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It's Gonna Be a Hot Rate : Monrose Discography Rate (Winner revealed!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Vixen, May 23, 2016.

  1. Trying to look ahead after this elimination.


    But it's just too close...

    Too recent...

    If you ask me how I feel....

    I say....I'm doing good, I'm

    31. Doing Fine


    Score: 7,043.

    Highest Score: 10 x 4 ( @Mr.Arroz , @GhettoPrincess , @Remorque , @TrainJumper )
    Lowest Score: 3 x 1 ( @Sweet Music )

    'Doing Fine' is a Pop midtempo that was released on the girls fourth studio album 'Ladylike'. I remember the fans thinking this should be the "ballad-single" because it has a bit of tempo and was the most radio-friendly ballad on the album.
    I'm surprised this beat 'Stolen' in the race, although as we can see, not by a lot - both in terms of average score and in terms of placing. Let's hear what you guys have to say.

    iheartpoptarts gets a bit pun-ny as she starts this off with a "It’s… well, fine." Ironically, you weren't the only one who went with that pun. plasticFANTASTIC comments "It's...fine. haha, no I really like it. It is basic, but it's a bop nonetheless, even if it sounds like a dozen other urban pop midtempos released in between 2007 and 2010." It kinda does, yes.

    TrainJumper goes on and compliment the vocals on the song - usually one of the highpoints of Monrose's ballads : "YES at those adlips at the end, so good. Their voices sound great on this." I do agree that they do sound good, but the "fine-fine-fiIIIIne" are really off-key. Although it kinda sound like it was meant to be this way, so who knows. DJHazey is pretty spot on again and he criticizes the "fine barrage" as well : "The second half of this chorus saves it big-time! "Am I ever ever gonna forget it" is so amazing it prevents it from being a complete snoozefest. I love the verses, especially when I hear any line with "too close" in it. However, the "fine" barrage does become a bit tedious after awhile."

    Sprockrooster, which somehow happen to love this - I'm genuinely shocked - says "Amazing chorus! Living! Bless Bless Bless me." Oh well! Now let's go to one of our highest scorer, GhettoPrincess, for some stanning : "This is gorgeous, the verses are sublime."

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  2. You must really have those stains in your mind.
  3. *Hugs @GhettoPrincess* -- I gave those a 9 and 8 and they're both beautiful songs. Don't blame me.
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  4. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    All this rate does is make me miss and love Monrose even more. They literally released each year of my time in college. "Doing Fine" got me through some of the most traumatic moments in life, as silly as it sounds. I needed reassurance that I could carry on, and that song was part of what kept me here.
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  5. I can't believe pop acts actually do this! Just... why?
  6. Noooooo this rate was going so well for me but then THIS happened!? WHAT. NOOOOO! I really can't believe Stolen is not at least Top 20 so the fact it missed out on the Top 30 disgusts me. I'm so sad right now. Scared about losing my high scores.

    @DJHazey you are safe, those scores are great. @Sweet Music is the enemy.
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  7. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Strike the Match lol
  8. Like Arroz more or less said it, the girls got themselves a Ryan Tedder penned lead single and when that failed to replicate Hot Summer's immense success, they felt the need to push back the album. They went back to the studios to record more songs. It's funny because the songs they recorded is a bit of a mixed bag. On one hand, they recorded 'Stolen' and 'Tip Toe', so you gotta be grateful they did push the release back as honestly these two are ESSENTIAL to the album. On the other hand, they also recorded 'A Love Bizarre' and 'Teach Me How To Jump' which are garbage. That also meant they somehow thought it was a good idea to push 'Step Aside' to the bonustrack status, as well as push 'After Making Love' into a b-side...

    Here's the original tracklist :

    01. Why Not Us
    02. Strike The Match
    03. Don't Touch The Fader
    04. Certified
    05. Going Out Tonight
    06. Step Aside
    07. No Never
    08. Electricity
    09. After Making Love
    10. Hit 'n' Run
    11. Stained
    12. What They Want

    I love these sort of things, it's funny how much a tracklist can change. Also, putting 'Why Not Us' as the first track just goes on and show how much the label truly believed in the song...which is weird. I mean, as much as I don't understand the pure hatred the girls have for this song - which I think is good ... well it's not that great, is it? What exactly did the label find so amazing about it?
  9. Thanks for that, it's really interesting to read about!

    In the end I'd rather have more songs, of course! Though 'Step Aside' deserved to make the standard tracklist for sure and 'A Love Bizarre' has B-side written all over it...
  10. Regarding "Doing Fine", I let my friend Tracy Jordan speak:


    Also, I can't believe "Stolen" and "Stained" are gone already. Two of my favourites.
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  11. I'm Doing Fine is a fantastic slowie from the girls. All three of them sound fantastic and that chorus is spot on gorgeous.
  12. Shocked half of my wishlist was right for the next four eliminations. (Can't quote it because it was a quote within a quote)

    2) Which four tracks would you like to be eliminated next?
    - Mono
    - Even Heaven Cries
    - Doing Fine
    - Stolen
  13. I am shocked at "Even Heaven Cries" and "2 of a Kind" still being in the race. I mean I like them, but they are so basic compared to their latter day stuff. I suppose we all gave them a high rating by default because they were among the the few listeneable tracks on "Temptation".
  14. I can't remember how I scored Doing Fine, but I like it a lot more now than I did when I first heard it. It's quite pretty.
  15. Even Heaven Cries will be in the Top 20 where it belongs. (Further if I had a say)
  16. I don't get it Sooner Or Later sounds like a bop that everyone should like, yet it's already out and not in the top 20.

    I still can't
  17. WE LOSE A 11 TODAY!



    And what better way to do so than to write off someone's 11?

    As well as someone's 10....

    Your next elimination is ...

    30. Don't Touch the Fader


    Score: 7,326.

    Highest Score: 11 x 1 ( @Zdarlight ) 10 x 1 (@DJHazey )
    Lowest Score: 5 x 2 ( @Utopia , @Rob )

    We lose a song from 'I AM' this time. 'Don't Touch the Fader' is an electropop club anthem which could be (or could not) have been rejected by Kylie at some point.
    What do you guys think of that one?

    Let's start things off seriously with platisFANTASTIC as he discusses a bit of the girls' story : "You know, this is the perfect example of the moment where I wonder whether or not popstars even like the songs they are recording. Knowing Mandy, Bahar and Senna and their taste in music, this doesn't seem like the type of jam that would be on any of their playlists, so them disowning "I AM" for the most part and going in a different direction with "Ladylike" makes total sense. It sounds like a dozen of the tracks Kylie's recorded for 'X', and it probably was among them. It's meh. I loved it way back when simply by virtue of it being noisy and full of synthesizers, but just because it's electropop doesn't necessarily mean I have to dig it and the girls can do this kind of tune much better (see "Scream" and "Catwalk")." FUNNY YOU SHOULD MENTION THESE. Ahem ahem. Let's see what happens next...

    iheartpoptarts stans a bit for Senna's verse as she compliments one her lyrics : “Too many hipsters on the dance floor” is such an A+ lyrical moment." Poor hipsters. Even Senna's coming for them. On the other hand, TrainJumper seems to think the song's all about Mandy's verse in particular: "Song is nothing without Mandys Part. I always pressed replay just to hear her verse." I mean, I do personally think this is the sort of song tailored for Bahar's voice, and Senna's iffy vocals work perfectly in such a chorus, but I do agree there's something mesmerizing and intriguing about Mandy's verse and how it ends up. Gives me chills!

    DJHazey awards this a big fat 10, so it seems he will be mourning that one. Here's what he has to say about the track : "Okay, so I was going to say this had a bit too much of a robotic feel by being overproduced, but it's too damn catchy to deny! I fear that it needs to be taken in small doses though. Nah, fuck it, listen to the girls, who will make it very apparent that you should let loose and soon the song will completely engulf you. I can't believe this has become such a favorite. The way their voices trail off at the end of the verses and the little words that sneak in during the interludes are so iconic! Woo!" Woo indeed! You've described perfectly my favorite thing about the song ; the way their voices trail off at the end of the verses!

    Txextu deems it "An unexpected stormer of a song in the back of the album" and Sprockrooster asks the appropriate question no one has asked yet... "What is a fader?! And I am the kind of person, when you say don't touch the fader; I touch it." CRYING! Same, boo, same. But seriously, what is a fader? Wikipedia tells me this is some sort of device DJs (Hazey? Nope? Okay.) use to fade the music (probably into another track, I reckon)... But surely there's a sexual innuendo somewhere behind?

  19. The next elimination got me like...



    29. Scream


    Score: 7,348.

    Highest Score: 10 x 2 (@Macanudo , @Sweet Music )
    Lowest Score: 2 x 1 ( @TrainJumper )

    And here we are. Losing our final and last "extra". 'Scream' was the b-side to 'Hot Summer'. I do think it's superior to some of the songs on 'Strictly Physical', but it's sort of too different from the album to really fit in. At the very best, maybe as the first song before 'Hot Summer', but otherwise it doesn't feel like it belongs there. That being said, it's an absolutely cracker of a song. Great b-side, really.

    I guess SloMover truly thinks this should have replaced of one the ballads on 'Strictly Physical': "Should've been on the album in place of one of the ballads." Okay, but I chose, then. And it will be 'Golden' - because it's shit. 'Golden' sounds like an Eurovision reject anyway and if we go with what plasticFANTASTIC has to say about the song, maybe this would have been a fair trade-off "The backing track gives me kerli vibes, it's very eurovision." Oh well!

    Some people just decided they would take it and bop to it, because really, there's nothing more to it. Epic Chocolat says it's a "generic bop" but "will take it." Similarly, DJHazey will take it as well and just bop to it on a Halloween party or something. "Okay I can work with this, even if the music box elements are odd. Things might be a bit too simple in this case, but I'll bop anyway. Honestly, it would do pretty well on a Halloween playlist." Good job! Add Little Mix's "Madhouse" after it, they go along well.

    For the new fans, you might not know this, but BoA - South Korean superstar - has actually covered this song and release it as a single. Two of you seems to be in a disagreement as for whose's version is the best. eyeline takes BoA's side as he says "I hate to say it but BoA's version is a vast improvement." , buy tylerc904 takes the side of ours girls : "Better than BoA's." I'll link the video bellow so you can judge by yourselves, guys.

    Finally Sprockrooster gets a bit (involuntary) kinky as he says "That pre-chorus with that massive chorus following. Now let me enter a dungeon and work this." Yeaaaaah sure, go enter a dungeon.

  20. Count me in as one of those people who would totally touch the fader just because!

    (I didn't know either. I had to Google it.)
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