It's Gonna Be a Hot Rate : Monrose Discography Rate (Winner revealed!)

I am definitely gonna participate in this. Will start with their debut tonight.

Was quite a big stan from 2007-2010, but haven't heard any Monrose since 2011 so it's exiciting to see whether nostalgia's gonna cloud my judgement or the songs are able to properly hold up even to this day.

Gonna start with "Temptation" tonight, I do remember thinking a few of the songs were quite decent, "Push Up On Me" is a 10 at least.
Is Say Yes available anywhere? All I can find are low quality live videos.

Edit: Never mind, found it. I like this one.
Why the hell is "Strictly Physical" sooo damn good? To this day it has absolutely no right to be as brilliantly bop-heavy as it is. Still a 10 out of 10 girlgroup album.
Yay at @Reboot and @plasticFANTASTIC participating! You guys are the best.

Don't hesitate to provide little commentary ("Mandy sounds good on this. / I hate Senna's vocals on that one / The song is good, but the production is cheap" etc. ) Although, I'll take anything, even jut scores.

Also @Reboot , if you have issues finding some albumtracks, refer to my second post on the first page and please click on the year the album was released (instead of the tracklist). You'll find them all there.

Thanks again guys!
They also shot a short promo video for it which was shown on German TV channel Pro 7 before and after breaks. I always thought they loved it and that they actually considered it as the 4th single. Where does the Information come from that they were 'forced' to put it on the album? Sounds weird to me.
Yeah exactly, I'm surprised about that one for the reasons you've mentioned. I guess you would have to ask @TrainJumper!

It's amazing how many bops these girls have! It'll be nice to rediscover these queens!
Glad to hear that because some of these bops are in need of very high scores to get a better "average".

I can't wait for both of you to send me your entries!

I've trouble believing they truly hate eachother, or if they do, it must be somesort of recent.

The three girls met up together once (...erm, at Starbucks, but hey!), Senna was seen supporting Mandy on the german version of Strictly, and seriously, Bahar has been posting a picture of Monrose on her instagram every year for their anniversary.

I can imagine why Senna might have turned out bitter recently, but the other two don't seem to have such negative mindsets, especially Mandy.

Also, don't they absolutely LOVE 'Tip Toe'? They performed it everywhere!

They also shot a short promo video for it which was shown on German TV channel Pro 7 before and after breaks. I always thought they loved it and that they actually considered it as the 4th single. Where does the Information come from that they were 'forced' to put it on the album? Sounds weird to me.

Well yes it's all recently. They were pretty close during the time in the band and also 1-2 years after their break-up but things started to get messy when Mandy's relationship with Mesut went public and Senna was asked in an interview to talk about it and Mandy didn't like what she heard so she prohibited Senna to talk.

"Hey dear journalists, please do not ask and bother me with questions about the break up. It's forbidden for me to give any interviews or statements about Mandy."

Senna even made a video about fake friendships () and talked about Mandy. She didn't give any names but said "and that is the reason why a comeback is not going to happen ". She only follows Bahar on Instagram.

All of them post stuff about Monrose, it's not like they hate the band, they're just not friends anymore.

Also regarding Tip Toe: Senna did a Q&A during the Ladylike era and said that she didn't like the demos of Why Not Us & Tip Toe but the label insisted that they should keep the tracks.
Tip Toe was never considered to be a single though, they just did those videos for the We Love campaign ()
But it says a lot when Mandy lists Strictly Physical, Ladylike and Temptation (which was not even a real Monrose record since all 6 finalists had studio sessions for the album) as her favorite albums and leaves I Am out. (,star837.html)
It's also very odd that Senna singled out Why Not Us and Tip Toe which I believe are very good and single-worthy pop tracks but apparently had no objections to include their plodding and subpar cover version of A Love Bizarre (and put it at #2 on the tracklisting). Bizarre indeed.
Okay, so I plan to tackle Strictly Physical when I get home today. I had too much PJ-chart prep/soccer blog work to do Tuesday, the chart reveal last night, and I'll have a window of time when I get home today to get started.
@Zdarlight > no issue for me, take your time. Do you want me to remind you in two weeks or should you be fine? I don't want to annoy you!

@TrainJumper > even beyond the TV ads, it's literally one of the few songs from I AM that they kept on performing. I mean, they literally stopped performing 'Why Not Us' and went with 'Top Toe' instead, so it's hard to believe they hate it. They could have gone with 'Certified' or 'Electrcity' if they hated 'Tip Toe' so much, I don't know.

What a shame about Mandy and Senna, though...
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It's looking like 10s for both, maybe more *shrugs*

(You're voting too, right?)
'What You Don't Know' is definitely their best ballad. Such an emotional moment. So it's definitely deserving of a 10, at least.

(I am, yes! )

But yes, the first few tracks of 'Strictly Physical' are insanely strong. One of the best runs in terms of girlgroup albums. Sad it takes such a plunge with 'Golden', eek. (It does pick itself up, though, don't worry!)
Why Spotify only has Ladylike and all the singles?
I don't know. Believe me, I tried going with Spotify/Deezer first, but when I saw there was only Ladylike, I thought I would give a go to Youtube instead. Turns out some of the songs are getting "blocked".

So there's an additional link for all you guys. Click on the year the album was released (for example, "(2008)" for 'I AM') and you should get a Googledrive link with all the tracks. At that point, I can't do much more than this when it seems impossible to stream their music, sorry guys!