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▴ It's SHOWTIME! ▴ The Produce 101 Rate ▴ FINAL PLACE REVEALED ▴

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by roux, May 14, 2016.

  1. He


    I'm guessing Chungha is #1, since there is at least one Sejeong hater and maybe a couple who don't love her.

    Yebin might as well be in too, since there are some Pledizzz Girlzz stans. I love her, and would prefer her to Cathy. But I would also prefer Insun to be in, too, and not Hyeri or Lim Nayoung.
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  2. Ugh, YeunJung should have beat Sejeong. Like she does in singing dancing and not being a twat.
  4. Sejeong is much more likeable and natural again now that she only has to pretend to be friends with Somi once every fortnight or so.
  5. He



    Her forced smile was painful in Dream Girls.

    She is great in her many variety show appearances.
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  6. I honestly believe the old man-ish personality is genuine - you see it a lot more with gugudan outside of the music video/performances.

    The forced aegyo really is hard to watch though. Rewatching the Something New, Irony and Fingertips performances a lot recently reminded me just how charming she can be naturally be without having to resort to the textbook aegyo poses. And of course that voice.
  7. This is more of a mind fuck than any of the curveballs Mnet has thrown at us. I'm perched.
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  8. He


    Her opening pose/smile for the Immortal Song performance is hilariously cute, you can clearly see her going: oh dear, this is too silly but I'll go ahead anyway...

    Sadly she is expected to use those poses, they are fixtures of every freaking performance for most groups, more so nowadays. It seems Jellyfish doesn't get her, they hide her forehead (a crime!) and force her to be cute.

    Imagine taking a shot every time groups do that hand-closing pose close to their face.
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  9. Yup. Along with Hyeri, Kim Nayoung, Hwang Insun...
  10. 14 - Kim Naaaaaahyoung
    13 - Who Hyeri
    12 - Kang Yessssbin
    11 - The venerable and elderly Ms. Hwang

    Please and thank you.
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  11. I've deleted your scores and recalculated appropriately.
  13. MAYBE tonight

    more likely tomorrow since there's 2 to post
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  14. [​IMG]
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  15. REVEAL
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  16. REVEAL x2
  17. He


    Crown Yebin as the rightful number 1, already.
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  18. Hacks into Roux's computer and steals final results
  19. No need! The result is IMMINENT...
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