed the 90s influence, as iheartpoptarts also commented on that : "Very unexpectedly 90s all of a sudden. Like, 90s Spice Girls, almost. I don’t know where this sound came from, but I like it!" Comparing that albumtrack to the Spice Girls who almost have two perfect albums is a bit of stretch, but I always found that the girls from Monrose shared a lot of similarities with the Spice Girls tone-wise, so I'll let that one pass. plasticFANTASTIC also picked up on the 90s vibes : "Written by R. Kelly? Oh, not THAT R. Kelly. The liner notes were trying to be misleading on purpose I suppose. It sounds very 90's, would have been an okayish album filler on Jade to the Max." Now, that's a stretch too as well.

He's not the only one reminiscing about the pass as TrainJumper struggles to remember how that song even goes : "After 10 years still don't know how that song goes". Same, babe, same.
DJHazey claimed that "the pre-chorus is pretty flawless", but that "everything before and after it falls flat on its face. Each line in the chorus sounds likes it's being delivered in monotone and has absolutely no life behind it. They've got to 'work it' harder than this in order to get my plays". They're gonna get your plays when they sing you their slut anthems. They know how you work, Don Juan. So predictable!

Finally, Sprockrooster gives me the best idea for the build-up of this elimination... A MISSY ELIOT FAKE BUILD-UP! "I need a glass of water. Boy oh boy it is good to know ya... Oh wait." Oh wait, indeed! Monrose wished their 'Work it' was as good as Missy's.​
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I don't know the Missy song, or remember it, and no I don't need someone to post it. I've always put up with her features on songs I do like. This was a great elimination.

That shade @Vixen, wish I could detect lies, but I can't.
I can assure everyone that your faves will be safe!

Unless if you are @tylerc904

Then you're in for some loss....

50. All or Nothing


Score: 5,500.

Highest Score: 9,5 x 1 ( @tylerc904 )
Lowest Score: 0 x 1 ( @Sweet Music )

Here we are enterring the top 50 finally and with a song from another album than Temptation, for a change! 'All or Nothing' isn't my least favorite albumtrack from 'Ladylike', but it did take me a quite a few months before liking it. Although when I did, it really did grow on me. But I was always expecting it to be the first albumtrack from that album to leave and I'm surprised some of you thought it could stay longer.

"All or Nothing?" asks Monrose, "Nothing it is." answers Sprockrooster. I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_, I bet you think you're clever aren't you? Let's see what the other clever one (DJHazey) in this rate has to say about this acoustic song : "The melody is low-key infectious throughout this. Unfortunately, I see why I didn't remember the middle part of this album on the first play...these all sound too similar and not very thrilling. Another situation where I'd enjoy listening to this song, but I would never ever seek it out. I want Monrose to go "all or nothing" and come with something more turnt up". They did come up with something more turnt up, Don Juan. It's called "Hot Summer" and it slays lives every summer.

A few of you guys tried making comparisons with other songs. iheartpoptarts was successful in that, asking you guys if this is "giving anyone else ‘Killing Me Softly’? ‘Cause it’s all or nothing… (ONE TIME!)". I don't know about that, but Totto seems to think it "sounds like another song, again". Maybe that's what he had in mind?
Others seem to have notice mediocre vocals - which I'm quite surprised. "The vocals sound a bit iffy and it feels like it can’t decide what tempo it wants to be" says Ghetto Princess. "Embrace it in all its acoustic wobbly sounding vocals" orders Txextu. I mean, Mandy is absolutely killing it at the end, so I don't know what you're talking about.

plastisFANTASTIC really wasn't feeling it, it seems. "Mmh, okayish. They probably loved having a song like this which works well in an acoustic setting, but it's a bit of a bore on record to be quite honest". Poor it. Even tylerc904, who awarded the track of its highest score, couldn't really say that many positive things about it : "I wish the last minute wasn't all the same refrain, perhaps repeating the chorus another time could make this a 10. Still love it though".