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It's Gonna Be a Hot Rate : Monrose Discography Rate (Winner revealed!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Vixen, May 23, 2016.

  1. You know. I love rates, yeah?

    And like with every rate.... You always have like...your favorite moment, yeah?

    Well, my favorite part of a rate is when @DJHazey loses one his favorite song.

    I guess you could say these moments.....

    are golden.

    49. Golden


    Score: 5,565.

    Highest Score: 9 x 1 ( @DJHazey )
    Lowest Score: 0 x 1 ( @Sprockrooster )

    The first song from 'Strictly Physical' to leave us is 'Golden', and I couldn't be happier and glad. Don't get me wrong, it would probably be above most of the mediocre tracks of 'Temptation', but on their best album ever, it just pales so deeply in comparison with the rest of the tracks on there.

    So I'm obviously starting with the woke people here who knew what was up. @Rob thinks it "feels so out of place on this album" and that it was profoundly "cheese tastic". Yes, it is. Tell these guys. TrainJumper claims it's the "only dull moment" on the album and that it "will always be a filler". Damn right, it will. Even iheartpoptarts who deemed it "cute", admits it's "filler-ish". Now, let's go to good pal Sprockrooster for some nasty dragging : "Keep on chasing those dreams girls. But I do not think, unfortunately, the best is yet to come. Unless you are referring to something unrelated to music. Hot Summer was a golden moment though!" Hmm, actually, it wasn't that harsh. He did award it a big fat zero, though. A well-deserved one, if you want my opinion.

    Now sadly, some of you were downright delusional. Totto describes the song as "beautiful" and Epic Chocolat thinks it's "a good transitional albumtrack". Even eyeline who "never liked this song" in the past declares that it's now "a solid ballad" even if "Senna serves some nasal struggle vocals".

    Hell, even plasticFANTASTIC actually didn't have anything bad to say about it and thinks "this is actually quite good. well-sung, well produced, a classy slice of soulful pop that wouldn't have seemed out of place on catfights & spotlights". At least he agrees when me when he states "it pales next to the other bops on here", but he seems to join Epic Chocolat in his thoughts and agrees that it "ends up being an unassuming little breather in between the smashing uptempos".

    Finally, our highest scorer DJHazey. Now, first, let me tell you. I am glad you're losing that one so early. That's what happens when you defy me, little boy. Now, for his comment : "I'm a sucker for how their voices sound on this one. The soft delivery makes me feel like I'm floating. Saccharine sounding, sure, but the simple "some moments, are golden" is doing things to me and I can't really explain it. I'm prepared to watch this leave like 30 spots before it should." Well, look at you. Outstaging Phoebe Halliwell with your precognition powers!

    Now let me stir shit up a bit...
    @DJHazey's score : 9
    @GhettoPrincess 's score : 5
    Woopsie. Trouble in paradise!​
  2. Yes, good one everyone. Nice to see the worst track out of SP kicked out first.
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  3. @Vixen you are so bad. Let's hope @DJHazey forgives me cos it's not one of his 10 scores.
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  4. Hey, I'm totally on your side on this one. This song deserves a 5, not a 9.
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  5. Noooo! This one hurts. Several years ago I would probably have given Golden my 11.
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  6. @Vixen, nice try but it's going to take more than that to create trouble in our paradise. I'm more concerned that you get your jollies from my despair/pain, but it won't make me take commands from you. *tongue out emoji*

    I'd say that I'm Gonna Freak Ya is my "Golden Rules" and this was my "Lose Control", but I gave that a 10 in the The Sats rate so we have to see another 10 that is done wrong.
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  7. I'd still rather listen to 'Golden' on a loop forever than fucking 'Lose Control' from The Saturdays.
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  8. I knew I'd hit a nerve. Lose Control is bops for days. Give me it on a loop.
  9. You keep that bop-for-9-yearsold and I'll go be a slut to the sound of 'Strictly Physical' (the song) on a loop.

  10. I just got my life to Golden on the way home and it's still just as spectacular. It's so sweet and I can hear the emotion from the girls as they deliver it in all its glory.


    And @GhettoPrincess, honey, why are you liking that considering you gave Lose Control a 10 along with me. I remember these moments, when our spark was lit, like they were yesterday.
  11. Oh my god yass girl, drag that trash song !
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  12. Hehe, I love re-living that rate because it was my first "run-in" with @Vixen and I remember every song she dragged for me loving.
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  13. I definitely didn't give Lose Control a 10. I'm not a fan. I gave Problem With Love a 10 though, maybe you're mixing it up? or if not give me the receipts hunni.
  14. Well I know we both love Problem With Love, but thought we both loved Lose Control too. So both you and @Vixen must have been picking on me over it in the rate. I must have deemed that your teasing was flirting. *tongue out emoji*
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  15. You two have such a .....

    .... love bizarre

    48. A Love Bizarre


    Score: 5,630.

    Highest Score: 10 x 1 ( @tylerc904 )
    Lowest Score: 0 x 1 ( @Sweet Music )

    The second song from 'I AM' to leave us is 'A Love Bizarre'. I never thought much of that cover and I rank it as just as bad as 'Going Out Tonight'. Now the difference is that 'Going Out Tonight' isn't fucking second on the tracklist! What a way to kill any momentum 'Strike The Match' built.

    @SloMover seems to agree with me and says it's "odd to place a cover that's a little more subdued than the rest of the album as the second track". Eyeline tells thins as they are and calls this "unnecessary". It really is, sorry. DJHazey asks "Who brought this 80s mix of jazz/nu wave into the mix? No fucking thank you!" Yes, redeem yourself, babe! He continues "They sound half-dead at times and the """melody""" was tired on arrival, so it's not just the bizarre production. I feel bad finding out that it's a Prince cover, so I'll add a point. (Sorry Senna)"

    Totto isn't as harsh, but he does admit the "track itself is bizarre". He also faults Senna for her vocals, whereas TrainJumper pretty much just blames her for the existence of this cover. " I blame Senna for this. SO SO BAD! They initially wanted to cover "Purple Rain" but the label rejected it." Now that's interesting because I didn't know they actually wanted to do that...but let's be honest, that would have been a really bad idea. Senna would have hog all the vocals when really the only singer in the band capable of even thinking of tackling this song is Mandy. Bahar and Senna, as good as they can be sometimes, aren't meant for this and even Mandy herself would pale in comparison of all the other powerhouse vocalists who covered this song.

    Now, bizarrely, this got quite a lot of positive comments. iheartpoptarts admits she would gladly "take 80s covers", but "without the sax if at all possible!". Noticing the production as well, @Txetxu revealed he "adores those chunky synths".

    Others really thought this was a convincing cover of Prince's track of the same name. plasticFANTASTIC, the first, deems it a "a faithful cover of a decent song", but I'm glad he himself admits "it kills the momentum of the album and would've been better off as a bonus track or b-side". Definitely! And 'After Making Love' could have taken its place. It would make the perfect transition between 'Strike The Match' and 'Certified' anyway. Sprockrooster says he thinks "Prince was not amused, but he never is amused with people covering his music. But I love that they stayed close to the original instrumentals. As a girl group song this song works too".

    Finally, our higher scorer again for this song is tylerc904 and roars he "ADOREs this cover" and that "the original track is wonderful and they do it justice". He then lets us on a shameful secret of his : "I also heard their version first #flop". Don't worry, you weren't the only one!
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  16. ...Wait. Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks 'Strike the Match' is nothing special?
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  17. FINALLY!!!!!

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  18. Love Bizarre is a cover ?

    It's such a really really weird song, and I would choose it over Purple Rain.
  19. I mean, it's a 8/10 sort of song, and it sure wasn't "Hot Summer", but it starts the album just fine with a perfectly decent bob and then it gets straight into fucking 'A Love Bizarre'.

    In comparison, 'Dangerous' leads to 'Hot Summer' (!!!)
    'Shame' leads to 'Even Heaven Cries'
    and 'This Is Me' to 'Superstar DJ'.

    These all keep the momentum going.
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  20. Mediocre track. Won't be missed.
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