It's Gonna Be a Hot Rate : Monrose Discography Rate (Winner revealed!)

FUCK NO to this elimination. Great taste @Zdarlight! As you can all tell, the song grew on me during voting, as I like to leave it all there to see the 'process'.

Yes @Vixen, I could've told you without Google that the fader is exactly that. It's usually used to fade from one song to the next, as the previous song fades away the next song actually starts in over it. A lot of our media player have this exact setting now, don't you guys use it! (I do with Media Monkey). In this case, the girls are demanding that the DJ not change the song or more than likely fade out the last song for the night altogether.
Both of those songs deserved so much better considering there's still a lot of fat that needs to be trimmed from Like A Lady.
Third Recap:

46. Sooner Or Later - 9
45. What They Want - 9
44. Everybody Makes Mistakes - 8
43. Do That Dance - 9
42. We Love - 5
41. No No No - 6
40. Teach Me How To Jump - 5

39. Breathe You In - 8
38. Love Must Carry On - 8
37. I Surrender - 8
36. After Making Love - 10
35. Monrose Theme - 7
34. Stained - 8
33. Don't Take It Personal - 8
32. Stolen - 9
31. Doing Fine - 8
30. Don't Touch The Fader - 10
29. Scream - 9
Here's What Left Y'all:


Even Heaven Cries
2 Of A Kind
Push Up On Me

Strictly Physical

Hot Summer
Strictly Physical
What You Don't Know
Leading Me On
Just Like That
Yesterday's Gone
Say Yes


Strike The Match
Why Not Us
You Can Look
Tip Toe
Hit 'N' Run
No Never
Step Aside


This Is Me
Superstar DJ
Like A Lady
Catwalk V-O-G-U-E
The Four I Need Gone:

2 Of A Kind
Leading Me On
Tip Toe
Like A Lady

I Think: Mono, Even Heaven Cries, and 2 Of A Kind are in danger.

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Here's what should go or I wouldn't mind going so much:

2 Of A Kind

Strictly Physical
Leading Me On

Hit 'N' Run

Who the hell gave 2 of a kind high scores?!
It's a great song, stop it!
It just has overstayed its welcome a bit because it's on such an average album that it seems much superior than it really is.

I'm far more concerned with 'You Can Look' still being there. Attitude and sassy lyrics can only get you this far.

And what better way to do so than to write off someone's 11?

As well as someone's 10....

Your next elimination is ...

30. Don't Touch the Fader


Score: 7,326.

Highest Score: 11 x 1 ( @Zdarlight ) 10 x 1 (@DJHazey )
Lowest Score: 5 x 2 ( @Utopia , @Rob )

We lose a song from 'I AM' this time. 'Don't Touch the Fader' is an electropop club anthem which could be (or could not) have been rejected by Kylie at some point.
What do you guys think of that one?

Let's start things off seriously with platisFANTASTIC as he discusses a bit of the girls' story : "You know, this is the perfect example of the moment where I wonder whether or not popstars even like the songs they are recording. Knowing Mandy, Bahar and Senna and their taste in music, this doesn't seem like the type of jam that would be on any of their playlists, so them disowning "I AM" for the most part and going in a different direction with "Ladylike" makes total sense. It sounds like a dozen of the tracks Kylie's recorded for 'X', and it probably was among them. It's meh. I loved it way back when simply by virtue of it being noisy and full of synthesizers, but just because it's electropop doesn't necessarily mean I have to dig it and the girls can do this kind of tune much better (see "Scream" and "Catwalk")." FUNNY YOU SHOULD MENTION THESE. Ahem ahem. Let's see what happens next...

iheartpoptarts stans a bit for Senna's verse as she compliments one her lyrics : “Too many hipsters on the dance floor” is such an A+ lyrical moment." Poor hipsters. Even Senna's coming for them. On the other hand, TrainJumper seems to think the song's all about Mandy's verse in particular: "Song is nothing without Mandys Part. I always pressed replay just to hear her verse." I mean, I do personally think this is the sort of song tailored for Bahar's voice, and Senna's iffy vocals work perfectly in such a chorus, but I do agree there's something mesmerizing and intriguing about Mandy's verse and how it ends up. Gives me chills!

DJHazey awards this a big fat 10, so it seems he will be mourning that one. Here's what he has to say about the track : "Okay, so I was going to say this had a bit too much of a robotic feel by being overproduced, but it's too damn catchy to deny! I fear that it needs to be taken in small doses though. Nah, fuck it, listen to the girls, who will make it very apparent that you should let loose and soon the song will completely engulf you. I can't believe this has become such a favorite. The way their voices trail off at the end of the verses and the little words that sneak in during the interludes are so iconic! Woo!" Woo indeed! You've described perfectly my favorite thing about the song ; the way their voices trail off at the end of the verses!

Txextu deems it "An unexpected stormer of a song in the back of the album" and Sprockrooster asks the appropriate question no one has asked yet... "What is a fader?! And I am the kind of person, when you say don't touch the fader; I touch it." CRYING! Same, boo, same. But seriously, what is a fader? Wikipedia tells me this is some sort of device DJs (Hazey? Nope? Okay.) use to fade the music (probably into another track, I reckon)... But surely there's a sexual innuendo somewhere behind?

I knew this wouldn’t make the top 10 or even top 20 but to see it bowing out at #30 is kind of shocking and sad. GET TASTE EVERYONE! It’s not their best track but it’s the one which surprised me the most when I heard it for the first time. It’s definitely not what the girls would actually listen to in private (as someone already pointed out in their commentary) but it’s so insane and different for them, that I just had to give it my 11.
Don't Touch The Fader was Senna's favorite during the release of Strike The Match and the initial album. Bahar mentioned No Never as far as I can remember. The denial of I Am is clearly just based on label drama.

Nice to see the best 4 tracks out of Temptation still in the game. Who would've thought that BURNING is still there, oh my god yess! Burning was by the way a song never intended to come out, it was just made out of fun during the album recordings but the girls loved it so much that they put it on the album.

You Can Look, Tip Toe, Mono and Catwalk should go next, and then we have only the bangerz left.