It's Gonna Be a Hot Rate : Monrose Discography Rate (Winner revealed!)

"I'm sure I didn't hit him again....." Is such an hilarious lyric

Seriously @Totto I can't believe you called it their worst song ever. THE REACH.

A few pages back I said it clicked, I don't think it's their worst anymore. That will probably be Teach Me How To Jump.

Talking about performances and setlists, by the end, they were always singing 'Ain't Nobody' by Chaka Khan and it was honestly amazing. Really tailored to their tones.

Mandy after 3:00 is out-of-this-world.

(@Totto I know you gon' stan. )

Mandy is serving some real bad ass vocals on every performance of Ain't Nobody, but why not in Shame ?

Senna despite all her vocal flaws was honestly hilarious.

Oh my god, I didn't actually expect it to be hilarious.She is like the sister of peak Quen Rochele. Are there more videos ?

By the way her German and English sounds basically the same.
Ugh, after having my wishes granted about what should leave before the Top 20, I am now gutted that two of my all-time favourites were eliminated back-to-back. I am scared for "Leading Me On" now. I almost gave it my 11.

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She's funny although I agree about her vocals. I'm not surprised she hasn't had a solo career.
Do you wanna know which track will leave us?

It's actually a really pretty song.

That was released around the time I lost someone who I was really close with, so I hold it so closely to my heart.

I think this pretty much gives it way in case you don't know the answer.

19. What You Don't Know

Score: 7,761.

Highest Score: 11 x 1 ( @.Vixen ) 10 x 6 ( @Mr.Arroz , @Totto , @eyeline , @TrainJumper , @DJHazey , @Sweet Music )
Lowest Score: 3 x 1 ( @SloMover )

"What You Don't Know" is a pop ballad written by Mattias Lindblom, Billy Mann, and Anders Wollbeck for Monrose's second studio album, Strictly Physical. It was co-produced by production teams Jiant and Snowflakers and released as the album's third single on December 7, 2007. The song has since reached the top ten in Germany and Slovenia. 'What You Don't Know' is their longest-charting single, beating both 'Shame' and 'Hot Summer', despite the fact tha the ballad only peaked at #6. The song has been acclaimed by the critics, usually being singled out as one of the best songs on the album.

So not only did some of you gave some ridiculously low scores to this amazing ballad, some of you actually had some down right terrible and untrue things to say about the song. SloMover not only goes for all their ballads as he says "I find Monrose's ballads to be too schmaltzy" but pursues and lies about how "this is such a chore to get through." AS IF! You know you are damn wrong, Slomoomoo. You think these lies weren't enough? Well, here's some more lies. EpicChocolat describes the song as "Unremarkable, just OK". IN WHAT WORLD? That's a bit ironic, because Txetxu describes the song as "just ok, if a bit uninspired." and he believes that the label "definitely picked out the wrong ballad out of the album". OH HELL NO. Not only is 'What You Don't Know' the best ballad on 'Strictly Physical', putting 'Yesterday's Gone' to absolute shame, it's also their best ballad ever, making 'Shame' sounds like a wet fart. SO YOU DIDN'T.

iheartpoptarts at least have the decency to say that this is "pretty", but sadly comments further and deems it "kind of a momentum killer." No, it's not! Having a ballad, especially such a great one after three uptempos and a midtempo isn't killing momentum, that's about time. You guys are killing me! plasticFANTASTIC reminisces about the facts as he claims this was "their most succesful ballad chart wise" - which, obviously, is true. And maybe for a know, because like, it's absolutely groubdreaking? Just putting it out there. He pursues "It's okay, but it was never my cup of tea. I liked their slowies with less put-on "power vocals" and more of a laidback vibe (see "burning")". I actually think 'What You Don't Know' is good middle-ground between this. It doesn't get dramatic until the second chorus and when it does, it does it so perfectly.

Now let's get moving to actual compliments about the song, because clearly this is the only thing 'What You Don't Know' should be getting. Totto tells us "I wish this was a solo Mandy track. Although I love Bahar sounds lovely on it, I wish that her and Senna were sick that day. Mandy’s voice on the chorus is magic, her voice is tailor made for this track." I couldn't agree more. Mandy has actually covered the song solo-wise once, sadly she was sick, so she wasn't at her peak. Still, it truly is one of Mandy's shining moment. In fact, I would say this is easily her vocal peak. Never has Mandy ever sounded as good as she does on the first chorus of 'What You Don't Know'. Sure she might has provided stronger vocals, belt more impressive notes technique-wise, but she has never once sounded as beautiful as she does there. So YES Totto, for being right - once.

DJHazey shares with the truth tea as he claims that "Everything about this song creates the perfect template for a girl group ballad. Seriously, the current groups should all sit down and take notes from this" YES! PREACH IT TO THE CHOIR, DON JUAN! This is genuinely the ballad each girlgroup should aspire to have at least once in their career. Either way, here's what else he had to say : "The chorus's DNA comes from your classic power-ballad vocals, culminating with each "What you don't know is that I lie awake, wishing you were here tonight." I've got to give props to Mandy, because she owns this moment and really gives you those 'rollercoaster drop' butterflies every time she delivers this euphoric moment; euphoria that nearly disguises the heart-wrenching lyrics she's singing." Plus, some Mandy stanning? Well, you sure know how to talk to me on this one! I couldn't agree more. This is the truth tea, everyone. All the sinners, take a sip of that.

eyeline follows a pretty similar pattern in his short, but sweet comment, as he agrees that 'What You Don't Know' is "One of the greatest girl group ballads". Yes! TELL'EM! Genuinely up there with the best of the Spice Girls. Ya'll better admit it. Finally, Sprockrooster says "Bring that emotional ballad on the table like true all-round queens. I would have loved more prominent piano overall." There's actually a more prominent piano version of it. It's called the "Candlelight Mix", although it strips the track from a lot of its production to do so.

Now I'll got shed a tear or two.
This is such a special song to me.​
Oh that's a surprise actually, always thought this would easily be in the Top 10. They really were on their peak with What You Don't Know. Great lyrics, great video and a lot of good live performances.




18. Push Up On Me

Score: 7,826.

Highest Score: 10 x 4 (@Conan , @Macanudo , @plasticFANTASTIC , @GhettoPrincess
Lowest Score: 4,5 x 2 (@Reboot , @SloMover )

"Push Up On Me" is a electro-pop number as well as the final track from the girls' first studio album 'Temptation'. Little do you know, it's also happens to be a cover version of Thara and Rupee's previously unreleased recording from 2006. Thara who? Rupee who? Exactly, I know.

Sprockrooster awards this of a generous score as he comments "That beat is so delicious. I am eating it alive. But those vocals are to sour from Mandy. Bitter from Bahar. Salty from Senna, but I guess that is the way Senna wants it." Now, you're gonna need to explain to me. How is that either too sour, too bitter and too salty. Explain your science asap, Sprocky! Either way, fellow girlgroup fan, GhettoPrincess, seems to think that "This is a bop" and she adds that "all the talky bits actually work here too" as well.

Obviously, 'Push Up On Me' is amongst like the 4-5 tracks of 'Temptation' that you can actually use, so a lot of you seems to think this is a stand-out from that opus. tylerc904 says, quite cheerfully "Nooooowwww we're talking, love this one." plasticFANTASTIC, on the other hand, tells us : "Save the best for last for sure! Now this is a fucking banger that still sounds as amazing now as it did back then and was a sign of future things to come for the girls, mixing urban with electro. Hot, sweaty, naughty club banger and classic Monrose." I couldn't describe Monrose or this song any better. Good work, plastic!

eyeline labels it "such a basic bop" and again, I couldn't agree more, while iheartpoptarts gets a bit smore snarky and says "Rihanna wishes." I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_! Well, to be quite frank, she does. Because Monrose's song > Rihanna's. DJHazey defines it as a bit 'messy', which is fair, as he also admit that it's a bop at the end of the day : "There's so much craziness going on in this one. It's kind of a mess and it's also kind of fun. I have the feeling I won't search this one out and that's enough to keep it from becoming repetitive."

I can't believe you guys actually placed this above 'What You Don't Know'​


Sprockrooster awards this of a generous score as he comments "That beat is so delicious. I am eating it alive. But those vocals are to sour from Mandy. Bitter from Bahar. Salty from Senna, but I guess that is the way Senna wants it." Now, you're gonna need to explain to me. How is that either too sour, too bitter and too salty. Explain your science asap, Sprocky!​
Well, in short: I do not like their vocal production over that sweet beat.

Very sad to see 'What You Don't Know' go as it is one of their best, or their best ballad.
"What You Don't Know" does nothing for me. It's so overrated. Which is why I''m very happy to see it not even making the Top 10, as I had expected it to be Top 5.
It was actually top 10 at first, then it was sitting just outside of it, and after that it fell and kept on falling until it was out of the top 25, but then it climbed its way back into the top 20 by the end of the rate.

I mean, it's still technically the 2nd most appreciated ballad in there (after 'Shame') it seems. So there's that.

I'm actually surprised. I know bops trumps ballads most of the time, but one thing I thought Monrose had over most girlgroups was that they actually had decent ballads and not just a few. It seems the rate has disagreed with me considering most of them left quite early.

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I love Push Up On Me, it's definitely a standout from the debut although I wasn't expecting it to do well so #18 is a nice position for it.
Push Up On Me really hung in there, proud of it.

What You Don't Know is a great ballad, but its b-side is stronger.
Devastated at the loss of What You Don't Know. I'm glad you liked my comments for it @Vixen, I'm so sorry the heathens prevented it from being Top 10 where it belongs! Push Up On Me was overdue.