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▴ It's SHOWTIME! ▴ The Produce 101 Rate ▴ FINAL PLACE REVEALED ▴

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by roux, May 14, 2016.

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    National producers, we are gathered here today to look back on the iconic MNET survival show that was Produce 101. For anyone unfortunate enough not to know, Produce 101 was a show where 101 trainees from different entertainment companies across Korea showed their charms through song, dance and comedy in hopes of achieving their dream of debuting in a girl group.

    On April 1st 2016, after four long months of blood, sweat, tears, evil editing, injustice, more tears, starvation, fights over centre spot, controversies, and yet more tears - Jeon Somi, Kim Sejeong, Choi Yoojung, Kim Chungha, Kim Sohye, Zhou Jieqiong, Jung Chaeyeon, Kim Doyeon, Kang Mina, Lim Nayoung and Yu Yeunjung were chosen as the top 11, and formed the nation's new pride and joy - I.O.I.

    While I.O.I's popularity continues to grow (UPDATE July 2016: it's now plummeting), we must not forget their humble beginnings - performing without payment in desperate attempts to earn votes from the nation's producers. And now, we shall rate each and every one of those performances.

    Those that haven't watched Produce 101 can still participate, but I highly recommend you check out the show in full as well.

    A few notes before we begin:
    Rate each performance out of 10, and send your votes to me via PM.
    One 11/10 will be allowed per ballot, so choose wisely.
    Decimal points are allowed.
    Minus points are not, no matter how deserved.
    Comments along with your scores are encouraged. Like Representative Jang, we must stall the results for as long as possible with words.
    There will also be a chance to rate the trainees - I'll provide more details about this in the next post.
    There are lots of performances to get through, so the provisional deadline for your votes is June 30th.

    Okay boys and girls...

    It's SHOWTIME!




    1. In the Same Place
    2. Bang Bang
    3. Into the New World (Team 1)
    =4. Yanghwa BRDG
    =4. Fingertips
    6. Crush
    7. Growl


    8. Pick Me
    9. Irony (Team 1)
    10. Call Me Baby
    11. 24 Hours
    12. Say My Name
    13. Day By Day
    14. Full Moon


    15. Don't Matter
    16. Hot Issue (Team 1)
    17. Turtle Ship
    18. My Best
    19. Push Push (Team 2)
    20. You Look Good
    =21. Irony (Team 2)
    =21. Rhythm Ta
    23. Monster


    24. Me Gustas Tu
    25. Yum Yum
    26. Bad Girl Good Girl (Team 2)
    27. Fire (Team 1)
    28. Fire (Team 2)
    29. When the Cherry Blossoms Fade
    30. I Don't Know (Team 2)
    =31. Push Push (Team 1)
    =31. Break It (Team 2)
    33. Break It (Team 1)
    34. LA chA TA (Team 2)


    35. Ah (Team 1)
    36. I Don't Know (Team 1)
    37. Into the New World (Team 2)
    38. Bad Girl Good Girl (Team 1)
    39. LA chA TA (Team 1)
    40. Hot Issue (Team 2)
    41. Ah (Team 2)

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  2. BONUS!


    I've put together a master list of all of the contestants and their fan cams (their company performances are in post #5 and the full performances can be found in the first post)

    Same method applies - rate the trainees out of 10 (decimal points are allowed) based on whatever criteria you choose and then PM your scores to me.
    Please rate the Top 22 at the very least.
    Commentary with your scores is always encouraged.
    ▴ One 11/10 score will be allowed for your favourite trainee.
    Any trainees you don't rate will automatically receive a score of 0 and will forever remain in the F class.

    At the end, I'll reveal who would've made PopJustice's top 11.

    Ready? It's showtime etc.

    Key: PM = Pick Me A-F evaluation

    Top 11
    1. Jeon Somi JYP (PMInto the New WorldBang BangYum Yum)
    2. Kim Sejeong Jellyfish (PMIronyYanghwa BRDGFingertips)
    3. Choi Yoojung Fantagio (PMHot IssueBang BangYum Yum)
    4. Kim Chungha M&H (PMPush PushBang BangFingertips)
    5. Kim Sohye RedLine (PMIronyFull MoonIn the Same Place)
    6. Zhou Jieqiong PLEDIS (PMI Don't KnowFull Moon24 Hours)
    7. Jung Chaeyeon MBK (PMInto the New WorldFull MoonYum Yum)
    8. Kim Doyeon Fantagio (PMLA chA TABang BangIn the Same Place)
    9. Kang Mina Jellyfish (PMI Don't KnowSay My Name24 Hours)
    10. Lim Nayoung PLEDIS (PMAhSay My NameFingertips)
    11. Yu Yeonjung Starship (PMInto the New WorldDay by DayIn the Same Place)

    Top 22
    12. Han Hyeri Star Empire (PMHot IssueMe Gustas TuIn the Same Place)
    13. Lee Suhyun SS (PMHot IssueMonsterDon't Matter)
    14. Kim Nayoung Jellyfish (PMBreak ItYanghwa BRDG24 Hours)
    15. Kim Sohee Music Works (PMPush PushCall Me BabyIn the Same Place)
    16. Yoon Chaekyung DSP (PMInto the New WorldYanghwa BRDGIn the Same Place)
    17. Lee Haein SS (PMIronyMe Gustas TuDon't Matter)
    18. Park Soyeon LOEN (PMFireGrowlYum Yum)
    19. Ki Heehyun MBK (PMInto the New WorldRhythm TaFingertips)
    20. Jeon Soyeon CUBE (PMPush PushTurtle ShipDon't Matter)
    21. Jung Eunwoo PLEDIS (PMInto the New WorldCall Me BabyFingertips)
    22. Kang Sira Chungchun (PMPush PushMy BestIn the Same Place)
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  3. Top 35
    23. Ng Sze Kai Chorokbaem (PMPush PushRhythm TaFingertips)
    24. Kim Dani MBK (PMLA chA TABang BangYum Yum)
    25. Park Siyeon PLEDIS (PMI Don't KnowMe Gustas TuYum Yum)
    26. Heo Chanmi Dublekick (PMInto the New WorldMonsterYum Yum)
    27. Hwang Insun Show Works (PMBreak ItMy Best24 Hours)
    28. Seong Hyemin individual (PMLA chA TAMy Best24 Hours)
    29. Kang Yebin PLEDIS (PMBad Girl Good GirlTurtle Ship24 Hours)
    30. Kim Seokyung individual (PMAhBang BangDon't Matter)
    31. Lee Soomin Fantagio (PMFireMonster24 Hours)
    32. An Yeseul MAJESTY (PMPush PushCall Me BabyFingertips)
    33. Kim Hyeongeun KCONIC (PMBad Girl Good GirlYou Look GoodDon't Matter)
    34. Kim Juna Music K (PMFireDay by DayDon't Matter)
    35. Kwon Eunbin CUBE (PMI Don't KnowBang BangDon't Matter)

    Top 61
    36. Kang Siwon individual (PMAhSay My Name)
    37. Yoon Seohyung &August (PMBreak ItDay by Day)
    38. Park Haeyoung 2able (PMInto the New WorldGrowl)
    39. Hwang Sooyeon Happyface (PMHot IssueTurtle Ship)
    40. Kim Sihyun indivudual (PMFireSay My Name)
    41. Cho Shiyoon DSP (PMInto the New WorldDay by Day)
    42. Kim Minkyung PLEDIS (PMBad Girl Good GirlMonster)
    43. Park Sehee KCONIC (PMLA chA TAMy Best)
    44. Kim Minji KCONIC (PMFireYou Look Good)
    45. Kim Minjung individual (PMLA chA TAGrowl)
    46. Chu Yejin Fantagio (PMHot IssueDay By Day)
    47. Jung Haerim Fantagio (PMI Don't KnowMe Gustas Tu)
    48. Kang Kyungwon PLEDIS (PMInto the New WorldMonster)
    49. Oh Seojung M&H (PMBad Girl Good GirlYanghwa BRDG)
    50. Kim Taeha Starship (PMI Don't KnowMe Gustas Tu)
    51. Park Hayi Canistar (PMIronyGrowl)
    52. Park Gaeul Astory (PMFireGrowl)
    53. Yu Sua MJ (PMHot IssueGrowl)
    54. Lee Jinhee KCONIC (PMLA chA TAMonster)
    55. Ariyoshi Risa Tipping (PMAhDay by Day)
    56. Hwang Ayoung Happyface (PMI Don't KnowYou Look Good)
    57. Lim Jungmin YAMA&HOTCHICKS (PMBad Girl Good GirlGrowl)
    58. Kim Yeonkyung MIDAS (PMFireMy Best)
    59. Lee Younseo CUBE (PMHot IssueSay My Name)
    60. Shim Chaeeun Starship (PMLA chA TATurtle Ship)
    61. Kang Sihyeon Star Empire (PMIronyRhythm Ta)
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  4. the rest
    Annyeong Music Kim Daejeong (PMBad Girl Good Girl)
    Blessing Kim Dohee (PMAh) Kim Solee (PM Break It) Bang Joonhee (PMBreak It) Oh Han Areum (PM Break It) Ahn Yumi (PM Push Push)
    FM Yun Yudam (PMBreak It)
    ECUBE Kim Seola (PMPush Push)
    Happyface Kim Hongeun (PMHot Issue) Kim Jisung (PMBad Girl Good Girl) Kim Sihyeon (PMFire) Lee Suhyeon (PMI Don't Know) Kim Jaeyeon (PMAh) Kim Woojung (PMBad Girl Good Girl)
    LOUDers Kim Boseon (PMHot Issue) Lee Seojeong (PMIrony) Hwang Seyoung (PMLA chA TA)
    M2 Project Pyun Kangyoon (PMBreak It)
    MAJESTY Niwa Shiori (PMFire)
    Magic Fresh Company Nam Sujin (PMPush Push) Park Minji (PMBreak It)
    MIDAS Shin Hyeyeon (PMAh) Lee Chaelin (PMPush Push) Choi Yubin (PMIrony) Katherine Lee (PMIrony) Han Jiyeon (PMBreak It)
    MJ Project Kim Miso (PMHot Issue) Heo Saem (PMFire)
    Mystic Kim Suhyun (PMI Don't Know)
    NEXTLEVEL Lee Seheun (PMBad Girl Good Girl)
    Nextar Choi Eunbin (PMBad Girl Good Girl) Moon Hyunju (PMIrony)
    nh emh Hwang Riyu (PMAh)
    SS Seo Hyelin (PMI Don't Know)
    Star Empire Kim Yunji (PMLA chA Ta)
    Star Planet Ham Yeji (PMIrony)
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  5. I was going to include the company performances from episodes 1 & 2 but given how laggy a lot of them seem to be for anyone outside of Korea, I've decided to leave them out. But if you have super duper fast internet and still want to watch, they're all here:

    Company Evaluations
    &August Good Day
    101 DOORS Red
    2able Company Dear Future Husband
    Astory Atlantis Princess
    Annyeong Music Bubble Pop!
    Blessing Glass Bead
    Cani Star Nobody (Remix)
    Chorokbaem Juna Only You
    Chungchun Music Twinkle
    CMG Chorok Stars MTBD
    CUBE Crazy
    DSP Mr
    FM Bubble Pop!
    Dublekick Don't Stop The Music
    ECUBE Media Joolae
    Fantagio Glass Bead
    Happyface I Got A Boy
    Individual Trainees (Group 1) Happiness
    Individual Trainees (Group 2) Never Ever
    Jellyfish Something New
    JYP Lips Are Movin'
    Kconic 1tym
    LOEN Leon
    LOUDers Crazy
    M&H 24 Hours
    M2 Project Only You
    MAJESTY Short Hair
    Magic Fresh Company Heart Attack
    MBK Bad Girl Good Girl
    MIDAS Two of Us
    MJ Project MTBD
    Music K Who You Are
    Music Works Nobody
    Mystic Be My Baby
    Nextar Come Back Home
    nh emh Come Back Home
    PLEDIS Bang!
    RedLine Somehow
    Show Works Touch Me
    SS Catellena
    Star Empire Cinderella
    Star Planet Company Only You
    Starship I Swear
    Tipping Pledge
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  6. This looks like a lot of fun, and shouldn't take too much time for me because I've already watched most performances loads. Not sure if I'll be rating the contestants though!
  7. Yasssssssssssssssss
  8. I need to stop myself giving everything post Concept Evaluation a 10.
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  9. Tweaked the trainees rate bit - instead of going through them all (you still can if you want), just pick your top 11 and rank them in order from best to worst.
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  10. Oh lord. I was just wrapping up my second viewing of the series and now this. My roommate will be THRU with me after all this kpop I'm putting him through.
  11. Aw i kinda wanna do them all.
  12. welp I should've thought this through more. How about...

    Rate them out of 10 (and one 11), but you'd need to rate a minimum of 11 trainees?
  13. In The Same Place to sweep this please.

    That HORRID performance of Monster can be the first one out.
  14. I wanna frame your posts OP, this is amazing, I too dumb for rates, but this is a fabulous wiki for performances from Produce 101. Thank you!
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  15. This is amazing - thank you! Will start ASAP.
  16. He


    I might get two PJ-outsider girlfriends to do this, is that ok?
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  18. He


    Sadly one of them stans Somi, but I still accept her the way she is.

    I'm such a good friend.
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  19. The more the merrier, as I was worried it would be a low turnout. In fact I'm so desperate for scores they could come from Somi and even Kim Juna stans.
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  20. I'm kind of a Juna stan now that I've forgotten what a twat she is.
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