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It's Gonna Be a Hot Rate : Monrose Discography Rate (Winner revealed!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Vixen, May 23, 2016.

  1. Thank you TrainJumper, you just saved me a lot of time which I would have spent on my commentary mentioning those things you did.
  2. @TrainJumper

    I've trouble believing they truly hate eachother, or if they do, it must be somesort of recent.

    The three girls met up together once (...erm, at Starbucks, but hey!), Senna was seen supporting Mandy on the german version of Strictly, and seriously, Bahar has been posting a picture of Monrose on her instagram every year for their anniversary.

    I can imagine why Senna might have turned out bitter recently, but the other two don't seem to have such negative mindsets, especially Mandy.

    Also, don't they absolutely LOVE 'Tip Toe'? They performed it everywhere!
  3. I listened to their debut. That album is boplicious! Blessing myself when I going to give it another spin.
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  4. ...You like it?!

    Well, then you're probably going to like the albums that follow since they are all arguably much better.

    I can't wait for your scores either way!

    (Also for anyone participating, really do not hesitate to provide commentary, even just for a few special ones. )
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  5. I wrote commentary for every song from the debut. I am going to listen again, so I might adjust some. And for the next albums I will most likely write commentary for most/all songs.
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  6. Bless your heart, babe. You're the best.

    I very much appreciate!
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  7. Today's victim is probably going to be @Txetxu . Come on, you know you want to rate your old faves.

    (I feel so clingy and annoying, but I gotta make this work.)
  8. I'm definitely going to vote!
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  9. Yay, I already got your votes Txetxu, Thanks again! xoxo

    I will try to get @that boy is a monster 's attention now. Come on hunty, you know you loved a bit of Monrose.
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  10. Was "Off The Rails" one of the songs scrapped from the original "I Am" ? I remember hearing a demo version, it was great!
  11. My scores and commentary are in:

    Average: 5,385
    Highest: 1x 9,5
    Lowest: 1x 0,0

    A lot of bops blessing my life, but the lows are really low dragging this album way too down.

    Strictly Physical
    Average: 5,964
    Highest: 1x 11 // 2x 10
    Lowest: 2x 0,0

    Another case of a bop-filled album, with some serious lows.

    I AM
    Average: 7,125
    Highest: 1x 10
    Lowest: 2x 5,0

    Not necessarily bop-filled, but filled with mediocre/average songs.

    Average: 7,154
    Highest: 1x 10
    Lowest: 1x 2,0

    Probably their most cohesive, but too bad two tracks didnot live up to it.

    Average: 8,400
    Highest: 1x 10
    Lowest: 1x 6,0

    Pretty rare for such a solid extra's list. True queens.
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  12. Thank you again @Sprockrooster ! You're the best.

    Now let me try getting @Mvnl 's attention...
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  13. @Vixen, your efforts to get voters is amazing. I'm putting effort into the commentary, even if it does read like I was drunk at the time. What's new?

    I'll be doing Strictly Physical this week. Do you want me to send them to you an album at a time, so it breaks up the copying and pasting?


    Let me try to get a fellow girl group stan in here:

    @eyeline -- What'cha up to?
  14. Haha, thanks @DJHazey ! I know how "niche" rates can sometimes get no more than 10 voters, or how most hosts find themselves hustling at the "interested ones" a few hours before the deadline to get their votes. I'd rather annoy people now than when it's too late.
    I already have 4 entries. Considering it's been only a week, I'm perfectly happy with how things are going.

    I'd rather you just send them altogether if I'm honest. I'm in no hurry (just yet).

    I know @eyeline is into Monrose in fact, so they chould be interested either way.
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  17. I sort of decided to wait until I had a few entries before making the leaderboard, so I just did it now. And, well... there's already a few surprises!

    The first track to leave isn't the one I expected to leave...but I think it's going to change a lot with the next few entries.
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  18. It's amazing how many bops these girls have! It'll be nice to rediscover these queens!
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  19. They also shot a short promo video for it which was shown on German TV channel Pro 7 before and after breaks. I always thought they loved it and that they actually considered it as the 4th single. Where does the Information come from that they were 'forced' to put it on the album? Sounds weird to me.
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  20. Planning to delve into this today. I have no idea what to expect apart from Strictly Physical, so I'm quite excited.
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