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It's Gonna Be a Hot Rate : Monrose Discography Rate (Winner revealed!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Vixen, May 23, 2016.

  1. Shame is an instant favorite, Even Heaven Cries looks like a grower but it has something going for it, Oh La La is an absolute disaster, No isn't much better, but thankfully I'm Gonna Freak Ya is saving the day as I listen to it for the fourth time in a row. Love Don't Come Easy isn't terrible but I'm rolling my eyes at it.

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  2. '2 of a Kind' is great so that should pick things up (only to fall down again...)
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  3. I'm really going to enjoy this though. The two baddies were shredded in my commentary so there's that.
  4. Butt Butt is an amazing song title. Shame the song is a bit of a mess.

    Standouts on the debut are Shame, Even Heaven Cries and Push Up On Me.

  5. This is a bit weird isn't it? Nice try but no.

  6. Yeah, they just pale in comparison to the original in my opinion.
  7. Temptation
    High: 10 x 2
    Low: 3 x 2
    Average: 5.6

    Strictly Physical
    High: 11 x 1
    Low: 1 x 1
    Average: 6.1

    I Am
    High: 10 x 1
    Low: 4 x 2
    Average: 6.2

    High: 10 x 1
    Low: 4 x 1
    Average: 6.3

    High: 6 x 2
    Low: 4 x 1
    Average: 5.2
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  8. I received your votes, @GhettoPrincess ! Thank you for discovering them and participating, I appreciate a lot.
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  9. Thank you for helping me discover them. I hope you get more people jumping on board with this rate especially girl group fans.
  10. Thanks! I hope so, as well. Still waiting for that Don Juan PM. (@DJHazey)

    My next victim should be @TrainJumper .
  11. I'm going to be away this weekend, so you won't be seeing mine for a bit...but I promise you I'll come through.
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  12. Don't worry, take your time.
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  13. Haha I already bookmarked this thread yesterday, can't wait to listen to those masterpieces again. It's been such a long time that I put their records on. Monrose were a big part of my teenager years (I'm 23 now). I "stanned" so hard for them and loved everything about them.

    By the way they all hate each other now. A friend of mine met Bahar at a birthday party 3 weeks ago and she told him that she doesn't like what Senna & Mandy are doing now. Bahar seems to live a pretty normal life now after her solo record. She's a student now in Berlin.

    Senna got really desperate over the last years and is just fame whoring and does those awkward vines for young girls and even has a youtube channel where she gives advices on "How to treat an asshole" or "Why does he not reply to my texts". I think she is in a mid-life crisis and doesn't know what to do with her life.
    She had a record deal with Universal and worked with amazing, well known producers on some german songs but got dropped without even releasing something.

    She even insulted Mandy on snapchat for being a bitch and talked shit about her on german TV. Meanwhile Mandy aka Grace told Senna to not talk about her relationship with Mesut Oezil on TV because Senna told the press that it was her who brought them together. It all got pretty messy after the break up.

    Mandy seems to be best friends with Tryna now, who is a part of Max' Martin Team and produced the 5th Harmony songs. So let's pray we get some bops out of their friendship for her 2nd album.
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  14. Is Mandy the blonde one? If so then yes give her some bops.
  15. @TrainJumper please educate us along the way. I live for this kind of drama. Amazing.
  16. My favorite player on the German national team.
  17. What a shame. Senna is a mess, always been.

    She has a solo album out, but it's not really bop-static.

    If you loved "Strictly Physical" and "Tip Toe", you might want to give a chance to "The Way I Like It" by Mandy.
  18. Figured I'd get one done before leaving tomorrow.


    Favorites: Shame, Even Heaven Cries, I'm Gonna Freak Ya, Do That Dance.

    Average: 6.615 - 10 x 1 - 2 x 1
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  19. My next victim should be @tylerc904 . Come through, Tyler.
  20. I think Senna had the edge because she was really outspoken throughout the season and always made people laugh. She was also „the mother“ of the other contestants so that’s why she was so likeable.
    Mandy & Bahar were best friends and everyone loved their friendship. Mandy was truly the general publics favorite. Everyone was rooting for her.
    Bahar just turned everyone over when she sang her version of „Shame“ and started to cry in the middle of the song.

    The season was the most successful season ever with ratings around 5 Mio. per episode which is really huge in Germany and so it was no shocker that Temptation & Shame both went from 0 to No.1 and went double platinum.

    It was then kind of weird to see them participate on the german national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest just after 3 months they were formed. (cause usually only has-beens or flops would participate)

    Because they had such a massive success with their 1st Album everyone thought they’re going to win the selection but they just came 2nd and after that the real struggle began. The press and media were writing them off and no one believed that they’re going to last.

    Do That Dance was ready to be the 3rd single but thank god they ditched that idea and went with a new song instead.
    They performed a slightly different version once which I guess was the Single Mix:

    Their Label and Management told them that they need a make or break song. If they flop, they’re going to get dropped.
    So they got Hot Summer. The 1st time they performed that song was on the finale of „Germany’s Next Topmodel“. That performance was such a moment.

    My Dad still has my CD of the TV rip in his car haha.

    It went to No.1 and was definitely the song of the summer. It was everywhere.
    Their 2nd Album Strictly Physical really cemented their place in the charts since all 3 singles were hits & went to the Top10.

    With „I AM“ their label thought they could just re-create the Hot Summer moment but sadly that was not the case.
    Strike The Match only went to the Top10 for one week and it didn’t had an impact like their last singles did.
    Since Strike The Match „flopped“ the initial album got scrapped and they went to the studio to get more songs.

    Cover & tracklist was slightly different:

    So „A Love Bizarre, You Can Look, Tip Toe, Teach Me How To Jump & Stolen“ were all added to the tracklist and Step Aside got reduced to an Itunes bonus track while After Making Love stayed a b-side.
    My Journey To The Sky was a gospel they always loved to sing before performances:

    No Never was by the way a Kylie „X“ reject and one of the songs was first intended for the Sugababes but i can’t remember which.

    There was a lot of going on behind the scenes during that era.

    The girls wanted to release „Hit’n Run“ for the 2nd single but their label wanted to have „Why Not Us“, so they compromised by choosing their choice as the 2nd single and the labels choice as the 3rd. I think that was the time when the label started to hate them and not to show any kind of support.

    They had no support during the Hit’N Run release and no big performances were made except that horrendous popstars performance. The release was so messed up since at first there were no plans to release a maxi single (CD) which was so stupid since their core audience were little kids who still bought the singles and downloads were not in common back then.

    After fans protesting they changed their minds and released a 2-Track maxi single one week AFTER the release of I AM with No Never as a b-side which was already on the album. Even for the album release they only had a little radio tour but it still got to #9.

    The label was just amazed by Why Not Us since it was by Guy Chambers and they thought that the name would sell the song. They did an amazing video for the song and they had a lot of promo slots but the song only charted at #27 and was their worst chart position so far. The girls hated that song so much. They only performed it during the single release and never performed it ever again. Senna said they were forced to put that song on the album. (the same goes for Tip Toe)

    There was also an A&R change within their label and the new A&R was not too keen on the girls since they wanted to have more control over their career and didn’t like some actions the label did.

    Then there was the long break between the release of I AM and their last album Ladylike.
    During that break there was so much going on. The new girlband „Queensberry“ was formed and got signed under the same label as Monrose.
    Monrose were paid dust while Queensberry got a lot of support from the label. Everything they did wrong with Monrose they suddenly made right with Queensberry.

    The girls self-funded the live band during festivals since they wanted to sing live and didn’t want to rely on a backing track.

    Anyway there was that moment when the label finally realized that Monrose were the far superior band (and also since Queensberry’s 2nd album flopped really hard): Monrose won against all odds the german award „Comet“ for best band. You can see by their excitement how much they appreciated that award. Even I just teared up a bit watching it again haha.

    „Holger, can’t you see, this band loves you“ by Senna shows how frustrated and disconnected they were with the label since he was a part of their A&R and the chief of the label. I think that was a crucial turning point for the band and the label.

    With Ladylike everything seemed to finally work out for the girls. The label was really invested in them but this time you could tell by watching interviews that the girls weren’t in it anymore. I think Bahar and Mandy, but especially Bahar, didn’t want to go further anymore since they wanted to explore more of themselves and were fed up being in the shadow of Senna since she dominated most of their interviews.
    Bahar told during her promo for her solo record that she didn’t like her image of the cute girl from next door and couldn’t show more of her personality while being in the band. Bahar was the first who left their management and didn’t want to keep in contact with the other 2.

    Senna never wanted the band to disband and always told the press that she still believes in a comeback but ever since Mandy and her hate each other it’s not going to happen.
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