It's Gonna Be a Hot Rate : Monrose Discography Rate (Winner revealed!)


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That's fair. Breathy is the word that I'd use too, sometimes in a way that made her sound overdone.

I find Senna was always nasal and didn't know how to map her notes well enough - she would always try things that didn't really work in the end, and usually sang over or interjected when the other girls would sing. She's extremely brash.

This is cute


I love Bahars and Mandys voices on "On The Radio".

Bahar was mostly responsible for the harmonies I guess. She never really had any memorable solo parts unlike Mandy who had a few.

The Top40 is going to be exciting. All of the SP tracks that were odd are out. Now it's only the bangers that are still left.

Nice to see Burning and Don't Take it Personal still in.
Yup that's it. Senna has the higher pitched and I guess nasally vocals and that's why I love it so much. I mean, I do stan for Camila after all.
Senna's voice is so weird, she always sounds like a witch when pushing her vocals. I like her vocals on Certified, I assumed it was Bahar's sultry ass voice on the pre-chorus at first.

Senna can sound like a granny witch at times, but when she doesn't, she actually sounds good. I like her voice on Hot Summer cause she doesn't try too much, her shapeless vocals suits the song.

I have to say there are moment where she surprises me, even in live some performances of Strictly Physical where she just go for those high notes at the end.

Senna is such weird figure.
That's fair. Breathy is the word that I'd use too, sometimes in a way that made her sound overdone.

I find Senna was always nasal and didn't know how to map her notes well enough - she would always try things that didn't really work in the end, and usually sang over or interjected when the other girls would sing. She's extremely brash.

She really is, but that sort of vocals work in certain situation.
I've always hated what a mic hog she was.

She's messy, to say the least.

But that's, sort of, part of her charm.
So we're losing a single today.

Hot, hot, hot....

Okay, it's not 'Hot Summer', you got me.

I bet ya'll going "Come on, Vixen....JUST LET ME KNOOOOOOOW"

Maybe it's Strictly Physical!

Okay it's not.

The next one is a total CAR CRASH.

Does that hint you guys towards the answer? ;)

Okay, it's not 'Hit'n'Run', oooopsie.

Wouldn't it be a shame if it was a ballad?

We're losing out first single with the next elimination! And it's, dare I say it, a total shocker.

What you don't know

is that....

I lied.

It's 'Breathe You In'. A bit of an obvious one.

39. Breathe You In

Score: 6,478.

Highest Score: 9 x 1 ( @Conan )
Lowest Score: 2 x 1 ( @iheartpoptarts )

There you go. Our first single to leave is....well, the girls's last and final single. It somehow seems appropriate for that reason in a sort of ironic way. Released as the third single of their fourth album 'Ladylike', 'Breathe You In' couldn't get any airplay as the label was already giving up on them, but still somehow managed to chart at #60 on the German charts - their lowest charting single, obviously.
Let's take a look at your comments, guys, shall we?

"Nope, boring." starts Totto. WELL, we're still going through the comments, alright?! I can't believe you've did that one wrong, especially since I feel like you would be the kind to enjoy the final chorus. Some of you couldn't even muster more than one word to describe the song. "Sappy" says eyeline. On the other hand, Epic Chocolat qualifies it of "lukewarm". Txetxu decribes it as "bubblegum to the high heavens". Well, poor that. Maybe you guys would enjoy the acoustic version better, just like TrainJumper? He says "I never really got into the studio version, but the acoustic version is great".

Obviously, the main issue with the entire album was how ballads-heavy it was, especially as the first few songs are pretty much bops after bobs. iheartpoptarts comments "This is where I start to ask where the bops are." DJHazey shares a similar sentiment, although he still finds a way to enjoy and appreciate the song : "Okay, so this is officially the most downtempo of their albums now. That's not exactly a quality that gets my attention normally, but especially since I love their bops the most. Almost the same conclusion I came to for Love Must Carry On. Props for the key change as Mandy delivers the chorus and the main hook is pleasant enough."

tylerc904 comments on its qualities as a farewell and final single, saying it's "a nice send off track". plasticFANTASTIC is in a similar state of mind as he comments "cheesy as hell, but i can't help to love it, especially combined with the tearjerker of a music video. while they hate each other now, back when the group was going strong there certainly was a bond between the girls. to be honest though, i love that they did a clean cut and just ended it without ever feeling the need to go back and tarnish the legacy."
Ultimately, Sprockrooster is where it's at, as he omments on the best part of the song : "I love that climax. Give it all gurls!!" Yass queens, slay'em vocals!

The acoustic version.

That was such a great performance before Senna's mic was turned to the max and Mandy's got muted.

"That 'agAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIiINnNNnI_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY" from Senna is beyond off-key. What happened?! I'm crying.

Come on, a last one.
That acoustic version really is the best one. Bahar with her signature eye-move cracks me up though.
And yes, their sisterhood was actually real and they were really close. I always admired that about them.

Next single should be Hit'n Run, but it probably will be Even Heaven Cries.
For anyone who hasn't sent commentary yet, I think starting with their singles would be a great idea.

Even Heaven Cries
Hot Summer
Strictly Physical
What You Don't Know
Strike The Match
Why Not Us
Like a Lady
This Is Me
Breathe You In

That's 10 songs, 10 comment.
Definitely dodged a bullet with that one. The song is fine, but your tease brought forth too many other portential nightmares.
'Hit'n'Run' is absolutely amazing. That chorus is just so freaking catchy. Each line is basically a hook to itself. I love it so much. It's a shame it doesn't have a proper middle-8, though.

Doesn't Senna hate Mandy now?
That's what some of the German fans have said. Weird, isn't it?

It's definitely something recent either way, and it goes back to Mandy not wanting people to talk about her private life and relationship with Mezut Ozil.
Talking about the German fans, can @Conan and @TrainJumper explain to me how this fan video of 'One Woman Army' from Mandy has 5 millions views when the official video barely passed the 500k mark?

Even the comments are odd.
As far as I know the video was named "Beyoncé - Lemonade" first when Lemonade came out and people just thought its real.

It's actually only Senna who talked shit about Mandy. Senna said during an interview that she doesn't like that Mandy never came off as grateful about the Monrose time and only talks about how they never had any control or were just puppets and how everything is better being solo.
So late to this but the results are going perfectly, thanks for all your work @Vixen, the artwork you're producing is fire!

Also I never knew A Love Bizarre was a cover, ooops! It's still shit.
"Breathe You In" is lovely! It's their best ballad released as a single for me, anyway. I had hoped we would lose "Strike The Match" as the first single.