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It's Gonna Be a Hot Rate : Monrose Discography Rate (Winner revealed!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Vixen, May 23, 2016.

  1. Are there any iconic live performances? For either good or bad reasons.
  2. It is, but they are only on the cover, not in the game.
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  3. They premiered pretty much all of their lead singles on Germany's Next Top Model with nice performances (for their times).

    I like that one because of the routine, but Mandy cannot literally remember a dance move to save her life and Senna is still a bit of an awkward performer. Bahar is killing it though.

    Mandy in underwear? All of them holding men on a leash??? QUEENS.

    Mandy is so damn MESSY. I mean, yeah sometimes Bahar does too much #TheShortBrunetteNeedsToRelax but she's always giving it her all.

    I'm honestly just showing that one so Mandy can gain a few points back because she sounds phenomenal on 'If I Were a Boy'.
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  4. Definition of a Woman is not that bad, from what I remember.

    Those performances posted above are really nice! (And they're making me wish I'd scored some of these songs higher.)

  5. From 4:50 !!
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  6. Mandy is an amazing singer, yes.

    'Ain't Nobody' should have been their 80s cover on 'I AM'. Or 'On the Radio'.
  7. Second Recap:

    53. Going Out Tonight - 6
    52. Love Don't Come Easy - 6
    51. Work It - 5
    50. All or Nothing - 8
    49. Golden - 9
    48. A Love Bizarre - 3
    47. Definition Of A Woman - 9
  8. I'm running out of bad songs, but Teach Me How To Jump needs to get the hell out of here real fast, how is it still here? Also We Love, see ya!

    Also @Vixen, check out my final list for my next girl group rate and see if you're going to be present. Here.
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  9. Ugh yes DJHazey, 'Teach Me How To Jump' is so fucking awful. There's a not even single piece of melody.

    And yes I'll probably participate in that rate.
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  10. 'Monrose Theme' should leave next.
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  11. I wouldn't mind in the least.
  12. That too yeah!
  13. Yeah I'm not happy my lowest score in the form of Monrose Theme is still here.
  14. Sorry for the time.

    I've been a bit busy this weekend.

    But just so you know, the results will always come sooner or later.

    46. Sooner or Later

    Score: 5,978.

    Highest Score: 10 x 1 ( @TrainJumper )
    Lowest Score: 2 x 1 ( @Sweet Music )

    Our second track from 'Strictly Physical' to leave us sadly isn't 'Monrose Theme', but is 'Sooner Or Later' instead. Now I do think it's one of weaker track of the album, but whereas 'Golden' felt incredibly too weak for the album, this feels 'perfect' for's just not as good as the rest. So I guess it makes sense this leaves quite soon.

    Some of you took some time to comment on the vocals distribution or plainly just the vocals themselves. Totto's first, and says that just "like Mandy’s voice was made for What You Don’t Know, Bahar voice was made for this chorus, it’s one of my favorite choruses" and laughs at Senna's ad-libs delivery. TrainJumper screams "YES at this masterpiece. I love Senna in this, her adlips are great. Probably the only Monrose song with no Mandy in it at all". plasticFANTASTIC asks "Where is Mandy? She generally isn't featured all that much on the whole of Strictly Physical, guess the guy producing the album didn't like her tone or something." Well, actually, she's in here! You can hear her pretty distinctively at 1:53, but I agree it's rather weird their best singer was pushed so far in the back. But then, Monrose always had a very "we're all equal vocalists" policy. He further asks "Is it just me or could this easily be a Girls Aloud track? Bahar even sounds like a mix of Kimba and Nadine on the first verse. I used to really like this, but now it seems a bit meandering and lacks something." I definitely agree with the Girls Aloud comparison, and I don't think I'm the only one.

    DJHazey deems it "crazy as hell, but undeniable all the same! I'm not sure how long I'm going to be feeling it, but right now every single "for youuuuu" in the chorus makes my heart beat a tic faster. The little interjections such as "I'm no good for you", add fun elements and keep me guessing. I'm honestly not sure why I'm finding this song so captivating, but it's so quirky and fresh sounding. Did Xenomania produce this?" Nope! Jiant and Snowflake are behind this track, just like most of the Monrose discography!

    eyeline states "this one also took me a few years to appreciate. Not great but not awful". On theother hand, iheartpoptarts, our lowest scorer, is a bit more harsh and says : "I heard “such a mess” in this song somewhere, and it was, um, accurate. Potentially catchy, but the production is a disaster." However, Sprockrooster leaves me rather clueless with the following comment : "I love pop-reggae, but this attempt falls flat HARD." ... What reggae?​
  15. You want results?!


    I guess, as a host, my role is to give them what they want...

    45. What They Want

    Score: 6,065.

    Highest Score: 9 x 4 ( @Macanudo , @DJHazey , @TrainJumper , @Conan )
    Lowest Score: 2 x 2 ( @Sweet Music , Vixen )

    FINALLY! Jesus. I mean, yeah sure, you gotta get rid of 'Going Out Tonight' and 'A Love Bizarre' first, but when that's done, you gotta get rid of that poor excuse of a song with absolutely no melody whatsoever. It's not because it was about their shitty label that they had, to actually, you know, make a shitty song.

    You guys didn't have that much to say about it. That's pretty normal, that's cause it sucks. Woopsie.
    iheartpoptarts humors me "Well, it’s not really what I want…" Same, sis, same! And Sprockrooster pretty much just awards a big fat "bland" to the song.There's nothing more to say, really. I guess DJHazey disagrees both with that and with me and claims he "Was. Not. Prepared. For. That. The verses lulled me to sleep on the first listen, admittedly. The raspy delivery of the pre-chorus is a total "WTF?" minute, but 'click' and it's on after that! There is so much soul and passion literally pouring from every single word and if you're left without any doubt in your mind after that, then you weren't alive to begin with." It's just shit, Don Juan. You were right the first time.

    TrainJumper reveals a bit of the history of the song : "Me and my stan heart always think that this is a dig at the label haha". Well, that's because it is, isn't it? Pretty sure they have said so themselves. plastisfantastic confirms this and admires the "the british r&b/pop influences are all over this one" and admits he "used to dig this more when the album came out, seeing as how the lyrics of the chorus mirrored the girls experiences while recording and releasing this album, but it's more of a case of life imitating art than the other way around."
  16. Two good results for me!

    Yeah, the Monrose Theme can definitely go now...
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  17. NO to both of those exits, not before Monrose Theme or more so Teach Me How To Jump. I lost two 9s instead!

    What They Want's chorus is such a mess with a chugging melody that feels so disjointed on top of a piano production that should be doing what it can to kill it, but somehow it's a killer chorus to me in the end.

    Sooner Or Later is definitely that Girls Aloud banger and it was done so wrong.
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  18. Monrose Theme is an 8.

    Sooner Or Later was a 5.5 so I'm glad that's gone!
  19. Monrose Theme is turning into the Emma Bunton of this rate.
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  20. Can't believe Sooner or Later is out so early. Should've made easily the Top25.
    I've never got into What They Want during its release, i was so surprised how much it became one of my faves during these last years. Mandys adlips at the and are so good.

    Seems like all my 10s will be out soon.
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