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03. Strictly Physical


Score: 8,848.

Highest Score: 11 x 2 ( @GhettoPrincess , @DJHazey ) 10 x 10 ( @Sweet Music , @TrainJumper , @Epic Chocolat , @eyeline , @If You Go , @Conan , @Mr.Arroz , @Vixen )
Lowest Score: 6 x 1 ( @Utopia )

"Strictly Physical" is a sexy, sultry, almost slutty, midtempo written by Christian Ballard, Tim Hawes, Pete Kirtley, Obie Mhondera, and Andrew Murray for Monrose's same-titled second studio album, Strictly Physical. It was co-produced by production teams Jiant and Snowflakers and released as the album's second single on 14 September 2007. It has since reached the top ten in Germany as well as the top twenty in Austria and the top twenty-five a composite European Hot 100 Singles.

Like most songs on the girls's second studio album, 'Strictly Physical' was quite often compared to the most famous TImbaland productions at the time, sometimes even going as far as to saying it ripped off 'Say It Right' by Nelly Furtado. A few of you commented on that. Epic Chocolat says : "I thought it was production by Timbaland, and that's what appealed to me. Elegant and serene." If it's actually a turn on, and not a turn off, surely that's a great thing, right? Either way, TrainJumper agrees : "I don’t care if it’s basically a Say It Right Part 2, this is one of their best songs and they all look hot in the video. They always performed the hell out of it live." Preach, sis. plasticFANTASTIC depicts the song as : "Sexy, slinky, full of attitude. The girls can deliver some outstanding vocals full of personality if it's necessary." More importantly, he believes that "Production techniques aside, I never thought it had that much in common with 'Say It Right' anyway, songwriting wise they are worlds apart."

Now that we got the Timbaland comparisons out of the way, there's one thing left that describes the song through and through. Sex. Yup, just sex. That song is pure sex in its musical form. Hell, that's pretty much what eyeline tells us : "This song is sex!" Yes, it is. Damn right, it is. GhettoPrincess describes this as "rather beautiful and sexy at the same time. Love the production and the vocal distribution is great too. Definitely a great discovery for me!" You know what else is sexy and beautiful? Obviously the girls who probably never looked as good as in this video, they were absolutely drop dead gorgeous, but also... THE GUYS. Yessss, Monrose objectify them, reverse the roles, slay! Txetxu doesn't miss a chance to get an eyeful : "I gave this beauty several spins back in the day, being the corker it is. Those sweaty beats, the Timbaland esque drums. The multiple hooker looks in the video....all lovely." 'Lovely', huh? Kii.

Some of you also took some time to describe the vocals, or the delivery of the vocals more precisely. Totto gets snarky with Senna, but when doesn't he? "Senna already with that basic voice again, but it’s so catchy. Also when she tries those high notes haha." I think she actually sounds pretty decent in this, strong voice. She struggled live, of course, but in studio, these vocals are pretty great. Now, that was Totto who shares a very particular bond with good sis Senna. On the other hand, Sprockrooster just thought the vocals were a bit bizarre at times : "The vocal delivery is a bit weird-ish at some points, but nothing to skip it for. " I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_, would you still say that not that it managed to get top 3 and beat most of your faves? Kii.

SloMover compliments the song, going as far as saying it's amongst their very best, although he does admit he might not actually be single-material despite awarding this a big 9 score : "I love this. It probably had no place being a single but it's really one of their best." Hmmm, so what's the truth, SloMoomoo? Joigning the ranks of Sprocky is iheartpoptarts who really isn't that fond of the song and is probably pissed that it managed to get this far, but then, it's not like she ever thought it was bad whatsoever : "I was never overly fond of the vaguely dark-ish minimal kind of club jams that were so typical of this era, but this one does the job well." Why must you hate all good things, sis?

Finally, the best for the end. Indeed, DJHazey gives this his precious 11 and goes all-out with this commentary : "There's hardly words for how much this blew my mind upon the first play! Every single "LET ME KNOW!" seemingly shot across the dance floor by a mysterious voice in the dark corner, dancing alone and wondering when you're going to get the courage to come over and make things physical. The setting is this dark underground club with smoke rising from the floor to reveal this scenario and the possible connection that lies ahead. Loud beats, sexy moves, sweat dripping, 2am, how is this night going to end? This is the vibe I get from this song and I can never get enough. It really shoots to be some of the The Saturdays' best late night anthems and it doesn't fall short at all."


02. Say Yes

Score: 9,130.

Highest Score: 11 x 4 ( @Mr.Arroz , @Epic Chocolat , @plasticFANTASTIC , @tylerc904 ) 10 x 7 ( @Sprockrooster , @Macanudo , @TrainJumper , @eyeline , @Rob , @Conan , @Vixen )
Lowest Score: 5 x 1 ( @Sweet Music )

"Say Yes" is a silky pop song written by Robin Jenssen, Nermin Harambasic, Anne Judith Wik, Ronny Svendsen & Hallgeir Rustan for Monrose's second studio album, Strictly Physical. It was produced by Remee (without Thomas Troelsen) and served as a bonustrack on ITunes/Musicload bonustrack. Despite being a simple bonustrack, the girls have shown love for the songs, adding it to their setlist despite actual albumtracks not making it.

Now this has managed to collect a few 11s, as you would expect from a song going as far as #2. It's also the only song with 'Hot Summer' (duh) to have achieved an average as high as 9,000 or more. Way to go, 'Say Yes'! Now, into the actual commentary. Epic Chocolat, who gave it his 11, comments : "I really love this song and I love to listen to it with Side Chick by Sugababes. Good for a summer playlist too." Hmm, I see why you would like to put them together, even if they don't exactly sound like eachother! Anyhow, awarding this another 11 is plasticFANTASTIC who says: "This is it. Their best song. And it's a fucking bonus track, ur faves could never..." Indeed they could never. Actual queens of bonustracks. Finally our last 11 scorer who provided commentary, tylerc904, tells us : "What an unbelievable jam. A B-side?! Insanity. Know this won't win (Hot Summer probably has it locked) but it is hands down my favorite from them. Sexy, vocally superb, and undeniably packed with hooks."

Some of you wanted this to be more than a bonustrack, and by that, I don't mean just an albumtrack, some of you wanted it to be a single. SloMover probably believes it should have followed 'What You Don't Know' as the fourth and final single as he describes the track as : "An absolute bop that should've been on the album and a single." However, TrainJumper is downright delusional and wishes it would have replaced 'Strictly Physical' as a single. WHAT?! : "Definitely one of their best songs and in the Top3 for me, sometimes you just can’t understand why an A&R is allowed to do such decisions and chooses Strictly Physical over this. Imagine this would have been their 2nd single after they had the general publics goodwill because of Hot Summer. Ugh. It's such a great pop song and still sounds so fresh and new." Now, now, now. Strictly Physical didn't screw up any good will from the public. If anything, considering it lead to 'What You Don't Know' being their longest charting single ever just after, I'll say that 'Strictly Physical' did its job just fine. If there's a single that messed up the public good will, it's 'Strike the Match'.

And finally, of course, all of you lost their shit about this being a simple bonustrack. Well, to be honest, it is honestly way too good to be only just that...and I think the track going as high as #2 on this rate proves that. Either way, eyeline comments: "What a monster of a closer/bonus track!" and compliments Mandy's performance on the song: "Mandy owns this! Those adlibs!" On a more or less similar note, iheartpoptarts agrees it should be more than just that and would probably works just fine as an opener : "Okay, this is way too good for a random bonus. Meanwhile, my iPod has it as track one for some reason. At least my iPod knows what’s up!" Yassss as that iPod working that black magic for you. Txetxu even gets a bit more agressive as he says: "How the fuck was this left out of the album is beyond me. Groovy and yummy."

Our good old beloved Sprockrooster actually has only nice things to say about this one, saying : "Slaughter me hard with that final track. I had no hopes, but I was blown. That first verse is really stellar and draws in attention instantly." Queen of slaughtering fans when they least expect it! On the other hand, DJHazey joins the ranks of the likes of eyeline, Txetxu, etc and comments : "As much as enjoyed it on the first listen, it all came together quickly upon the second play. There's some catchy moments in the chorus (especially "See. You. Checkin' Me."). With hook after hook permeating from this, it's a wonder how this wasn't on the standard album in place of Monrose Theme." And to close things off, I'll finish with GhettoPrincess's commentary because it made me chuckle a bit : "This is a bit of a bop isn’t it!? YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH" You should have given it more than a 7, then!


01. Hot Summer


Score: 9,761.

Highest Score: 11 x 8 ( @Conan , @Remorque , @Rob , @Reboot , @eyeline , @Totto , @iheartpoptarts , @Sprockrooster ) 10 x 7 ( @GhettoPrincess , @Sweet Music , @TrainJumper , @DJHazey , @Zdarlight , @Mr.Arroz , @Vixen )
Lowest Score: 5 x 1 ( @If You Go )​

"Hot Summer" is a dance-pop song with heavy elements of Europop and house, written and co-produced by Danish songwriters Remee and Thomas Troelsen for the girls's second studo album, Strictly Physical. Released as the band's third single and the album's leading single on 29 June 2007 in German-speaking Europe, "Hot Summer" became the band's second non-consecutive number-one hit in a stretch of seven month, reaching the top of the charts in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. It eventually emerged as one of the biggest-selling songs of the year on German online music stores, and moreover, garnered the group success in Finland, the Netherlands and Slovenia, where it served as the band's musical debut.

"Hot Summer" was one of the first collaborations producers Remee and then-new partner Thomas Troelsen worked on together in the Delta Lab White recording studios in Copenhagen, Denmark in fall 2006. The song was selected out of a total of three hundred songs as the album's lead single unanimously, aiming to break away from the ballad stereotype associated with the group. The band has described the up-tempo track as a perfect "get in a good mood song".

There you go, guys. You have your winner. Like most of you have predicted, it has managed to get to #1. Not such a surprise, is it? But then, I don't think I would have seen it any other way. Let's start right away with what you guys had to say about it. Epic Chocolat describes the song as "a must in every summer playlist. So good I can listen to it all year long." Same! I don't even need to be in a summer mood. I will get down to it on a winter night if I want to. But, obviously, you can't deny how it comes to live even more in the summer. Like Epic Chocolat said, it's a must and iheartpoptarts certainly agrees with him : "My summer anthem. Every summer. Obvious 11 is oh so obvious, but can I really pick anything else when I’m getting my life to it for the 10th summer in a row?" I guess you made the right choice after all, hmm? ;)

Some of you reminisces about the past and the good old days of when that was released (nine years ago!!). Sprockooster comments: "The definition of pure slaughter. I remember vividly when it came out and I was shocked, appalled, baffled and astounded that one song from a German girl band showed how the big ones in the game (Girls Aloud/Sugababes) how it is done. The slutty lyrics, that fuckable beat, the sweaty chorus. The mega infectious pre-chorus and chorus. A blasting outro. As a pop lover there are several moments I love in a pop song. This song has them merged into one and I seriously cannot think of another song managed to the same. " Now, that is some seriously amazing praise, isn't it? You better stan Sprocky! On a similar note, Rob remembers his initial excitement when 'Hot Summer' premiered : "Gosh my excitement when this was released was absolutely through the roof and I almost burst with excitement seeing it hit #1 in Germany. I used to follow their chart performance religiously and I remember the agonising wait for the German charts to be released as they aren't published for almost 2 weeks after a song has been made available."

Awarding it his precious #1 (instead of giving it to 'What You Don't Know' which needed it more, bitch), Totto tell us : "Shocker, my 11 goes to Hot Summer. It’s almost certain this song will win, I’m more curious what track will come second place. Senna makes this song, not because her voice is that superb, she sounds basic, it’s just what the song needs. She also sings 90 % of the song, it’s funny how Mandy takes the lead in the chorus most of the time in their live performances. I swear the god I though Mandy’s first line of her part was “ Bitch life” and “ Bitch slap” before that, but would be way too sassy. Cherry on the top is Bahar lush ad-libs, mever heard her do it live. I love the part when they cheer “ Hot Summer!”, I find them so hilarious at time." BITCH LIFE is what I still sing from time to time. Just more sassy, like you said yourself. I can't at you comparing every single song to its live equivalent. Stop it!

Like I said, that was released NINE years ago. That is such a long time, and I definitely feels much more older now, it's so painful. Now, I personally believe this sounds as fresh as ever, and that melody is just way too good to ever sound dated, but it seems like one of you doesn't agree. SloMover claims that, yes, it's a good song, but it hasn't aged as well as it could have : "A complete banger. It hasn't aged very well but it's still very well." Fair enough, but eyeline seems to completely disagree with you : "I can't even deal with how well this song had held up!" Similarly, tylerc904 believes it's still : "Sounds like a "smash hit" even though no one outside of Germany got to stan." Now, now, that's not true. It was a hit in a few Europe countries and definitely got a few spins in countries like France, so there's that. Txetxu makes sure you know that damn well as he comments : "Gorgeous vocals, hot as fuck video, their breakthrough all over Europe. I haven't given it the time in ages."

'Hot as fuck video'? Well, I wouldn't go as far as saying that, and TrainJumper certainly doesn't agree at all: "Still cackling and mad at that 10 euro video, especially when Queensberry got a high budget video for their biggest hit." and shares a bit of information about Bahar's relationships : "The guy with the long hair was Bahar's boyfriend then btw." Yesss, I know! I love the shade in Monrose's Theme when Senna says "Bahar dated a popstar? Nuh huh, I wouldn't go that far" as she shades him for being only a back-up dancer. Oh, Senna. You can't get more brash then, can you? Talking about that, GhettoPrincess says : "The verses are very brash whereas the chorus is glorious but it all works well together."

Now, if the video is a bit cheap, indeed, you can't deny they serve some good attitude in it - which is exactly what the song needed anyway. DJHazey shares his thoughts on that: "The amount of attitude in this song can't even be quantified, I mean where in the actual fuck did this come from? The grindy synths lay the groundwork for some real work to get done here. The producer is a "stuck up loser?" but they're getting it done with this, you ladies need to chill for a second. "I got a feeling and I just can't let it go" is so explosive! From the video I'm seeing that this is the voice of Senna (I'm still trying to learn who is who)...thank goodness because she the hottest member in my eyes. Let me start stanning a bit." I find your Senna stanning hilarious, especially in contrast with Totto's constant mocking.

Finally, plasticFANTASTIC brings out of the bag one of the longest comparison 'Hot Symmer' ever had : 'Maneater' by Nelly Furtardo. I personally believe 'Say It Right'/'Strictly Physical' made more sense than this, but let's see what he had to say about this. "This is 'Maneater' on acid, and it's some good shit. The 8bit chiptune breakdown with mandy's breathy vocals still gives me chills. I wished they had kept the longer version from the video. One of the biggest europop classics of the aughts. This is how you reinvent a flailing girlgroup." Yeeeees, and I also completely agree about Mandy's long-version middle-8. Ugh, they never released that in actual studio form, have they? I know the vocals were used for the remixes, so there's that..

If you ever want to watch a german special about the girls with English subtitles, I found back this gem that disappeared from YouTube a few years ago:


Anybody who ever wonders what me and @GhettoPrincess have, just look below. We didn't even discuss our 11s at all and both discovered the gem with this rate.

Highest Score: 11 x 2 ( @GhettoPrincess, @DJHazey )​

Laughing at @iheartpoptarts's "black magic" iPod and also congratulating her for what I believe is her first 11 ever to win a rate!

@Sprockrooster -- amazing commentary for Hot Summer, kind of mirroring what I was going for with my Strictly Physical comments.

I loved every second of this rate @Vixen, you have a talent for it and I hope you plan to do another one down the road. Do you have any ideas for a future rate. You do wonderfully with pacing, giving information, posting videos, and especially how you react to great commentary and shade people for the questionable kind.
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It's definitely their signature song, so in that sense it makes sense to have it win. I know it'll be a great representation for them in the Winner's Rate!

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I can't be mad at Hot Summer winning as it just screamed winner from the moment I heard all their songs. However Say Yes beating Strictly Physical is a disgrace.

Thanks so much for an amazing rate though @Vixen, it's been full of discoveries and fun reveals.
Thank you Vixen for doing an excellent job with hosting! Your write-ups were always delightful to read.

The rate itself left me utterly speechless and flabberghasted at times, with singles leaving much, much sooner than I had expected and certain album tracks making the Top 10. A bonus track being placed this high is quite iconic, isn't it? Anyway, I'm really happy that "Hot Summer" won. It's the sole reason why were around for as long as they were and enabled them to do everything that came after it, redeeming them from the flop image they had after the ESC "debacle" and "Even Heaven Cries" "flop" (according to the press). Plus, I will never forget how stunned I was when they strutted down the catwalk on Germany's Next Topmodel finale. They convinced me there that they were the rightful winners of their season after I had had major issues with the final line up initially, only liking Bahar.
I am so glad you guys enjoyed the rate @DJHazey, @GhettoPrincess and @Conan . I really tried to be the best host I could and to present Monrose under the best light as possible!

I'll admit, though, that it's a lot of work, and I thought I was actually prepared and had a bit of advance regarding the whole thing because I did the artwork for every songs MONTHS before the rate started. However, it truly demanded quite some time, even after that. I was lucky because it's summer, so I had a bit more time for myself and I poured it into the rate. For these reasons, I'm not quite sure I would do another rate if it wasn't during summer time. (That being said, I would love to host the Pussycat Dolls rate.)

Either way, I wanna thank everyone who participated, sent votes and who posted in the thread - even if just every now and then. Of course, I wanna thank everyone who provided commentary as well thus and made for very interesting reveals. It was truly a joy to post here with all of you and it will be so weird now that it's all over and I won't be "seeing" some of you as often.

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I wasn't trying to, and I'm sorry. I take it all back! I was just trying to make Fifth Harmony's come faster!

I think @RainOnFire ideally wants to wait for them to either release more music or split. If they do a re-release then maybe we'll get it sooner but we shall see.