It's Gonna Be a Hot Rate : Monrose Discography Rate (Winner revealed!)

1) Which four tracks do you think will be eliminated next?
- No Never
- Don't Take It Personal
- Catwalk V-O-G-U-E
- Tip Toe

2) Which four tracks would you like to be eliminated next?
- Hit 'N' Run
- Tip Toe
- You Can Look
- Scream

You Can Look is actually one of their worst tracks but okay.
'You Can Look' gets a lot of points for the attitude and the lyrics, but yeah, it's a bit average otherwise.
I can't believe it was rumoured to be a single at some point.

I can reveal that there's at least one of the next four eliminated tracks that has been mentioned already.
My little brother discovers Senna for the first time. Completely laughing at her pronunciations in Hot Summer.

I knew it just couldn't be me.
Sorry the results will come later today.




34. Stained

Score: 6,957.

Highest Score: 10 x 1 ( @Conan )
Lowest Score: 4,5 x 1 ( @Utopia )

Here we are losing one of the few 'I AM' ballads. I've always liked that one, but in my opinion it pales a lot in comparison to 'Stolen' and the amazing showcase of Mandy's vocals. But Stained is a nice enough dramatic ballad and I feel its place is about right.
I remember when the album got released, they got a hell lot of shit from people for "ripping off" Delta Goodrem's "Not Me, Not I". What do guys think about that?

Either way, remember when I described that song as 'dramatic'? Well, seems like this is the appropriate word for that as most of you guys noticed that as well. eyeline states it's "so dramatic. I like the line "Like a scattered women with a sign for lonliness." I know, right? I also love Mandy's delivery of that line. It's subtle, and not exactly a vocal peak or anything, but she has such a gorgeous tone. iheartpoptarts comments "Dramatic is the first word that comes to mind." She says that, but keep in mind she awarded this a big fat 8,5 score! I think that's like her highest (or second) score for a ballad! Well, the girls must have done something right!

plasticFANTASTIC also speaks on the dramatic side of the song as he says "Another one of those big, drama-filled eurovision ballads the girls love to record. The lyrics are bollocks, the writers themselves probably didn't know what kind of metaphors the girls were singing about. Where's Mister Clean when you need him? That said, I really like the melody on it and think Senna sounds particularly strong on her verse." I agree, good vocals from Senna! Talking about metaphors, though, it seems DJHazey had some trouble with the "stain" one #kii : "The song is delivered beautifully, but it's hard to get past the idea of someone being left 'stained'. "And now I'm comparing everyone to you" is quite a powerful moment though."

Others didn't exactly think "dramatic" was the right word to describe the song. Sprockrooster, particularly, prefers : "Blend". Ouch! At least, he still gave it a 6! Finally, TrainJumper wonders "Why did Linda Kiraly give them this instead of Can't Let Go?"

Now, I don't know that song, so let me post it here.

I awarded this next song quite a low score, unlike some of you.

Not something too dramatic as I still find myself enjoying the song every now and then when I'm in the right mood.

So hopefully, some of ya'll won't take this too personal.

33. Don't Take It Personal

Score: 6,978.

Highest Score: 10 x 2 ( @Mr.Arroz , @TrainJumper )
Lowest Score: 3 x 1 ( @Sweet Music )

God I couldn't wait for that one to get out. I know it's vastly appreciated for being different not only from them, but from most girlgroups, especially around the time the album was released (2010)...But this doesn't have a single piece of melody. There's no hook whatsoever, that's nothing catchy about it. I will admit, however, that the lyrics are absolutely amazing - which makes it quite shameful really that the song doesn't live up to that.
It was, I believe, one of the girls' favorite from the album.

plasticFANTASTIC disagrees with me - not exactly a surprise as he awards this track a big 9,5 score. "This was my instant favourite when I got the album. Such a sexy, well thought out and produced song. Edgy without trying too hard. Nothing you'd expect them to do, but everything you would love to hear from them. Exactly right. Mandy's background vocals are pure sex." At least, we agree that this was definitely different from what they would usually deliver. Sprockrooster agrees with you on their venture into a more experimental sound that somehow just works as he comments : "Quite an experimental sound, but working out perfect." Okay then, only me!

@SloMover pursues the praise-thingy going on and admit "This is so good". Totto isn't disagreeing with that, so it seems, as he states he could " listen to this song forever. " Well, that's a huge compliment for sure! TrainJumper compares this little piece of atmospheric dubstep rnb midtempo (yes) to a Ciara's back catalogue and I can see where he is going with that : "Also in my Top5, reminds me of Ciara deep cuts." Either way, eyeline is also loving that different aspect from them and their music "Such a change of pace for them. So atmospheric."

Two of yous guys decided to speak more specifically about the dubstep elements of the track. First off, iheartpoptarts more or less praise them for being ahead of their time : "Is that a bit of dubstep? Was dubstep even a thing back then? Ahead of their time, I guess!" Yasss, queens. However, DJHazey doesn't seem to appreciate where they went with that sound like the rest of you guys : "Their ventures into dubstep definitely don't work at all. The 'one line - one dubstep grindup' procedure sounds very dated. It's quite the shame because they sound beautiful as they tell their guy to calm down and relax throughout the chorus; which exactly what I'd love to do, without that dubstep interrupting everything of course. I have to take a couple of points off because the production keeps this from becoming a regular listen."

I mean, the metaphor is clearly about being such a big part of someone's life that you leave on mark on them at some point. Hence the 'stain' thing.

But I get how the stains part spreads something else into the mind.

I remember loving 'Stained' during the release of the album. I also remember being mad because everyone was dismissing it because of the Delta's rip off.
Finally caught up with this. Some good eliminations there; I think the only one that stings is the loss of Monrose Theme.
*cries in Spanish*


32. Stolen

Score: 7,00.

Highest Score: 10 x 3 ( @Conan , @GhettoPrincess , @Vixen )
Lowest Score: 1 x 1 ( @Sweet Music )

Ya'll wrong. You've done this song no justice at all. A 7.0 average?! It deserves AT LEAST 7,9. You guys are killing me. You understand that? KILLING ME.
'Stolen' is one of the few ballads of 'I AM' and was recorded sometimes after they delayed the release of the album because they felt they were lacking ballads. So obviously, they got Mandy to deliver her absolute best vocal after 'What You Don't Know' and created 'Stolen'.

Epic Chocolat doesn't have much to say, but does compliment the instrument as he says "Nice strings.". On the other hand, iheartpoptarts seems to thinkt the strings are what bring the song down. "Pretty, but this song’s pop appeal is drowning in the strings a little." Just in case some of ya'll would want to burn a witch, iheartpoptarts gave this an extremely 5.5 score. BLASPHEMY.

Thank God I can at least count on DJHazey to deliver the goods on this one : "Well this is a more atmospheric intro than I've heard in a while. This definitely has some of their better vocals, with some of the better notes undoubtedly coming from Mandy. I love what the strings are doing with this song and the verses are ace. Everything about this song just feels so more "fleshed out" and there's room to grow into a low-key favorite. Those vocal peaks though...GIVE ME CHILLS QUEEN." Yassss Don Juan, compliment the queen, stan for the queen. Jokes aside, it truly is one of Mandy's most brilliant moment ever. The vocals are really outstanding. TrainJumper agrees with that as he comments "Mandy really gets to shine here", but also compliments the middle-8 ; "that breakdown with the vocoder after the middle 8 is great."

plasticFANTASTIC is being more cryptic than the rest of you as he says "That seal noise gets on my nerves after a while". Wait, what seal noise? As if that wasn't enough, two of you get nasty with one of my absolute favorite. Sprockrooster first describes the song as "blend" whereas Txetxu deems it "boring"

But I can count on fellow 10-scorer, GhettoPrincess, to compliment the song - as well as promoting the very Saturdays! : "Very sultry, love it. Also the police sirens in the beginning remind me of Turn Myself In by The Saturdays (*cries*)"

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