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It's Gonna Be a Hot Rate : Monrose Discography Rate (Winner revealed!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Vixen, May 23, 2016.

  1. Both of those songs are absolutely amazing, but I've been expecting Mono's exit for a while. It's done a great job getting this far.
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  2. Only #22 and #21 before we enter the top 20, guys!

    I believe - although I might be wrong - that these elimination won't hurt anybody...because the fact they managed to get as far as #21 and #22 is already more than good enough.

    Now, #19 and #20, however...Now these deserved better.
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  3. Okay so look for Like a Lady at #22 or #21... got it!
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  4. Oh and @Vixen is that your new Jensen Ackles?
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  5. I have a lot of songs that I love still left. I'm worried.
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  6. Just checked both your scores @Reboot and @DJHazey . One should be fine, the other not so much. Kii.

    The two next eliminations should only hurt @Sweet Music . Sorry!

    Well, I mean, it's Thor Chris Hemsworth #swoon, but it's no Jensen Ackles, nope.
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  7. Today's elimination is a special one.......


    You know, for this one....
    I don't wanna mess around, waiting till you find out...

    Because that would be SUCH A SHAME........................

    Oh....What you don't know, guys :')))))))))))))


    When we first met you said 'it's complicated, take it slow'
    Deeper then water goes, the more you wanna dip your toe
    I couldn't get enough, I wanted you right there and then
    Ignoring all the signs, I thought that you and I were cool
    Said I was beautiful you put me on a pedestal
    I would do anything to get back to those days again
    I love that verse, honestly.

    22. Why Not Us

    Score: 7,630.

    Highest Score: 10 x 4 ( @Conan , @eyeline , @TrainJumper , @Sweet Music )
    Lowest Score: 4 x 1 ( @SloMover )

    "Why Not Us" is a song written by Alexis Strum & Guy Chambers and produced by Pete Kirtley for the band's third studio album 'I Am'. The track was released as the album's third single on 28 November 2008 throughout German-speaking Europe. Peaking only at 27 in Germany, it became the group's lowest-charting single to date at that time, until 'Breathe You In' got released and only managed to get into the top 60.
    "Why Not Us" has been described as an "emotional mid-tempo ballad [...] for the wintertime." and it was originally planned to be released as the album's second single, but the girls pushed 'Hit'n'Run', so the label caved in, then realeased 'Why Not Us' as the third and final single of 'I Am'.

    Penned by Alexis Strum, like I said, some of you chose to speak up on that in their commentary. For SloMover, it seems like poor Mrs. Strum just didn't deliver this time around : "Alexis Strum is one of my flop faves but this song is just not good." However, Txetxu seems to think the total opposite : "Alexis Strum really gave it her all, didn't she? The song is incredible, but the vocals are dud after dud. Senna's vocals here are frog-esque." Ironically, Txetxu only awarded the song a 6.5 score which isn't not really that far from the 4 it received from SloMover. Also, as much as I would agree about Senna's awful vocals on this, Mandy sounds stellar, especially on her ad-libs, and the song works perfectly with Bahar's tone. But that's me.

    Hmmm, talking about Senna's frog-esque vocals, Totto makes fun of her hilariously bad "Drahp ITs, Yjeah" , although he then pursues and adds that "there is a certain melancholy, I love." And talking about Mandy's amazing ad-libs, it seems TrainJumper would agree with me as he claims "I don’t care that they hate that song, the last minute with all those adlips really elevates the song and makes it one of their best", he then adds : "I always wanted to hear the song live, shame they never performed the song completely live or in acoustic." Ahhh, same, boo! You would think they would at least sing it acoustically and try to make it more like they like it, but nope. Either way, you're not alone in this, Jumpy. eyeline doesn't understand either why the girls hated it so much: "I know Monrose had issue with their label regarding this song, but honestly I can't fault them for trying to push this out as first or second single! It's an amazing song and would have been completely unexpected."

    DJHazey has given this a 9 which is somehow quite high considering it's seems mostly based on a single part of the hook : "I was honestly about to dismiss this as possible filler when "If this ain't right, what are we fighting for?..." reached through the speakers and smacked some sense into me. If it wasn't for that part and its sweeping melody, this would be bordering on faceless." I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_, poor it. I do think it's the catchiest part of the chorus, but I wouldn't say it has a sweeping melody. For me, it's all about the ad-libs, really. Sprockrooster seems to agree with that : "A very well crafted ballad, but it take too long for the big punch/dramatic adlib."

    Some of you thought the tracks sounds like something else. First off, Epic Chocolat who says : "It reminds me of Curtain falls by Blue, there is a end credits music quality. The lyrics seem to say the story continues but the music ends abruptly instead of a fade-out, it's a nice contrast." I think, you're pretty spot on with that one, especially the production. plasticFANTASTIC on the other hand compared to one of the biggest hits of George Michael (!!) "Never cared for this at all. Too much of a Careless Whisper rip-off." now, I don't think they sound similar, and if they did, I certainly wouldn't mind. 'Careless Whisper' is a bop! Either way, comparing these songs to 1984 and 2004 singles maybe validate iheartpoptarts' comment about the track being too dated : "The song itself has such a 2000 feel to it, but the production doesn’t exactly do it justice!" I actually think the production is really good on this? Ooopsie.

    ANYWAY, ya'll forgot to mention THE BEST thing about 'Why Not Us'.................ITS VIDEO?????

    You can tell how much money the label put behind this.

    I'm posting this one for @TrainJumper because that's about the only live performance there is of it before they got rid of it and remove it from their concert setlist forever.
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  8. Kii at you being right.
  9. @DJHazey




    Superstar DJ...?????

    21. Superstar DJ

    Score: 7,696.

    Highest Score: 10 x 3 ( @plasticFANTASTIC , @tylerc904 , @Sweet Music )
    Lowest Score: 2 x 1 ( @Totto )

    "Superstar DJ" is a song produced and writen by Marcello Pagin & Christian F.J. Buettner, as well as co-written by Alistair Tennant. Fun fact about the producers, Christian Buettner calls himself "The Fat Rat" (!!). Anyhow. 'Superstar DJ' is the second song on their fourth and final album 'Ladylike' and was also the second song they premiered from the album when they were still recording it (the first one being 'All or Nothing').

    'Superstar DJ' is also probably like about the only song in recent years which got a build-up that know...leads to a chorus instead of actually being the chorus. (Okay, maybe not...But seriously, it's such a strong point of the song.)

    So our lowest scorer Totto gave this an extremely low score of 2. TWO!! Here's what he has to say for his defense : "I swear I love the beginning, “ Suppah star DJ”. But that’s it, Eurovision song number 2. Also their worst song." You are so wrong for this..............but then, I am somehow grateful because I just tried something. If you actually gave this a 5 (low score, not that good, but still not exactly low...and you've been generous enough with your scores to give a 5 to a song you hate, so you know, it would be possible), this would have #18 instead. And well, that's unacceptable because it would have pushed #20 out of the top 20 and that's not acceptable. So, I guess...thanks?

    Our own little and belowed Superstar DJHazey has something to say. In fact, he has plenty to say! "I'll be honest that I completely dismissed this song as being too messy at first, but it's fighting back right now. I think those talky "superstar DJ" bits didn't quite work for me when I first heard them. I'm such a sucker for a slow musical trail-off leading into a chorus because it always seem to make it pop off and come harder. That's exactly what is happening here. Whichever of the queens is holding down the pre-chorus is slaying me alive with that semi-whisper delivery. It's easy for me to turn this into a personal anthem for obvious reasons. The "DJ" they are discussing sounds like another Don Juan too." That would be Bahar! Not you already cheating on your fave Senna, tsk tsk.

    eyeline agrees the build-up to the chorus absolutely makes this song as well as he comments "A little basic but still good. The build up to the chorus is so good though." On the other hand, iheartpoptarts seems to favor the verses - which to be honest are quite lush as well : "The chorus? It’s good. The verses? I’m obsessed." Fun fact about the verses? Mandy and Bahar used to smile and laugh at Senna everytime she sang the "Me and big mouth has got me in trouble again". They know. That's not the only praise the track got. In fact, tylerc904 seems incredibly fond of the song : "Such a smash waiting to happen. Wish it had been single 2, after This Is Me (the OBVIOUS lead)." I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_ at all of you doing 'Like a Lady' wrong. That @DJHazey impact.

    Sprockrooster prefers to comment on the weirdness of the song as he says : "Weird title. Weird song to, but I am intrigued." Well, intrigued is good, as long as you listen to the song! Txetxu thought it was cheap, but admit he could still bop to it : "Dancey but cheapo cheap to no end." Finally, one of our highest scorer, plasticFANTASTIC, tells us a bit about his past and his undeniable love for the track : "Gosh, the times I've blasted this through my flats laptop speakers shouting my lungs out when the chorus kicked in. The guys behind this, "This Is Me" and "Don't Take It Personal" should've done the whole album because they certainly crafted my three favourite tracks from it."

    Now, I urge you guys to listen to this amazing acoustic of the song.

    Senna surprisingly sounds really decent on this. (@Mr.Arroz )
    Nice high harmony at 1:50 from her as well.

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  10. I like that acoustic version. It was also the song's time to go!
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  11. /!\ YOUR TOP 20 /!\


    • Push Up On Me
    • Shame

    Strictly Physical
    • Burning
    • Dangerous
    • Hot Summer
    • Just Like That
    • Leading Me On
    • Say Yes
    • Strictly Physical
    • What You Don't Know
    • Yesterday's Gone

    I AM

    • Certified
    • Electricity
    • Hit 'N' Run
    • No Never
    • Step Aside
    • Tip Toe

    • Catwalk V-O-G-U-E
    • Like A Lady
    • This Is Me
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  12. I really need to go back to their albums when this is over, because I really did not appreciate some of these songs the first time around. The video for Why Not Us makes the song for me now.
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  13. I'm was so confused about the second pre-chorus of Why Not Us. I knew it was Mandy, but the video makes it seem it was Bahar with Mandy only doing ad-libs. The live performance shows it's Mandy after all.
    What kind of shady move to remove this from their set-list, why ?

    Didn't noticed how Senna iconically ripped of her mask at 3:02.
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  14. Yes! So glad to hear that.
    I would love for you to post somesort of comparison recap "before/after" after the rate is over. I think some scores could go up, of course, but also down (You know, when the gimmick just suddenly fails or when it just doesn't sound catchy anymore etc.) so it would be very interesting.

    They absolutely hated it, it seems. The label pushed it down their throats. Although, to be honest, it was also a flop, so there wasn't any reason to keep on performing it after 2008.

    Bahar does have very subtle harmonies on that part, so I'm guessing this is why she's lip-synching to that bit?
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  15. Admittedly I 'rush' scored one or two albums because I was running out of time, and I now wish I hadn't. Scores would definitely be higher now, especially for the singles.
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  16. "I'm sure I didn't hit him again....." Is such an hilarious lyric

    Seriously @Totto I can't believe you called it their worst song ever. THE REACH.

    Yes, I know the feeling!
    Have you ever watched the 'What You Don't Know' video? It's absolutely tragic and elevates both the song and its message/meaning.
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  17. I was not familiar with the What You Don't Know video before, but you're absolutely right about it elevating the song. I think I need to spend an hour or so just watching their videos/live performances.
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  18. Let me help you with that.

    For televised performances? Check here :
    Sadly, most of them are playback, and worst, I think the sound is a bit off from like a 0.5 second, so they look even worse at lip-synching than they actually are!

    They really come to life in their small gig sets and these you will find on Youtube. Now whether the sound/audio will be good or not, that's another question.
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  19. I was right about 'Strike the Match'! I am a little mad about Superstar DJ (love the acoustic posted!) being gone it was the best song off Ladylike IMO! In regards to scores changing for songs during the rate I definitely would have have scored some songs differently in retrospect!
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  20. Talking about performances and setlists, by the end, they were always singing 'Ain't Nobody' by Chaka Khan and it was honestly amazing. Really tailored to their tones.

    Mandy after 3:00 is out-of-this-world.

    (@Totto I know you gon' stan. )
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