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▴ It's SHOWTIME! ▴ The Produce 101 Rate ▴ FINAL PLACE REVEALED ▴

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by roux, May 14, 2016.

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    Anything for Insun to get some recognition.

    Wait, so who is in IOI PJ so far?
  2. [​IMG]
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    Amazing. I love Haein is in.
  4. I could've put her in the "higher" place even though she was joint with Doyeon but I figured it was more appropriate to have her in the centre.
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    Desperate unnie needs the center, especially post Irony.
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    If Insun isn't in the Top 11 over that bland beige ahjumma, I'm disowning this forum.
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  7. You gave Hwang Sooyeon a lower score.
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  8. The shade throws itself.
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  9. I've been saying this since June, when it started, but I'm not ready for this rate to be over! Season 2 can't come quickly enough.

    It isn't coming at all, is it?
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  10. Allegedly there's a boys' version next year (they're forgetting Boys24 ever happened) but if the level of talent is the same as on Boys24 then it really will be a disaster.
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  11. The final result will be posted Sunday night, purposely clashing with The X Factor.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Wait did Boys24 ever come to a conclusion or even form a band?
  13. [​IMG]


    The final result is imminent...​
  14. [​IMG]


    11. Hwang Insun Show Works 7.809
    Produce 101 rank: 27 (+16) Votes: 11 High: 10 Low: 5.5
    Performances: Touch MePick MeBreak ItYanghwa BRDG24 Hours


    She made us laugh, she made us cry - it's everyone's favourite Auntie Hwang Insun who takes the final spot in our top 11. And she doesn't half make a great speech



    She knows what the public wants


    and isn't afraid to judge what they don't


    Even though she's low-key ruthless...


    and if she's taken down, she'll drag you with her...


    she still uses her character for the greater good. Recently she invited many forgotten Produce 101 girls to appear on a special live episode of Hwang Imo TV which nobody watched, but it was the thought that counts.

    But it wasn't the first time she'd helped out a group of nobodies. She created a series highlight on stage by leading the My Best team - proving that ignorance truly is bliss with a song that nobody knew.

    Universally adored, only Auntie Insun could put a song out this terrible and we'd still be happy for her

    Congratulations to our auntie - the queen of neck scarves


    "AUNTIE. She elevated this show. Not only did she have the talent, but she also had the (dare I say it?) best personality in this show. If Kang Sira had had this personality she would have made the Top 11, I'm sure. Auntie was so endearing that I started looking forward to the episodes mainly because of her. She needs to be a host or something, and she needs to make her way to all the variety shows because watching her is such a joy! Not to mention that she was the shining star in 24 Hours, which was initially my favorite from the concept evaluations. She should have made the group!" - ajmkv

    "President of the granny club, and reigning Queen of EDM, Auntie Insun was amazing. She had actual pipes, could dance well, and that personality!" - He

    "Yas auntie, **** us with your vocals and hilarity." - Mikl C

    "I'm glad she became a thing toward the end of the show and got her solo debut bc she's hilarious and pretty talented" - @snakesiyeon

    "Geriatric queen. So gladv this show was there to provide her with the lilypad to launch her into a career of variety shows." - ThighHighs

    "Auntie Insun provided some great TV moments. 24 Hours was her best performance." - D is for Danger!

    "Miss u and luv u auntie." - @pledislegends

    "Everyone should listen to her intro in 'Break It' whenever you want a laugh." - singabob

    and to our unlucky 12th place


    12. Kim Nayoung Jellyfish 7.796
    Produce 101 rank: 14 (+2) Votes: 11 High: 9 Low: 5
    Performances: Something NewPick MeBreak ItYanghwa BRDG24 Hours


    The final member of the holy Jellyfish trifecta narrowly misses out on the top 11. Some will blame her for riding on the "Sejeong bus" as it was known, but what is life if it you can't enjoy it with friends?


    I'm sure she had a great time, mostly at Kang Mina's expense


    But don't you dare say Nayoung was only here to ride on Sejeong's coattails - she fought on her own for this


    ...sadly for Nayoung, now we know that anyone who fights Haein will definitely lose.

    Kim Nayoung was arguably the unluckiest trainee of all. Stuck with a literal group of leftovers for the group battles, her team lost by the narrowest of margins.


    In the next evaluation, she sacrificed votes for her musical integrity


    and after the mysterious voting change? Well, we all know how that went


    Anyway, now she's a denim model


    People continue to complain about Gugudan as if Wonderland is the only song they'll ever release (seriously did nobody hear some of the tragic debut songs by now-incredibly-successful groups in the first battles on P101?) but that first Jellyfish performance should serve as a reminder to us all that the potential for them is huge.

    IOI might be nearing their expiry date, but Gugudan are not. I hope they will get the last laugh


    "Underrated and couldn't get a break. She should have made it into the group." - ThighHighs

    "the unluckiest person on the show, but a legend nonetheless." - @snakesiyeon

    "I liked her, but she was clearly riding on the coattails of Sejeong and Mina. Arguably the second best vocalist of the 3 Jellyfish trainees, I thought the raspy quality of her vocals were great. She got her moment to shine during Yanghwa. I don't think she would have fit into the group though." - D is for Danger!

    "Good vocal and dance. She does look SIGNIFICANTLY older than she is though. Like.. a good 10 years." - Mikl C

    "aw, poor Nayoung, not as talented as Sejeong nor as cute as Mina, she never had a chance when the voting system changed. She was still very good at commanding attention on her own, but 24hours killed her." - He

    "Great singer. Kind of boring, though. Doesn't she have the most $ucce$$ out of all the girls this year, though, with her feature in an OST song or something? Shows how much Korea likes beige but talented vocalists..." - ajmkv (different Kim Nayoung)

    "The most tragic character in all of Produce 101(minus the girls who literally had no screentime). Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Made poor choices throughout the show but she was still top 14 so. Hope she enjoys being gugudan’s subvocal 8." - @pledislegends

    and since it's the last result, we no longer have to listen to what singabob says.
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  15. And there we have it. All 101 trainees ranked


    Thank you to everyone that followed both rates and took the time to send in scores and commentary.

    If it's anything like IOI after Produce 101, our lives are all downhill from here.​
  16. That's singabob drag at the end is priceless.

    Poor Han Hyeri is the Gretchen Wieners of PD101. Didn't make the cut twice by the narrowest of margins!

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  17. [​IMG]
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  18. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Thank you, @roux, for this iconic rate. I followed this rate even when I was still a PJ lurker. Even though I haven't watched P101, I still really enjoyed this and I might actually watch that show now thanks to this rate.

    I hope that you do another rate soon because I want to be a part of your iconic rates. xx
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  19. I'll be posting some averages/others stats shortly (because @He loves that kind of thing) but first...

    We have that apology letter right here:

  20. He



    This rate was amazing, I'm so sad it's over. What an outstanding effort, @roux.

    I will make more comments later on.
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