It's Gonna Be a Hot Rate : Monrose Discography Rate (Winner revealed!)

Okay so you guys did this next one SO WRONG!

I can't with ya'll.

Ya'll messy as fuck.

But I guess....

Everybody makes mistakes, huh?

44. Everybody Makes Mistakes

Score: 6,152.

Highest Score: 9,5 x 1 ( @Mr.Arroz )
Lowest Score: 0 x 1 ( @Sprockrooster )

Aww this one hurts a bit. I think it's one of their best slowies. Sort of reminds me of a weaker 'What You Don't Know'. Great vocals, if maybe some cheesy lyrics. I could see 'Little Mix' releasing that, as well.
Released on their second album 'Strictly Physical', 'Everybody Makes Mistakes' is the closer of the album, and I feel, the perfect message to send after 'Temptation'.

The comments weren't exactly that positive. eyeline starts this off by saying "it does nothing for me". Damn. iheartpoptarts deems it "cute", fair enough, but pursues "but I’m a bit bored".... Noooooo... You let me down, as well! Thank God, I can count on Epic Chocolat who spills the truth tea : "Sweet, comforting lyrics", as well as on plasticFANTASTIC who comments "I am glad that on a lot of the ballads on the second album they ditched the faux urban soul-diva drama from the debut for straight up, simple yet gorgeous pop melodies with uplifting lyrics."

DJHazey warns me that even though he appreciates this sound, "it's just not nearly as powerful as the other slowies on this album. If it was on a Mariah Carey album, it'd be one of the best has that going for it." Well, that's a bit of a compliment, so I'll take it. .. Which is not something Sprockrooster had to give to the song... "I am glad I wasnot driving when listening to this. It is a weird comment to make to say you were listening Monrose when creating an accident." I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_, rude, like always. Oh well, everybody makes mistakes, even you Sprocky. You'll see the light eventually.

I'm concluding this with @Txetxu 's comment : "Love that breezy sound and its overall feeling of sunshine after the rain."
You thought 'Temptation' was safe from another elimination?

You were wrong!

43. Do That Dance

Score: 6,174.

Highest Score: 10 x 1 ( @Epic Chocolat )
Lowest Score: 2 x 1 ( @iheartpoptarts )

Another song from 'Temptation' leaves us. I don't know how this one manage to escape the previous slaughterfest. I'm not saying it should have came right after the last 'Temptation' track that was eliminated, but seriously, this is about 4 places too high.
Let's see what you guys had to say.

DJHazey claims "This is more like it. I want random 'spend the night at club' jams that I always love from my favorite girl groups. There's some flow throughout the chorus as they ride that hypnotic beat. MY FLOOR MY SHOW is definitely a yas moment. I'm so "good to go" with this, so let me get my fucking life a bit." You always stan for such shitty songs, Don Juan. I never know what to do with you. At least, iheartpoptarts was right with this one and asks for "A little less urban pop, a little more dance pop, please. I don’t think this is really their thing". Let's be honest, half of 'Temptation' isn't really their thing. It's so weird when you realise that 'Strictly Physical' (the album where they got everything right) pretty much happened like 8 months after 'Temptation'. Quick learners, it seems!

Totto deems it "another Sen-urban track" and thinks "they sound so hilariously corny, I love. They sound like grandmas". They do, kinda. Especially Mandy, she's not convincing at all in this. He continues by making fun of Senna " “BpOOM BpOOM, Sja DRAHP ITss” Senna kills me." Maybe ex-Popstars contestant 'Leo' would have made a better job than Senna? TrainJumper seems to prefer her version, either way : "I hated myself back then for liking the Popstars solo version with Leo from Queensberry more than the studio version."

Epic Chocolat : is quite gentle with the song and comments "Boom boom indeed! A great party starter". Fair enough! Sprockrooster suggests it's "a bit to slow for a dance song. Especially with their bangers." Finally, plasticFANTASTIC declares its love for the song : "Okay, this i love. It's very french sounding, back in the mid-aughts the likes of nadiya were releasing pop tracks with those batshit crazy backing tracks and those would have snuck in neatly along those tunes. It loses that charm though when its sung in english. The lyrics are nothing to write home about." Well, that's because it is, actually, a cover from a an actual French flop girlgroup called "Kay Cee Dee"! Yes, indeed! And their version has a lot more oomph. It goes off.

I will also take the opportunity to promote Nadiya.

Also here's this hilarious performance of the song. So @Totto can get a kii out of it.

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I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_ clock my tastes a biT @Vixen. It's one of the best from Temptation, there's no way it deserves this treatment!
So sorry for not going faster with the reveal of the results.

I just hope you guys enjoy these as much as I do.

Because,yes....I love to entertain you.

42. We Love

Score: 6,196.

Highest Score: 9 x 3 ( @Mr.Arroz , @Macanudo , @Sprockrooster , )
Lowest Score: 2 x 1 ( @Epic Chocolat )

"We Love" (also known as "We Love to Entertain You") is the theme song for the Star Force image campaign of German television network ProSieben. Since its introduction several variations of the song have been interpreted by various stars, including Melanie C, Sarah Connor, The Pussycat Dolls and Take That. In 2008, Monrose recorded their own version of the song, produced by Mozart & Friends.

Our lowest scorer, Epic Chocolat, makes his hatred for this song by saying "No Thanks." Fair enough, more for me then! iheartpoptarts comments on how the song "woud made a great concert opener!" and although I didn't think much of that before, now that you say it, I could definitely see that!

DJHazey questions the relevancy of the song in their discography : "Why does this sound like their very first song, where they are introducing themselves or something? This sorry excuse for some TV show's theme song is not being taken seriously. I know how much you can entertain me, but I don't need to be told about it though." I would agree with that if the track was an albumtrack, or worst, an actual single, but since it's barely a bonus song for a Channel, I think we can deal with it. plasticFANTASTIC agrees "...well, it's a tv station theme after all, similar to the likes of katy b and mark ronson doing a song around the coca cola jingle, so i'm not gonna be too harsh on it. there's not that much meat on the bone here, but it's decently made and sung".

Sprockrooster finally get some sense and start bopping on their jams. "Wait at this bop being disgarded as even a bonus track. #mess Thank you Vixen for adding it." You're welcome, baby boy.

Have you ever been in a rate and you see a result...

and the only thing you wanna say is.....

"No ... Noooo....NOOOOO" ????

41. No No No

Score: 6,283.

Highest Score: 9 x 2 ( @eyeline , @Macanudo )
Lowest Score: 3 x 1 ( @Sprockrooster )

This is our third song from 'Ladylike' to be eliminated.I am not surprised. I knew 'All or Nothing' and 'Definition of a Woman' would go early and that the first four ballads would always come on top. It's a shame because 'No No No' truly is a beautiful song. It's well sung too.
Let's see what you guys had to say.

DHazey suffers from heartbreak as he comments that "It breaks my heart to say, but this one is starting to make this album feel like a task. While some of the ballads at least had some redeeming qualities, this is boring me to tears. It's so tough because I absolutely love their voices and I could never say their songs are 'bad', just disappointing. The backing track sounds like it should be in a Bond movie. I hope @GhettoPrincess doesn't love this song and start using it as a 'reply of disapproval' towards me around the forum (stick with the Nicole vid)." I think she would rather go with the Jessie one! Either way, she awarded it a 5, so I think you're safe on that one, Don Juan.

plasticFANTASTIC takes time to appreciate the production : "I love the tablas and the rhythm guitar, the vocals are strong, as are the lyrics. The girls shine on this and it's got a very mature melody that I like." I agree the vocals are really lush on this one. I also remember the critics complimenting their vocals on that particular track.
Others get a bit more shady. Sprockrooster gets snarky "Could not have said it better myself" I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_! iheartpoptarts, on the other had, thinks Destiny’s Child could have said it better : "Destiny's Child did it better, but I’ll take it!" At least, she's loving it.


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Yeah sorry @DJHazey but the Jessie J one is far more tortuous to use really.
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I haven't lost any of my faves just yet. I haven't lost my least fave, Monrose Theme, yet either though. Let's see if the countdown from 40 to 31 will have some hurtful surprises along the way.
Do you ever just listen to a song and...

you just wanna jump off a cliff?

Someone teach me how!

40. Teach Me How To Jump

Score: 6,304.

Highest Score: 10 x 2 ( @Remorque , @TrainJumper )
Lowest Score: 3 x 3 ( @Sweet Music , @SloMover , @Vixen )

Two of you guys mentioned how that song felt incredibly odd within 'I AM' considering it's a bit of their ultimate "collection of bops" album. Hell, even a ballad like 'Stolen' has got a full-on beat behind. So obviously this one was always going to stand out. eyeline declares it's a "lovely song, seems slightly out of place on this album" and finally iheartpoptarts comments on ho it "doesn’t feel like it belongs on here, really!"

Epic Chocolat seems to have found some sort of redeemable quality in the top line of the song : "I like the chorus"... That's like the worst part, babe! TrainJumper remembers that one time they performed it acoustically at a fan convention (see below) : "That one acoustic version where senna cries during the end is the one for me. The song meant a lot for the girls, it was always nice to hear it live" and thinks it's "probably the only good song that came out of the album delay". More like they made the album even worse! Although, I do think the album was severely lacking a proper ballad like 'What You Don't Know', but that doesn't live up to that.

Sprockrooster deems it a "nice ballad, but it's not blowing me away". I can't believe you didn't give that one a big fat zero considering some of your scores! Thank God @Txetxu also seems to think this the track is a bit unneccessary within the context of the album : "This is where the albums is converted into a bit of a bore, an unnecesary ballad all around."

Two of you reminisce about old times. plasticFANTASTIC,the first, as he comments: "ah, the days when most songs on radio used to begin with that canned start&stop acoustic guitar loop. It's cute." Is it, really? Hmmmmm. The second one is DJHazey and this is what he had to tell you guys about the ballad : "Considering the year and the fact that they're from Germany, the title made me think they were going to learn how to do jumpstyle. With that said, the ballad instrumentals caught me by surprise. Anyhow, the song ends up being bland as all hell. The chorus sounds shrill and I honestly have no idea what they're on about."
Yes, we finally agree with eachother!


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Even though Teach Me How To Jump is a bit misplaced on the album it's quite pleasant if not exactly the most memorable song. I gave it a 7.
I was familiar with Take That's and Melanie C's ProSieben theme songs, but I never knew Monrose had done one too. I quite liked it!