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It's Gonna Be a Hot Rate : Monrose Discography Rate (Winner revealed!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Vixen, May 23, 2016.

  1. What you like Problem With Love?

    It doesn't sound like a song you would like.
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  2. Yeah I do. Can't remember which album tracks you like from Living for the Weekend apart from Lease My Love? Look at us making this all about The Sats. Poor Monrose.
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  3. On Your Radar was their Strictly Physical aka all killer no filler.
    Move On U would be my 11.
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  4. Reading how much we all seemed to collectively dislike Bizarre it's a wonder it got so far.
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  5. I don't care, most of us are Sats fans, so that is what you get.
    I like all Living FT Weekend tracks, even Somebody Else's Life. It's the only album where I like all the tracks.
    Uh Say Ok is quite shit. I personally hate White Lies, but the others seem to get it I guess.

    I just listened to Like A Lady and Superstar DJ in the shower and I'm not sure but I think it just clicked ?
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  6. yeah right, Say Ok was their Golden. White Lies is amazing, love Una on that.
    Living for the Weekend was a MESS. I can't even remember most of the tracks. Wildfire still bops though.

    Most of Ladylike sounds really dated. I only use the slow jam Don't Take It Personal and the Holy Trinity of the ballads Doing Fine, Love Must Carry On & I Surrender now.
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  7. Like you get it and I respect that. Thank you.
  8. Considering I've myself reached out to Saturdays fans to participate in the rate, I feel like it's perfectly normal they are brought up. They are girlbands, and both from a very similar period. I feel like the comparisons are justified. Same for Girls Aloud and Sugababes.

    I might do another elimination soon!
  9. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I'm not too fussed about any of the eliminations, except for A Love Bizarre. It's so fucking FUN.
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  10. *opens the dictionary*

    Hmmmmm hmmmmm....


    What am I looking at ?

    Just this :

    47. Definition of a Woman

    Score: 5,891.

    Highest Score: 9 x 1 ( @DJHazey )
    Lowest Score: 1 x 1 ( @iheartpoptarts )

    Our second track from 'Ladylike' to leave us is 'Definition of a Woman'. A few of you thought it would be the first to leave, so maybe you'll be glad with that elimination. I awarded it a 8, but I always knew it would leave pretty early in the competition because I remember how people reacted to it when the album was released. Still a shame. Let's take a look at you guys had to say.

    Some of you were aware of the history of the track which is pretty much presumably a reject from Paulini, of the 3rd season of Australia Idol fame. @SloMover was taken aback, it seems, and comments "What a complete surprise to look at the credits of this and to see an Australian Idol and an X Factor Australia contestant as co-writers of the track???" It happens! If SloMover was surprised, however, @Txetxu was more... disapproving and deemed that "A Paulini reject is never a good idea."

    Sprockrooster seems to enjoy the song, although he does admit "this would have been a solid 9,0 if it wasnot for that horrible dance breakdown that should have stayed in 2013". I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_, this was released in 2010. Not Monrose being ahead of their times, QUEENS! Seems like you're alone on that one either way, because eyeline who "hated this originally" said it has grown on him over the years because "the breakdown makes this". plasticFANTASTIC finds himself in a similar situation where he feels like the song "harkens back to the "ooh la la" days of Temptation, which was probably my least liked type of song monrose did. Average for the most part, but that instrumental breakdown prior to the final chorus elevates it a bit." Sorry, Sprocky, plastic has talked!

    Lowest scorer, iheartpoptarts claims this has "disastrous verses" and that she wasn't if she wanted to be "defined by this, personally! Like, at all." I admit Senna's verse is disastrous, but otherwise this a bop, come on. No? That's alright, I know DJHazey will deliver the goods anyway. Let's take a look of what he had to say about the song he just gave a 9 to! "What a "we are queens and you'd better recognize" bop for the ages! It's all right here: "Think twice before you go around labeling me. I'm not your typical superficial princess" kind of destroys careers. You can almost imagine their facial expression as they law down the law. Those opening verses, when each girl gets their own section to shine, are absolutely incredible as they ride that thumping beat like they own it. I'm only giving this a 9 right now because I love other songs more, but that middle-eight is a moment that I can imagine losing myself to often." That middle-8 does things to me as well!

  11. What a fucking travesty. Shoulda coulda woulda given it a 10.

    I live for their attitude when it comes out to play and it shines here.
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  12. I can reveal that we are now entering in a phase where some people will definitely lose songs "that should have placed much higher". Also, no more slaughterfest as well, so that's nice.
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  13. Much too messy for my taste, that one. Think I'd rather be a princess instead!
  14. Yeah that lyric seems to be mis-interpreted a lot. I don't think it's necessary against being "a princess", but more about being a shallow and superficial, almost hollow, one. I mean, isn't it more or less implied that they are in fact "princesses", just not shallow ones? They are asking for significant other to see beneath the facade because there's more to it.

    Anyway, I think that's a fair elimination either way. People dislike it despite the lyrics anyway.
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  15. Basically this. Nothing against the lyric itself, I'm just kidding around because I don't love the song!
  16. Oh my, queens indeed. I should have thought of that. A 9 it should have been.
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  17. You're so necessary dry at times.
  18. Why you gotta be so rude, Tot'
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  19. Is this real, please tell me this is real?
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