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It's Gonna Be a Hot Rate : Monrose Discography Rate (Winner revealed!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Vixen, May 23, 2016.

  1. In a perfect world Leading Me On, Say Yes and Certified would make the Top 3. I love how the first 2 are also the faves from the girls.
  2. Of course I am! "Hurricane" is THE dramatic bop. I've been checking up on them every now and then, but Mandy is the only one that I'm actually following...
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  3. Rob


    Ideal Top 3 would be any of:

    Hot Summer
    Say Yes
    Tip Toe
  4. Well I couldn't pick 3 so my ideal Top 4 would be:

    Just Like That
    Leading Me On
    Say Yes

    What I (and quite a few others) think the actual Top 3 will be:

    Hot Summer
    Strictly Physical
  5. We break into the top 15 with a....



    I AM!

    15. No Never


    Score: 8,087

    Highest Score: 10 x 2 ( @iheartpoptarts , @DJHazey )
    Lowest Score: 6 x 2 ( @Txetxu , @GhettoPrincess )

    "No Never" is that break-up anthem written by Rob Divas & Shelly Poole and produced by Jiant & Snowflakers production teams for Monrose's third studio album, I AM. You might recognize it for sounding a hell lot like a Kylie Minogue track, or just because, well, it has absolutely amazing lyrics. So sassy!

    A few of you commented on how this is Bahar's moment to shine, and it probably is, indeed. TrainJumper says "This is Bahars song, her voice fits perfectly in those electro-pop songs." and well, I couldn't agree more. She has a tone tailored for sassy cold electro pop songs. plasticFANTASTIC does compliment Bahar's delivery as well, although he does praise the work from Senna and Mandy as well on this stomper of a song: "The girls are all stars on this one. Bahar's playful lollipop that turns sourpatch kid first verse, Mandy's powerful vocals delivering the best lines on the 2nd (i can show you how to duet, but then i migh have to care, baby i don't care...) and the combination of Senna and Bahar on the chorus, which was similarly powerful on "You Can Look". I remember that part of the reason why i was drawn to Monrose was the attitude they were exuding." Yes, they were a bit messy live, but they always had amazing attitude on stage. They were werking it.

    iheartpoptarts also notes how out-of-this-world the chorus is "Half-talking half-singing choruses, gotta love ‘em!" and awards this a big fat 10! Hopefully it won't be too hard on her now that it has left us. Now, obviously, the chorus is amazing, but just like plasticFANTASTIC said, the best line from the album clearly is Mandy's : "Bitter lemon smile, awful good at acting wild. I could show you how to do it, but then I might have to care ... baby i don’t care , words don’t take me anywhere" I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_, QUEEN!!!! Either way, it seems Sprockrooster would agree with me as he says : "Amazing lyrics in this kiss-off anthem" Indeed, they are. You better stan!

    Finally, our other highest scorer, DJHazey - who's literally getting his life from it, it seems : "Oh is my heart racing with every second of this life-affirming chorus! It seriously never lets up...consider me slain! I fucking LIVE whenever the girls get shady and those opening verses are such an epic "fuck off" moment. "8,9,10 times...before" = YAAAAAAAS! "Oh wella!" Are you fucking kidding me right now??? R.I.P. me. So many moments in this song are prime to be mimed on the dance floor. If this is done wrong, I'll be demanding for people to turn their location on." AMAZING. I love it when you lose your shit.

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    Care to guess away?​
  7. You know what I'm thinking.
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  9. It's not 'Like a Lady', so you might want to actually try to guess this one!
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  10. Leading Me On.
  11. NO.
  12. Losing seven 10s this time...

    But also a 3 for a lucky one...

    This song is about sex....


    It's :

    14. Tip Toe


    Score: 8,152

    Highest Score: 10 x 7 ( @Rob , @Zdarlight , @SloMover , @plasticFANTASTIC , @tylerc904 , @Sweet Music , @.Vixen )
    Lowest Score: 3 x 1 ( @TrainJumper )

    "Tip Toe" is another amazing slut anthem served by amazing sultry and sensual vocals, and also written by Carl Costi, Carl Ryden, Hugo Lira, Ian-Paolo Lira & Thomas Gustafsson and produced by Jiant production team for Monrose's third studio album, I AM. A lot of you noted this reminded you guys of 'Kylie Minogue' as well, but it was in fact never intended for her, despite the rumors floating around 'No Never' and 'Don't Touch the Fader'! It was claimed as one the girls' favorite quite a few times and it was one of the 'I AM' tracks they performed in their live sets quite a lot, as well as once on TV!

    plasticFANTASTIC starts things off by spilling the truth tea for all of us, how generous! "Bahar's time to shine, she always championed this song as one that was among her favourites. I love how the instrumental loop used in the chorus builds and builds and erupts halfway through the song. Aural orgasm." Well, I certainly wouldn't describe it any other way. What perfect words to describe this slut anthem. eyeline doesn't believe Bahar is the only one to shine in this as he states all the girls sound phenomenal in this piece of heaven : "Each of the girls sounds soo good on their parts in this song." I couldn't agree more, hell even Senna sounds particularly great in this, although Mandy and Bahar are right at home with these sort of vocals.

    Like I said, a few of you noted the Kylie Minogue similarities. Maybe it's because it's about sex, maybe it's the vocals, maybe it's the production...Who knows! But you guys sure thought it could fit right in one of her albums. "A little bit Kylie, this one!" says iheartpoptarts. GhettoPrincess joins her as she comments : "Great production, very sexy song. Gives me Kylie Minogue vibes." Well, then I guess it is a very Kylie Minogue song afterall!

    SloMover awards this a big fat 10, and specifies that the track is "So. Fucking. Good." Couldn't be more clear than that, could it? Similarly, Rob defines the song as "the absolute fire" and pursues that it "should have been a single". Finally, he goes on and compares to another slut anthem : "Samantha Jade's Firestarter is from the same breed of orgasmic slut pop". Well, there's never enough slutty anthems, so the more the merrier! You're not the only one who thinks this should have been a single as tylerc904 tells us that "This used to be my favorite Monrose track, I even submitted it in Mvnl's first Ultimate Popstar countdown (Monrose sadly did not make my Top 40 this time). I've cooled on it now but love it. Should have been a single over Why Not Us (though half the album would have been a better choice)."

    So I guess now it's time to move on to the few naysayers. Surprisingly, to say the least, DJHazey doesn't seem to fully stan for this slutty piece of pop as he comments: "The whispered stuff goes on much too long at the end, let me make sure I mention that. Otherwise, I have similar arguments about this song as I do with You Can Look, except the final product is a notch below." I can't believe you compare this to 'You Can Look', first, and secondly, that you beleive it's inferior. AS IF! Sadly, you're not alone. Txetxu agrees : "Also in the same lane as You Can Look, almost being sound twin sisters." And Sprockrooster is just plain wrong, once more, I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_ : "At this point the album is starting to drag a bit and this song is not helping at all"

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  13. Sad to see Tip Toe go. But top 15 is still quite good, so well done.
  14. That could've been worse, you know like if that evil tease had been true @Vixen.
  15. Sad to see Tip Toe go too. Leading Me On and Hit'N'Run have both really over stayed & need to be eliminated immediately.
  16. Hit'n'Run slays like your faves careers, so you guys need to stop wishing for it to leave.
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  17. This is what Hit'N'Run deserves.

  18. *high five*

    I think it might actually be my first 10 that's left. This isn't going badly for me at all!
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  19. To be fair, you only have four 10s.
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  20. It still annoys me that Tip Toe was cancelled as the fourth single from I Am. It was a hit in the waiting.

    Also speaking of Mandy's album, after The Way I Like It, I was hugely disappointed. TWILI was such a tune but the album is full of mid tempos and ballads. Whoever decided Pulse was good enough to be a bonus track needs shooting. Pulse would have been the strongest song on the album. Saying that I do love Closer.
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