It's Gonna Be a Hot Rate : Monrose Discography Rate (Winner revealed!)

Push Up on Me still sounds like an absolute bop but its single cancellation in place of Hot Summer was probably their label's smartest move for the band's career.

Monrose info was so hard to come by back in the day and I remember Mr. PJ premiering Hot Summer on the homepage when I had been expecting a Push Up on Me video. My panties were wet that day and literally haven't stop soaking any time I've listened to Hot Summer since.
So do you think it's better or worse?
I am goofing a bit, but I honestly feel like it should be an 11 (it is a 12 for me). But I can understand handing out a 10 for tactical reasons to save another song. A 9 is still good, but it makes me wonder what it is you do not 10 it. In my world there is literally nothing wrong with the song. It is almost the definition of pop.
Are you talking about 'Hot Summer' or are we still on 'Shame'?
Because that's an 8. (I think I gave it a 9, though. But it's an 8.)

I sort of don't know where a ballad ends and where a midtempo begins, so I won't argue with people. (To me, it's a ballad, though. Kii.)
I am goofing a bit, but I honestly feel like it should be an 11 (it is a 12 for me). But I can understand handing out a 10 for tactical reasons to save another song. A 9 is still good, but it makes me wonder what it is you do not 10 it. In my world there is literally nothing wrong with the song. It is almost the definition of pop.

It's a really strong debut, but some of their later stuff surpasses it for me. If I were to give it a 10, I'd be giving it the same score as songs I love more than it! It's all relative, you know?
I wanted to have a meltdown for What You Don't Know, out of respect for you @Vixen , I won't be that jerk. It's sad but also beautiful actually that has such a meaning for you. I could actually cry to this song, just like that.

Mandy's voice is a pure blessing on this song, I think Senna and Bahar try too hard to emote on the song whereas with Mandy it come so natural.
@Totto ; they have done us wrong, boo.

I truly find the lyrics heartbreaking. The double-combo of "How would you know....How could you know?" always make me a tad teary because I know for sure that when you lose someone you're always left with that feeling you could have said something (or you could have said more), and well, you'll never get the chance to get to say it to that person in face, yet you sort of decide to say it to someone else (or to yourself), in the desperate belief that this one person will get to hear it - when, well, it's impossible, obviously.

Either way, ya'll heathens.

The video for the song itself truly is beautiful.
We lose another 'Strictly Physical' track.

That slaughter towards my faves just won't stop...

17. Burning

Score: 7,870.

Highest Score: 10 x 4 ( @SloMover , @TrainJumper , @tylerc904 , @.Vixen )
Lowest Score: 5 x 3 ( @Zdarlight , @Sprockrooster , @Sweet Music )

"Burning" is a lush midtempo written and produced by Remee & Thomas Troelsen for Monrose's second studio album, Strictly Physical. It's easily one of the best from the girls and manages to carve an amazing atmosphere and ambience in just over four minutes.

SloMover states "THIS is the kinda slower tempo Monrose I like. One of my Monrose faves." I do agree that it's pretty much perfect and should have been their template for whatever they tried to do with 'Ladylike' by slowing down the tempo on everything. But that's us, SloMoomoo, because iheartpoptarts clearly believes this should be beefed up to another level and leave that mid-tempo behind : "Why the subtlety? I like this, but I can imagine it bigger and poppier and I want it that way." I do agree that I could definitely imagine it as a much "bigger" song in sound, but I actually think it wouldn't be as good. It's all about this beautiful early-morning ambience it creates and that wouldn't work if it was big electro stomper.

TrainJumper labels this as "just so contagious and perfect for the cold/windy autumn weather". Really? I mean, autumn, I can definitely see it, but cold weather? Am I the only that can imagine a sort of 4:30 am affair in the summer when the sun is already rising up a bit, but everything it's still purple/dark blue? The sounds ? Cars driving by! Ugh, I love this song so so so much. Either way, Trainy continues and compliments the job Remee did : "It’s just so lush in the production". He then pursues and acclaims the lyrics - which are also one of the strenghts of the track : "And "Hooked up on a Saturday night/ Like a breeze in the hectic life" is such a nice lyric." I agree, baby boo.

Txetxu also speaks up on the atmosphere the song has going for itself : "That late night feeling groove remains a highlight." Yes, stan Txetxu! Awarding this a 9, plasticFANTASTIC seems like he could have given this a 10 considering how much he appreciates the song ; "I LOVE this, it's sleek, it's unassuming, it just fills me with good vibes. repetitive? Sure, but so is 90% of pop released in the past 5 years, so it definitely was ahead of its time in that regard, ha!" The girls always had a really 80-90s influenced sound, so with this sound cominb back on the scene, I'm not surprising sometimes the girls' back catalogue sound like "they were ahead of their time". Either way, YES about the good vibes!

praises what seems to be the pre-chorus of the song - I'm not sure myself : "The bridges/pre-choruses are incredible. Or is it technically the chorus? I'm referring to the "you don't try to control me..." bits. " I don't know myself! I would say that it's the pre-chorus? Although, it's so catchy it could easily be the chorus with the "Burning burning burning" bit being only the second part of the chorus. DJHazey agrees about that specific part of the song as he comments on it as well: "The verses/pre-chorus are so smooth, with an element of swag to them. I have to take a point off because repeating the word "burning" is not exactly the kind of pop chorus I want. I love the how the vocals and 'Chinatown' strings production give this a late 90s/early 00s R&B feel. This style actually works for them this time."
Finally, Sprockrooster - who's just PLAIN wrong : "Blend filler." GET OUTTA HERE.
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16. Electricity

Score: 7,957.

Highest Score: 10 x 2 ( @Rob , @Zdarlight )
Lowest Score: 5,5 x 1 ( @plasticFANTASTIC )

"Electricity" is a, no pun intended, electric electropop number written by Daniel Volpe & Thomas Lipp and produced by Roman Preylowski, Emanuel Rehwald as well as Jiant producing team for Monrose's third studio album, I AM.

Txetxu believes 'I AM' suffers from what a lot of albums suffers which is "middling-middle" ; basically the middle of the album is a bit shit - and that 'Electricity' changes that. Not that I agree in this case, but here's what he said specifically : "The album picks up steam all over again and gets its dance shoes on again. Electricity has a bit of weird phrasing of the 'Electricity' word though, sounds like "Electric city" " You're not the only one who commented on that. Totto says "They pronounce it as Electri-city though ?" Yes, they kinda do. Just bop to it. You thought that was it? Well, nope! iheartpoptarts pretty much has only this to say as well : "Electro city!" Okay, NOW BOP.

Sprockrooster also seems to believe in a "middling-middle" case for 'I AM' and, again, 'Electricity' seems to be the song to break that trend: "So Timbaland, but so delicious. I am bopping. FINALLY!!!! Which track is this?! Why wait so long for bringing a serious bop!" It does have a slight 'Timbland' groove, but then so does the entire 'Strictly Physical' album. I guess it's all about the 80-90s influences again.

Am I sensing a similar vibe from DJHazey, as well? Jesus, you guys, you're in synch with eachother! "Yes, welcome back home to basicity electricity! I was starting to have withdrawals, but this is serving me exactly what I need. It borders on being 'too simple', but I don't know if that phrase is really in my vocabulary...I mean come on.". Too simple? Somehow I feel like that's maybe how plasticFANTASTIC felt about it, judging by its comment?: "The backing track is more exciting than the actual songwriting, something that can be said about a couple of songs on "i am". Meh. Quite dated and very of its time."