It's Gonna Be a Hot Rate : Monrose Discography Rate (Winner revealed!)

My three eliminated favs all in a row! I'm still a lil salty.

Well, sorry.

But it's about to get even more salty...


38. Love Must Carry On

Score: 6,565.

Highest Score: 10 x 3 ( @tylerc904 , @TrainJumper , Totto )
Lowest Score: 3 x 3 ( @Conan , @iheartpoptarts , @Utopia )

That was such an instant favorite of mine when I listened to the album. So 90 RnB, I love it. They sound gorgeous on it, as well. In fact, I remember thinking it was a much better ballad than 'Breathe You In', although it did make less sense as a "final single" in a way. Is that just me? I love it, either way.

Tylerc904 sort of disagrees with me as he says that he loves "the alternating chorus vocals. Wished this was the "ballad" single at the time, if there had to be one. Though it isn't super-ballad-like". Well, that's exactly why I thought 'Breathe You In' made more sense as the final single. The delivery at the end strikes with more oopmh when they all go for it, whereas 'Love Must Carry On' is much more subtle (but also better, so I get your point!).

Two of you guys noted a particular part of the song. First of, Totto as he comments "I swear to god I almost cried listing to this. “ You got a certain way to make me glow”, especially when Mandy sings it." Yesss, thot-to, you better stan for Mandy's vocals! I do agree her delivery is lush here. Totto awarded it a 10, but DJHazey wasn't as kind, although he was charmed by the same part of the song. "I can see this slowie being a fan favorite, but it's not too exciting for me. They've done this kind of song better throughout their discography, well maybe not with acoustics but still. It has some highlights, like "you have a certain way to make me glow, can't let you gooo-ohhh" and the way the chorus finishes with that fresh beat climbing into the song. There just isn't enough grabbing me otherwise, but it's still gorgeous enough to earn a high score." Not exactly a fan-favorite if it leaves at #39, but I see your point.

iheartpoptarts thinks "this sounds like it belongs on their “We just came off a talent show and don’t have any good songs yet” album. Not their fourth. Huh?"...Well, funny you should mention that as TrainJumper reveals piece of history I - myself - didn't even know : "This was, by the way, a Temptation reject. Yes, a nearly 10 year old made the cut. The demo was sung a girl named Romina who was also one of the finalists back when popstars was on". Well, fuck me, I didn't know that! It sure as hell is better than the ballads on 'Temptation' so how odd! He pursues : "I remember when my 19 year old self cried while listening to this cause bf didn’t reply back and thought he'd break up with me hahaha." Awwwww, poor you!

plasticFANTASTIC deems it "sort of beautiful", he continues and says "the girls made a lot of fuss about how on this album they wanna go back to a more earthy approach and leave the heavy autotune behind for the most part and they did succeed in achieving that goal". Well, you could have given it a better score then, hun! Either way, eyeline , on the other hand, describe it as "generic but still nice".

Again, for our final comment : Sprockrooster - who happens to like the song! I'm shocked (really) : "Amazing adlibs. Great work ladies."
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Sometimes guys... you will lose a favorite...

That's how the game works.

These are the rules.

You gotta surrender yourself to them...


37. I Surrender

Score: 6, 783

Highest Score: 10 x 1 ( @eyeline )
Lowest Score: 3 x 1 ( @iheartpoptarts )

First released as the b-side to 'Like a Lady', 'I Surrender' then became a bonustrack for their fourth album 'Ladylike'. Although, it is a great ballad, the vocals aren't as outstanding as they could be, neither does it really come close to 'Say Yes' and 'Step Aside' as a proper amazing bonustrack.

Some of you made me realise that this was actually the final and last song on their discography, and it somehow made me sad, because it's obviously called "I Surrender". How sadly appropriate. TrainJumper comments it's "such a great track to end the era of Monrose. I'm just a sucker for guitar breakdowns and nice adlips." and eyeline shares similar thoughts : "Another perfect bonus track. A perfect way to close the final album in an impressive discography!" Totto agrees, although in far less words and keeps it simple and short as he deems the song to be : "beautiful"

plasticFANTASTIC shares with us a quite honestly bizarre opinion as he claims "This is the track where mandy finally gets some time to shine after being paid dust again on most of Ladylike". What? If anything, this is the song where Bahar and Senna finally manage to grasp the attention for themselves, whereas Mandy has gorgeous and show-stopping vocals on most of that album! Either way, he pursues "That guitar solo comes out of nowhere, but it comes at the right time and really fits the mood of the track."

DJHazey would disagree with that, or so it seems : "WAIT. I was prepared to write something along the lines of "Sigh, not more of this stuff"...but I'm low-key being swept off my feet. This should've replaced "No No No" on the album. That guitar solo can kindly fuck off though, I didn't need a power-rock ballad. Ugh, I'm definitely taking a point off now because it's not going away. Way to spoil what wouldn't have been the best slow song on this album!" I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_, that poor solo guitar. At least, Sprockrooster is there to give it some love : "I love how you expect a climax and then they do not give it. But the guitar comes in and slashes my life."

Finally, our lowest-scorer AGAIN and ballad-hater, iheartpoptarts, gets snarky and comments: "If they’re trying for a more mature sound? Don’t." I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_, no need to get your claws out, sis!​
I'm growing more and more into I Surrender, it's one of the better tracks on Ladylike.

I love Senna on this one. Her voice might fit the 80's rock-like ballads. " I fooooled myself", I love that bit.
I'm not gonna lie, but there are some bitch as comments on Love Must Carry On. It's almost like their best song ?
I Surrender would've improved my experience on the debut, but the guitar solo is hideous. This is coming from someone who doesn't necessarily dismiss guitar solos and certainly doesn't mind guitars in general.
I thought it was Bahar, until I wachted one of their live videos. I still don't think it sounds like Senna.