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▴ It's SHOWTIME! ▴ The Produce 101 Rate ▴ FINAL PLACE REVEALED ▴

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by roux, May 14, 2016.

  1. He


    Oh my God, am I the ugly Cathy hater?


    I like her, actually.

    Kudos on your second fave, @pledislegends.
  2. Average scores (+ number of trainees rated):
    ThighHighs: 7.932 (44)
    @IUserious: 7.6 (35)
    Mikl C: 7.448 (40)
    He: 6.827 (37)
    D is for Danger!: 6.7 (35)
    @Gaslet: 6.418 (33)
    roux: 6.275 (70)
    ajmkv: 6.057 (101!)
    @snakesiyeon: 5.754 (61)
    @pledislegends: 4.910 (61)
    singabob: 4.624 (97)

    Most 11s:
    Kim Sejeong (2 - He, @IUserious)
    Yu Yeonjung (2 - roux, Mikl C)
    Park Siyeon (2 - ajmkv, @snakesiyeon)

    Most 10s:
    Kim Chungha (6 - Mikl C, ThighHighs, @snakesiyeon, singabob, He, @IUserious)

    Biggest climb from PD101 ranking to PJ101 ranking:
    Moon Hyunju (+27) but out of people who got more than 2 votes:
    Ariyoshi Risa (+17)

    Biggest drop from PD101 ranking to PJ101 ranking:
    Jeon Somi (-26)

    And some notable changes if we disregard the 0s given for missing votes:
    Kim Minkyung and Kim Hyeongeun would have entered the top 20 at #18 and #20 respectively.
    Kang Siwon would have finally broken the curse and made it into the Top 35 in 26th place.
    Jeon Somi would've dropped all the way down to 31st.

    and, most heartbreakingly of all:
    Hwang Sooyeon would've made it into the Top 11 in 5th place.
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  3. Originally I was going to post people's Top 11s but there's too many cases of there being 4+ people being joint 10th/11th.
  4. Although it took a year ala MNet this is my fave thread and it upsets me it's done. Perfect ending.
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  5. Can we literally just watch the show again? It is FIRE PLAY would get a fucking 10 from me rn.
  6. My next plan was to do a post-Produce 101 song rate, but

    a) not enough songs
    b) I'd rig it so that CIVA wins
  7. He


    But In the Same Place and Secret...

    And Dream Girls.
  8. Technically ITSP was during Produce 101 - every performance of the song after the show has been awful and insulting to the original.
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  9. Ok but can pledislegends join the forum.
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  10. do it
  11. Roux this was truly the best. Thank you.

    I don't like the final lineup but at least some other amazing girls got in... Well Haein anyway.
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  12. This really has been the pinnacle of rate-splendour. I felt I got to know 80% more contestants than MNET would allow me to so thank you for serving up a lil Roux-demption.

    And enough about the A-Class - could you imagine the B Class as their own band? MS.Fitz UNITE!
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  13. The B class is essentially a Pledis Girlz subunit I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_ I'm here for it though
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  14. He


    Right, I didn't read properly.

    Well, Secret, Whatta Man... I've come around to Wonderland, too.

    I'd be down also for a C-team group, lead by Sohye, and under her own agency.
  15. He


    So when and how are we making the book compiling this excellent rate?
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  16. Oh my God @roux , this was an amazing rate and I'm so sad it's over. The results were so good, well done everybody! My baby Siyeon missing the Top 11, but still having the (joint) most 11s, so satisfying.


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  18. He


    Can we start over?
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  19. I started reading this thread about two hours ago and just finished it (and it's 3 AM now n n n). So iconic and fun to read. @LOOΠΔ Will you do the post-P101 songs rate in the future ? I want to participate in an iconic rate hosting by you.
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  20. It's a possibility, but I don't know if people who participated previously would be willing to again, and the turnout was pretty low to begin with.
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