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It's Gonna Be a Hot Rate : Monrose Discography Rate (Winner revealed!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Vixen, May 23, 2016.

  1. Today, FOUR of your lose one of their 10s.

    But then four of you also lose one of their 4s.

    On which side would you be?

    36. After Making Love

    Score: 6,826.

    Highest Score: 10 x 4 ( @Zdarlight , @TrainJumper , @DJHazey , @Sweet Music )
    Lowest Score: 4 x 4 ( @Rob , @eyeline, @Macanudo , @GhettoPrincess )

    An extra leaves us! 'After Making Love' was the b-side to 'Strike The Match', but used to be part of the first version of 'I AM' before the girls went back to the studio to record more songs, such as 'Tip Toe', 'You Can Look' and 'Stolen' (and well...garbage like 'Teach Me How To Jump' and 'A Love Bizarre', oops.)

    eyeline starts this off by coming after their song, yet praising the girls somehow "The most exciting part about being a Monrose fan was knowing how easily (and not 'unlike them') it would have been to record dire shit like this, and yet somehow, against all odds they gave us 3 amazing albums + Love Don't Come Easy." No, you didn't!! 'After Making Love' is amazing, you stay in your hatred, eyeline! Sadly, iheartpoptarts seems to agree: "After several listens, the melodies aren’t really sticking with me." tylerc904 deems it "B-side worthy..." ... Well, that's what it is, Tyler!

    Thank God, some of you had some sense. First off, TrainJumper shares with us a few things about his private life : "I only had a handful one night stands and always hated myself after it and regretted the hell out of it, so I totally agree with the lyrics haha. It should've stayed on the album instead of one of the new songs." One night stand can be great, but I'll agree with ya' on the second part of the comment. It would have fit perfectly on the album, possibly in place of 'A Love Bizarre'. plasticFANTASTIC thinks the same : "Jam. I would have like to have this on "I Am" over a few tracks that made the album, for the glorious backing track alone." Word. That backing track is insane ; I love the production.

    DJHazey follows the steps of TrainJumper and shares a few things about his private life as well : "Hold on a second. So the song is called "after making love" and we start out with "get back on it"...I'm feeling dizzy. Okay we're not living up to the hype here and BAM! that chorus grabs me and tells me to GET THE FUCK BACK HERE! Don't worry girls, there's always conversation afterwards as far as I'm concerned. The cuddling moments are life-giving to me. Jesus Christ this song is perfect, why wasn't it on an album?" Lucky @GhettoPrincess ! Or is she... Considering she gave this a 4, and you gave it a 10. Hmmmmmmm, do I smell trouble in paradise now?

    Either way, don't worry, Sprockrooster stans for the same part as you do Don Juan: "So much better than most of their albumtracks. Loving the Get Down part highly."
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  2. Well they are! Not enough straight-guys appreciate those moments with their ladies. I hope @GhettoPrincess didn't score low based on that part of the song. I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_.

    So which song are we going to lose this time?

    There's one extra left (Scream) ....

    4/13 of Temptation left...

    12/16 (!!) of I AM left...

    7/13 of 'Ladylike' left...

    11/14 of 'Strictly Physical' left...

    Guess it's time 'Strictly Physical' loses another song!

    35. Monrose Theme

    Score: 6,891.

    Highest Score: 10 x 3 ( @Mr.Arroz , @Totto , @TrainJumper )
    Lowest Score: 1 x 1 ( @GhettoPrincess )

    Ohhhh poor that. 'Monrose Theme' finally leaves us. This has managed an impressive amount of three 10s - I didn't even think it would get a 9 ! But sadly, it also managed a big fat 1 from Ghetto Princess. It was one of the first tracks to leave at the very start of the rate, but it started getting lots of 8-9 and finally 10s by the end of the voting time and crawled its way to the top 35. That's fucking high, especially for such a song.
    Let's see what you guys had to say.

    plasticFANTASTIC comments : "The attitude is right, the lyrics are hilar, Senna works the fuck out of that mic. "Bahar dated a popstar, uh-uh wouldn't go that far". And then the chorus kicks in and it's got a catchy as scabs melody. I wish most pop acts would release something so awesomely self-depreciating." Funny you should mention that line because Totto has got the best misheard lyric EVER for that particular line : "Bahar dated a pastor, dirty girl." SCREAMING! It's "popstar" Totto, not "pastor". You are honestly killing me, stop it. He pursues "Yet another SennaWannaBeUrban track, they are the best." Oh, are they?

    TrainJumper singles out another line from the song as he comments : "THEY SAY FROM POPSTARS TO FLOPSTARS, NOW WE ALL GOT NEW CARS!! I love the end where they're all shouting their names, always and still makes me smile. Obviously my stan heart looses his shit here." Don't worry, DJHazey seems to agree that this particular line is iconic : "Wait. Did they just say "this isn't popstars to flopstars". ICONIC! This is such a mess, but I don't think it was supposed to be taken very seriously, so I won't. Fun party song, but I don't know why it's their theme song. Inform me Vixen!" Still glad you mention this is a mess because that's exactly what your beloved other half, Ghetto Princess, had to say about it : "No… this is a mess."

    Now, as to why exactly this is their theme song...I'm guessing because it speaks about their experience and past few months? I honestly just believe they couldn't come up with an actual titre so they named it 'Monrose Theme'. It's not deep. However, some of you seems to think it's obnoxious, or at least that's what @SloMover believes: "Completely obnoxious but so fun. I love how the "one year later, people still later" line is meant to be an accomplishment and already name-checking Hot Summer."

    Epic Chocolat doesn't have as much to say as some of you, but he does share his appreciation for the song : "I like the "woot" sounds. Catchy." On the other hand, eyeline states "this is genuinely so bad it's good. "5 degrees it was still a Hot Summer" is an epic line!" Well, I'm glad most of you guys could enjoy these lyrics. Sadly, it's not the case for everyone, especially iheartpoptarts (who's starting to come back quite often as the lowest scorer, what's happening?!) who says "Oh, good. For a second I thought they were going to attempt to rap the whole thing. At least the chorus is solid?"

    Finally, Sprockrooster comments on the song's placement within the tracklist : "This song doesnot work at all near the end of the album. It should enter it. Especially with that intro."

  4. Now that we entered the top 35, I thought I would make a list of all the songs left as we've pretty much got rid of all the fat now.
    • 2 Of A Kind
    • Burning
    • Catwalk V-O-G-U-E
    • Certified
    • Dangerous
    • Doing Fine
    • Don't Take It Personal
    • Don't Touch The Fader
    • Electricity
    • Even Heaven Cries
    • Hit 'N' Run
    • Hot Summer
    • Just Like That
    • Leading Me On
    • Like A Lady
    • Mono
    • No Never
    • Push Up On Me
    • Rebound
    • Say Yes
    • Scream
    • Shame
    • Stained
    • Step Aside
    • Stolen
    • Strictly Physical
    • Strike The Match
    • Superstar DJ
    • This Is Me
    • Tip Toe
    • What You Don't Know
    • Why Not Us
    • Yesterday's Gone
    • You Can Look

    This is quite an amazing list of great songs right there.

    Do you guys have any predictions? Let's play a little game.

    1) Which four tracks do you think will be eliminated next?
    2) Which four tracks would you like to be eliminated next?
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    I gave Monrose Theme a 7 and I'm happy it's gone for @GhettoPrincess.
  6. 1) Which four tracks do you think will be eliminated next?
    Push Up On Me
    2) Which four tracks would you like to be eliminated next?
    2 Of A Kind
    Leading Me On
    Tip Toe
    Like A Lady​
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  7. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Monrose Theme is a fucking bop. One of their most carefree and euphoric tracks. Just literally saying "here we are fuckers, deal and get used to it". So much swagger and confidence. Effervescent as fuck.
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  8. Interesting to say the least.

    Like these four songs you would want to be eliminated are amongst their best, BUT WHATEVER. You do you, I guess.
  9. In other words...Senna (Me) Mandy (You)

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  10. That list is so fucking strong, oh my god.

    I think it's time for "Why Not Us" and "Strike the Match" to leave, maybe "Doing Fine" and "Even Heaven Cries" as well. Personally, I wouldn't mind to see "You Can Look" go, as much as I think it's great it's probably one of my least listened to songs from those on that list.

    If "Push Up On Me" and "Leading Me On" will leave before the Top 15, I will call Senna so that she can smack this rate and it'll fly across the room.
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  11. Does Bahar have any fans ?
  12. Lmao, you didn't!

    She does.
    I think she gets overshadowed a bit by the fact that Mandy's such a much better vocalist and by Senna's brash and bold personality.

    I personally think she always commended the stage when she was on. She was the only proper performer of the group.
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  13. I'm so happy Monrose Theme has finally left. Goodbye. You won't be missed.
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  14. Bahar is my personal favourite to be quite honest.
    She's such a cute little bundle of personality and her voice might be the weakest of the three (up until her solo performance of "Shame" on "Popstars nobody would've ever thought she'd make the band because of it) she has loads of charisma. My favourite Bahar look are the ones where she's got the curly hair done up Janet Jackson style in Hit'n'Run and the gold track suit on rollerskates.

    Plus her album wasn't half-bad
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  15. There are very few duds left, so I quite like 3 out of 4 of those wishlist eliminations.

    And Bahar is my fav member for the record!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  17. Rob


    Is there any love around here for Mandy's solo album? She continued the Monrose theme (see what I did there) of having incredible bonus tracks with Pulse. I still get my life to it and feature it on every party playlist, it's just such a sexy song.
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  18. I love Closer, Side Effects, and Hurricane. Overall though I was disappointed.
  19. We've been getting flawless results lately, that's what!

    Now that all my low scores have thankfully left us (I think), here's hoping all my 5s and 6s do the same!
  20. 1) Which four tracks do you think will be eliminated next?
    - No Never
    - Don't Take It Personal
    - Catwalk V-O-G-U-E
    - Tip Toe

    2) Which four tracks would you like to be eliminated next?
    - Hit 'N' Run
    - Tip Toe
    - You Can Look
    - Scream

    You Can Look is actually one of their worst tracks but okay.

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