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▴ It's SHOWTIME! ▴ The Produce 101 Rate ▴ FINAL PLACE REVEALED ▴

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by roux, May 14, 2016.

  1. (tonight, I promise this time)
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  2. [​IMG]
    I'm that excited.

    EDIT: Whoooaaaaah it's been posted! Panic stations

    EDIT EDIT: oh.
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  3. [​IMG]

    Enough with the teasing!
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  4. fuck off roux
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  5. He


    I howled all the way through that post!

    Chungha's face photoshoped in is too much.

    Deceased at the non reveal.
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  6. [​IMG]







    1. Kim Chungha M&H 9.841
    Produce 101 rank: 4 (+3) Votes: 11 High: 11 Low: 9
    Performances: 24 Hours Pick Me Push Push Bang Bang Fingertips


    If I had to describe Chungha in one word, it would be


    and she certainly knows how to make an entrance


    Forever humble, Chungha never complained unless something was truly unjust.


    Despite her improv. dance in the auditions going viral, the general public just didn't seem to appreciate her.

    But Chungha kept letting her talent do the talking and the nation's producers were well and truly won over after Bang Bang - her second performance to go viral - which she choreographed herself.

    Not to mention, she somehow did all of this despite fucking her ankle up early in the competition.


    She was admired and adored by her fellow trainees


    and was shaman Kahi's favourite


    Sometimes it's hard to find the words to describe how good she is


    But perhaps it was Sohye who said it best


    "Nawt the best dancer in the competition being one of the best singers. Flawless queen." - Mikl C

    "Queen of Dancing, English, and Vocals! Star POWER right here." - ThighHighs

    "She's just perfect. I want to be friends with her." - singabob

    "The complete package. I was rooting for her since her evaluation. She scalped the entire globe with her impromptu dance to Ms Carter. She also choreographed the entire Bang Bang routine. That deserves major props. Finally, let's not forget her ass did this...

    [​IMG]" - D is for Danger!

    "A TRUE UNDERDOG. RAGS TO RICHES. She shot up in the rankings solely on her talent. And the other girls?*" - @pledislegends

    *@pledislegends has since agreed to write an apology letter to Yeonjung for ignoring her rise from #63 as opposed to Chungha's #39

    "I loved her, she rocked every challenge she was in. After her "I'm so shy, eotteoke" - proceeds to destroy her "random" Beyoncé dance ~~~ moment, I could tell she was going to be in the group, even though he took a while to rise in the rankings. Bang Bang was her shining moment, and I'm happy she ultimately made I.O.I. She would make an incredible solo star." - ajmkv

    "Chungha is perfection. She is really a performing machine, a great leader, sexy and pretty, and she is a good singer!!! (just don’t Yeunjung notes live again, bb). She continually showed how much better she could be and basically outperformed all her peers on the show. I hope someone steals her from M&H." - He

    "ended me every time she stepped on stage. I don't think she sang a note during this whole show but she looked and danced great!" - @snakesiyeon

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  7. And we can't forget our runner-up


    2. Kim Sejeong Jellyfish 9.273
    Produce 101 rank: 2 (=) Votes: 11 High: 11 Low: 6
    Performances: Something New Pick Me Irony Yanghwa BRDG Fingertips


    We were already impressed with the Jellyfish girls in 'Something New', but it turned out that was only a fraction of what Sejeong could do


    Her pure charisma in Irony, stunning vocals in Yanghwa BRDG and kind actions towards talent black hole Kim Sohye captured the hearts of the nation's producers, and God Sejeong rightfully secured the #1 ranking during the best parts of Produce 101.

    Sadly nothing lasts forever, and watching Sejeong reduce herself to forced aegyo in the abomination that is Dream Girls was the final straw.

    Less than two months after debuting with IOI, Jellyfish decided it was time to cash in on/rescue (delete where applicable) their most prized asset and Sejeong re-debuted with Gugudan.


    The move split opinion, but at least now Sejeong doesn't have the struggle of pretending to like her members and she gets to be part of a vocal line rather than a vocal colon.

    Despite her unusual ahjussi personality, Sejeong is already on her way to becoming one of Korea's favourite idols - rubbing shoulders (and arm wrestling) with the girl group elite

    Even Sunny knows her name


    She's mad because Sejeong's fringe is back even though everyone knows she looks better without it


    Looks like Sohye's prediction is already coming true



    "God Sejeong is just the best in my eyes. She really held Somi’s incredible popularity lead at bay for a good while, and she did it just with he talents and charm, she was amazing at most times and sooo likeable. Younjung and her make an amazing vocal duo. Most charming contestant by much." - He

    "God Sejeong! So sweet and talented. She seemed like the hardest worker there and I'm so glad she did well." - ThighHighs

    "Great voice, gorgeous looks, great personality and all around good person. Sejeong taking her time to teach Sohye the Irony routine will be one of the shining moments of the show. Let's not forget her amazing performances like Yanghwa Bridge and Irony. She did fade a bit into the background when the groups got way too big (Crush, Fingertips, IOI), but she still pulled her own and made what little time she got shine." - D is for Danger!

    "Amazing vocals etc. Thought about docking a point for being a shaky dancer but then I watched Irony and Yanghwa Bridge again and HEY HERE'S A 10" - @snakesiyeon

    "Vocals are great, dancing could be better. Visual is all over the place. But she's sweet." - Mikl C

    "She was beautiful, kind, and super talented, but at some point her over-the-top generosity started to seem a little staged. As much as I love her, I couldn't give her full marks even though she was arguably one of the best all-rounders in this show. Again, why is she in a group with a gaggle of girls? This girl needs to front a quarter, or even a quintet at max! She barely gets any time to shine in I.O.I and Gugudan!" - ajmkv

    "GodSejeong Queen of Jellyfish, kindness, and being #2. Her Irony performance was one of the best on the show. Actually every performance she served us talent minus Fingertips. -3 for disappearing in the Fingertips group." - @pledislegends

    "Completely overrated. She seemed disingenuous. She's a good singer but there were better singers. There's a good reason why Kang Sira was chosen to sing the middle 8 part of 'Crush' over her and why she has less parts than Eunwoo and Yeseul in 'Fingertips' despite being the main singer." - singabob

    There you have it, folks. Our winner





    Han Hyeri, Hwang Insun, Kang Yebin and Kim Nayoung - who will take the all-important 11th place?

    Find out...eventually.
  8. He


    Amazing top 2! Chungha totally deserves that number 1.

    Loved the write up and montages.

    That bitterness against Sejeong, though.

    Screaming at Yebin in that final group.
  9. Chungha is flawless, I've heard she does choreography for car commercials - in Japan.

    Very worthy top 3 on talent alone an honestly they're all kinda too good for this nugu cutesy hell companies are turning to right now. Sejeong especially seemed like a typical teen with alt music tastes who knew the only way to breakout into the industry was this path but was baffled & low key frustrated with the swarm around her. I bet Stone Pigeon Nayoung & God Sejeong had a lot of trashing to do backstage...

  10. He


    I would love to hear the older girls trash talking YMC et al. The alcohol CF gals.
  11. Flawless Top 2, and flawless winner. Well-done everyone! Now, let's please have Auntie (or Yebin) round out the Top 11 and this rate will be perfect.
  12. Yet Mina still got all the lines in Wonderland.
  13. I find it hilarious how Sejeong was smiling through the distain during Dream Girls and to our assumption it was because it was too 'cutesy' and then she re-debuts with Gugudan and a single that seems directly aimed for a Disney movie.
  14. The good news is Gugudan has potential - if every group's debut was the be-all and end-all, most wouldn't last for a full year, a bit like IOI.
  15. He


    The whole Gugudan concept is so bad though, I hope the revamp / delete it it for their next comeback.

    And kick half of the members out.
  16. You know a group isn't confined to the same concept for their entire career, right?

    The thought behind their whole name/number thing is pretty clever, and the theatre concept (concept as in actual idea, not so much in the k-pop sense) is pretty clever too. If they're still doing Disney in 3-4 songs time I'd probably lose interest but there's an endless supply of films/stories/plays they could base their concepts (the k-pop kind) on.

    Harry Potter is ruled out though, DIA sort of stole it.
  17. OMG dead at that photo of Risa.

    *adds to folder of kpop idols with lipstick on their teeth*

    Chungah really is the full package. Once IOI is done with, I hope she can find success.
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  18. He


    Of course I know that.

    I just meant I'd rather them become interesting sooner than later. I won't be following too many more comebacks if the music is this uninteresting/bland.

    Anyways, where's the joint 11th place of Insun / Yebin?
  19. This 11th place is honestly more exciting than the entire top 10. Hyeri or Insun to snatch it.
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