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▴ It's SHOWTIME! ▴ The Produce 101 Rate ▴ FINAL PLACE REVEALED ▴

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by roux, May 14, 2016.

  1. I'm seeing this decision to, not only wink-grimace whilst wearing a box of Rice Krispies bars over your head crouched in a (hopefully giant?) shopping trolley but then also choose it as your best promo shot and my only reaction is:


    Lord have mercy on this poor deranged child's soul.

    Yoo Jung was incredible for TV & a great rapper/dancer since to boot.
  2. Aww, this means that Insun isn't in the Top 3.... shame on you all.

    (Because surely the Top 3 is going to be Sejeong, Yeunjung, and Chungha, in that order?)
  3. [​IMG]
    (later tonight)
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  4. Top 3 time. We're past the mere mortals and into the out-of-this-world God-tier...



    3. Yu Yeonjung Starship 9.182
    Produce 101 rank: 11 (+8) Votes: 11 High: 11 Low: 6
    Performances: I SwearPick MeInto the New WorldDay by DayIn the Same Place

    Here at PopJustice we stan talent. And in this rare case, so did the Korean general public sort of


    Even her competitors couldn't get enough of her voice


    No one else in the competition rose to greatness quite like Yoo Yeonjung did.


    Let us once again listen to the reason why:

    and again

    and again

    Announced in typically MNET-style dramatic fashion as the 11th and final member of IOI, Yeonjung was a beacon of hope to all of us that wanted to believe that despite the evil editing, the plastic surgeries and the popularity contests - talent prevailed above all

    but then jealous Somi stans netizens and YMC came along and ruined it for everyone


    Because being visibly happy at achieving your dream is a crime, Yeonjung was severely punished in the worst way possible - she got Chanmi'd. Edited almost or even completely out of music videos, live performances and TV appearances - even when Yeonjung was the only saving grace of an otherwise garbage TV show, we barely got to see it.

    It was a cry for help.


    The final straw was when details of IOI's "subunit" were first announced and every member other than those who had already debuted (Chaeyeon/Sejeong/Mina) was included except for Yeonjung. Outrage ensued, but little did we know that Starship were here to save the day and avenge all the wrongdoings that had been done to our beloved Yeonjung.


    The addition of Yeonjung to WJSN brought the group more attention, but Starship refused make the same mistakes that YMC did. Yeonjung now gets a much fairer share of screentime without detracting from the rest of the group, and she played an important role in one of the best songs, MVs and overall comebacks of the year so far:

    Everything in this stunning music video centres around them welcoming asteroid shooting star Yeonjung's blessed arrival to their planet*

    *Scientifically inaccurate. Don't @ me.

    Yeonjung seems much happier these days because WJSN appreciates her, and so do we.

    The future looks bright and fabulous


    "THE VOCALS, the centre drama with that filthy Linebacker, the salty netizen tears... Yeonjung had a rough road to reach the top. Thank goodness she made it. Poor Sejeong can't carry IOI's vocals alone." - D is for Danger!

    "Best singer in the competition. It would have been an outrage if she had not made it in." - ThighHighs

    "My misunderstood queen." - Mikl C

    "I'm still speechless bc of all of her vocal slayage" - @snakesiyeon

    "THE VOICE. Girl can dish out high notes at will, and still look cute while doing so. She is decent at dancing and always looks like she is having a blast on stage. Hope she is enjoying life in the Cosmic Girls basement*" - He

    *I'll forgive this inaccuracy since it was written before the masterpiece that is Secret was released

    "The insecure vocal powerhouse, I was very annoyed with her for some reason (mainly because she seemed a little spineless during her rivalry with Juna), but I quickly got over it because she is just a damn amazing vocalist, probably the best on the show. I'm not here for YMC's treatment of her, and I hate the fact that she's going to end her year in I.O.I and have.... a group with 12 other girls to fall back into??? Girl needs her own Sistar, she has to be the Hyorin! Her adlibs in Crush made the song for me, btw. She was amazing." - ajmkv

    "I was kinda a Yeonjung anti on the show, but now that she's not a threat I like her. Queen of In the Same Place." - @pledislegends

    "I can't deny her singing ability. But she just came across like a brat - wanting to be main vocal and being unhappy when the other girls voted for June to be main vocal. Instead of being a professional and moving on, she just sulked. And then, she acted all coy when they were selecting the main vocalist for 'In The Sam Place', even though she knew they were going to ask her. It was just annoying." - singabob
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  5. He


    The nerve of calling Yeunjung annoying!

    Forgive me, @roux, this was written as she was shafted from the subunit, and I was extremely pressed about it. Secret and the video (her 2 seconds in it) are amazing; she also sings like 2/3rds of the song, as she should.
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  6. Has anyone done a YouTube video that loops Yeonjung's big note from In The Same Place for ten minutes yet? Icanheargod.gif
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  7. Wasn't that just the MNET tv edit (interspersed with Yoojung crying & Chanmi evil-eyeing)? They love a good endless loop does South Korea.

    Also YeunJung is the true Serpentitan of P101. She's only #3 to replicate the holy trinity teebs.
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  9. Who were her high and low scorers?
  10. He


    She actually has no name, according to the Chrysalis booklet.
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  11. He


    I'm pretty sure you can guess from the comments, haha.

    But yeah, @roux, shame us a bit!
  12. I hope he'll release individual results to shame us all!
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  13. Goddess Yeunjung, blessing us all with her presence. I would be upset at her placing if the (extremely obvious) top 2 wasn't so flawless.
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  14. [​IMG]

    @ajmkv was right, the top 2 is extremely obvious


    In true JKS fashion I will be planning on dragging this out for as long as possible, so please anticipate the announcement of #1 and leader centre main vocal of the group at some point in the next 6 weeks.


    and don't forget the all-important 11th place to follow in early 2017.​
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  15. [​IMG]












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  16. Actually I got an e-mail from Park Jinyoung himself about 6 days ago and then I decided to change the voting rules on a whim so the real winner is

  17. How very YMC of you to have Yebin as the winner but focus all the attention and camera time on Risa xo
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  18. I did wonder if anyone did actually notice that Yebin hasn't been placed yet.
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  19. There's no way she's in the top 11, though, right? I feel like Hyeri has it in the bag. I would have said Nayoung as the dark horse, but it seems everyone else hates ha. Auntie Insun is now the dark horse.
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