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It's Gonna Be a Hot Rate : Monrose Discography Rate (Winner revealed!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Vixen, May 23, 2016.

  1. My thoughts exactly. No Angels came through with Disappear at least. And their vocals >>> Monrose. Shame about the more patchy material.
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  2. It does make me wonder, if they had entered the contest and it had gone well, would they have been pushed across Europe?
  3. There were actually plans going international during Hot Summer and Strictly Physical but everything got cancelled when Senna had a surgery and her uterus had to be removed. They had performances in Sweden, Poland, The Netherlands and Denmark as far as I can remember.
    Her diagnosis was right after that amazing Strictly Physical Performance, she collapsed after that.

    Also the A&R change did a lot of damage. I AM was such a high budget album, still can't believe how they didn't get any big promo slots even though their label was connected and part of the TV channel Pro7.
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  4. It seems like they did with 'Why Not Us', though? The label went full out with that one, but it just flopped. Pretty sure 'Strike The Match' was limited because of the time it was released (June, wasn't it?) and 'Hit'n'Run' had poor promo because the label never wanted that song out in the first place.

    That performance of 'Strictly Physical' is crazy because less than one year before they all looked so amateur and scared to be on stage, but they oozed with confidence on that one, even Mandy which always looked a deer in the headlights during their early performances.
  5. Strike The Match actually got at least the GNTM performance (that was one of the biggest shows of the year back then) and it really didn't flop, it was just bad timing because there was EURO 2008 and the Top10 was full of soccer songs so it only peaked at #9. Also I guess there were plans to promote the initial album but everything got cancelled because of the delay.
    Why Not Us also flopped because german radio discriminated popstars bands and airplay was barely there.

    At least during Strictly Physical they had the bops to get airplay and the goodwill because of Hot Summer being one of the biggest songs of the year.
  6. The #25 and #26 are actually tied, but #25 has got one more 10 and its lowest score isn't as low as 2, so it seems like this the way it will go..

    You want this result?


    26. You Can Look


    Score: 7,457.

    Highest Score: 10 x 3 ( @Rob , @eyeline , @Epic Chocolat )
    Lowest Score: 2 x 1 ( @TrainJumper )

    'You Can Look' is an electro pop stomper from their third studio album 'I AM'. It was once considered to be the fourth single, although it seems it lost to 'Tip Toe', and then the label chose to move on from the album alltogether, scrapping a fourth single whatsoever.

    plastisFANTASTIC comments on the meaning and message behind most of their songs - which seems paradoxal, or so it seems : "I think monrose owns the world record for most songs about how boys should back the fuck off when they're around. And the other half of their back catalogue consists of songs were they literally throwing themselves at the guy. Tsk tsk, such cockteases. This is a jam btw." I love that they have so many songs that bear such strong feelings AGAINST men, yet also for men in others. Queens of owning their sexuality and body, slaaaaaay!!!! Either way, Totto seems to agree that they are "such a tease".

    DJHazey seems to think that despite all the attitude, this has its fait share of flaws and I couldn't agree more with him: "I don't know, I was hoping that the chorus would come harder than it does with how it opens. Those laser synths and beat set up for something sinister to happen, but they never quite get there. I want more than the "you can look, but you cannot touch" I expected when I saw the title. The beat drops for something more to happen, but it still feels lackluster. Don't get me wrong this is definitely a bop, but they've kind of set high standard." Yes, you can bop to it, but they have so much more to offer in general. But that's me, because eyeline seems to think the total opposite ; he loooooooooooves it : "I love everything about this! Mandy's adlibs! Senna's spoken bit! "Bitch turn around. You can't afford this" Okay, I'll admit that bit is iconic yes. Talking about that, surely the word 'bitch' should warrant a "explicit content" warning, no?

    iheartpoptarts comments "I love how they just said “You can’t touch this” in 2008. Or whenever this was." 2008, indeed. Why is that? Don't mock the avant-garde queens! *leaves* Either way, some of you were pretty spot on with your commentary, commenting it was generic yes, a but bop nonetheless. First, Txetxu who describes the track as "Dancey to no end, if a bit faceless" - which sounds accurate, and secondly, Sprockrooster who claims "This smells of generic."

    TrainJumper concludes this with a rather sassy and shady comment as he yells "I'd rather look away. just no!" I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_, poor that!

    Also here's a really trashy cover from a Mexican band.
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  7. YES finally. Definitely not Top25 worthy but oh well. At least the Top 25 is full of bangers.
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  8. I was talking about 'Why Not Us', not 'Strike The Match'. I consider a top 10 a moderate hit at the very least, but 'Why Not Us' could have missed the top 30 altogether despite all the promo it had.

    In comparison, 'Hit'n'Run' managed to do really well considering it was a download-only single and barely had any promo whatsoever. It truly shows that if the label had actually put some faith behind it, it could have been a truly decent hit. Instead, they just rush-released 'Why Not Us' thinking it would be a huge hit only to have it chart at fucking #26 or #27 I don't remember. No surprise the girls were so mad at their label.

    And yes, I know the girls struggled really hard to get airplay - which only goes to show how amazing what they have achieved despite it all is.
  9. Here's your top 25, guys!

    • Burning
    • Catwalk V-O-G-U-E
    • Certified
    • Dangerous
    • Electricity
    • Hit 'N' Run
    • Hot Summer
    • Just Like That
    • Leading Me On
    • Like A Lady
    • Mono
    • No Never
    • Push Up On Me
    • Rebound
    • Say Yes
    • Shame
    • Step Aside
    • Strictly Physical
    • Strike The Match
    • Superstar DJ
    • This Is Me
    • Tip Toe
    • What You Don't Know
    • Why Not Us
    • Yesterday's Gone

      Push Up On Me

      Strictly Physical
      Hot Summer
      Strictly Physical
      What You Don't Know
      Leading Me On
      Just Like That
      Yesterday's Gone
      Say Yes

      I AM
      Strike The Match
      Why Not Us
      Tip Toe
      Hit 'N' Run
      No Never
      Step Aside

      This Is Me
      Superstar DJ
      Like A Lady
      Catwalk V-O-G-U-E
  10. This next elimination is one of their best-written pop songs ever.

    You've did that one SO wrong, guys.

    Baby, baby, it's not a love thing.
    I'm not mad about it.
    Just getting even on it.

    You think you got me but I got you beat.
    Getting nasty first will make the last word taste so sweet.


    HELL, Mandy pretty much covers my life philosophy with her verse :

    Baby, listen to what I'm about to say.
    Little miss impatience is my middle name.
    And if sometimes doesn't fit when I try it on.
    Tell me why should I take it home?


    You guys are awful.

    25. Rebound


    Score: 7,457.

    Highest Score: 10 x 4 ( @Rob , @TrainJumper , @plasticFANTASTIC , @.Vixen)
    Lowest Score: 4 x 2 ( @GhettoPrincess , @Sweet Music )

    'Rebound' is an absolute cracker of a tune from their second studio album 'Strictly Physical'. Just like 'You Can Look' was once considered to be the fourth single, 'Rebound' was as well for a while, although it seems like the label was far more leaning towards 'Dangerous'. Either way, the label got their coins for that track as it was covered by Spanish singer Soraya Arnelas on her 4th album 'Sin Miedo'. So there's that.

    Let's see what thesinners have to say about this absolute gem in their discography and which is leaving us WAY too soon. Epic Chocolat claims "It's good but nothing special." ACTUALLY, it's special, like a whole lot. You're wrong for this! At least, you described it as good, not like GhettoPrincess who claims it "sounds a bit cheap and vocally weak. Like a not so great b-side." It's like the best b-side, you mean, yes! You're going to hell for this, baby girl.

    iheartpoptarts compliments the bassline "It has a fun bassline to it!" - which I agree with, but it seems like our beloved DJHazey who underscored the song and only gave it a 8.0, disagree about the bass : "I'll admit that the acidic bass is feeling very dated, but this one still knocks! It does its best to keep 'BAWP CENTRAL' going but there's an uphill climb when compared to the two songs prior; it can be a bit of letdown." It's not a letdown! It's amazing, stop this!

    Thank God, I can count on plasticFANTASTIC on this one as he gave the song the 10 it deserves: "Another electropop juggernaut, the dubby wobble is so addicting. When i listened to some of these tunes back in 2007, it was such a watershed moment for me, I was used to hearing that stuff from the big UK and US groups and to have a homegrown band emulate and perfect this kinda sound was really quite something." I feel you, boo. I felt the same way. It truly sounds like something The Saturdays would have recorded, so of course I absolutely love it.

    Finally, Sprockrooster calls this generic but then somehow goes on and I can't make sense of it...Maybe because he called it 'generic', who knows! "Generic, but that is nothing band with a sound like this."

    Bahar is so extra at the start, I fucking love her :

    Here's the cover I was talking about. Not on part with the girls' version, obviously.
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  11. It's so 1990.

    (But you know I'm just kidding, right?)
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  12. (Yes, of course don't worry! @iheartpoptarts )

    We lose ANOTHER single next.

    Care to guess away, guys?
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  13. Is it true that German charts had a rule that labels had to register digital releases with them in order for downloads to count towards the charts and that Monrose's label refused to do this and had they done so Hit N Run would have gone top 10? I remember someone saying that on another forum but no idea if that's true.
  14. Reason #3845 why Senna is amazing. In a documentary, she once said (about make-up) : "The two girls didn't know how to do it so I helped them. I applied their make-up and afterwards they all looked like me. Senna times three. A Tranny band!"

    Self-aware and hilarious.
    Literally, when will your favorite girlgroup member? Never, that is.

    I'm trying to find why. Here's what I found.

    Also, on Queensberry's lead single as well :
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  15. I love that live performance of Rebound that was posted. Great song.
  16. Yup, that's true. Hit'N Run just missed the Top 10 because the label didn't apply the song for the charts the first week. It was Top 10 on Itunes throughout the first week. Usually back then songs on the charts just got registered with physical single releases, downloads didn't count then. The label didn't even want to put out a maxi single, just when fans bombed them with emails they put out a 2 track single the second week aka the same week of the release of I AM.

    and NOOOO for Rebound. It really is one of their best songs and I love the little adlips at the end from Senna like "pam pam" which was one of the signature shout outs from the judges during popstars.
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  17. That sucks so much. 'Hit'n'Run' would probably charted at #9 otherwise. #16 is pretty much its "second week" actually, isn't it?

    @DJHazey here's a performance of 'Don't Touch the Fader' and 'Strictly Physical'.

    (That punch move is hilarious.)
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  18. I hate when labels make stupid decisions (mistakes) and sabotage the success of a great single.
  19. I wanted to mention that in my comments for "Strike The Match", It's my favourite Monrose stan conspiracy theory ever. So delusional.

    The first part of your post is definitely correct.
  20. This was the top 10 at the time.

    Although, really. It does seem like the label fucked the girls up with 'Hit'n'Run', that I stand by.
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