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▴ It's SHOWTIME! ▴ The Produce 101 Rate ▴ FINAL PLACE REVEALED ▴

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by roux, May 14, 2016.

  1. I would definitely, definitely participate. This rate was incredible and you were a fantastic host, so I would love to participate in one of your rates again!
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  2. He's not here anymore.
  3. Wait, again? I have missed quite a bit, I see!
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  4. He


    I didn't even know. Ha.
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  5. Yeah and we had a really nice conversation in his last hour. He told me that I'm a fake person who joined the evil members of this sub-forum to get some like.

    That's what you get when you try to help someone, I guess.
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  6. Scream, what happened?
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  7. All I have to say to that is...
  8. Well to be honest, I was nice to him when he became a jerk and everyone were against him because I thought maybe he's in a bad situation in life or something and needs some help. I talked to a moderator and that was probably the reason they let him have Loona account. But as you know last week he became awful again, and I tried to help him again and told him that he should stop being negative and he told me this :

    if you don't see the clear mob mentality in that thread then I guess you've rejoined them for the sake of getting likes. Thanks for the fake concern while it lasted.

    I tried to change his mind but he said this to me again and again. And then the mods banned him because of his %100 negative attitude.
  9. I mean, honestly it seems like roux has some problems with some people in this forum that he (or she) is not willing to let go of, and that's unfortunate because he was a huge part of this sub-forum and more often than not he made great contributions (like this rate). None of us will probably ever know what's going on in his life or what his real personality is like, so we can't really make any assumptions about him, but I hope that he's all right. I'm disappointed that he couldn't stay above the negativity this time but I wish him well.

    @Alouder98 it's lovely of you to have been kind to him. I'm sad that he lashed out at you at the very end.
  10. I liked him a lot, he was one of the best contributers of the sub-forum. I think the problem wasn't the sub-forum. He brought his negativity to other sub-forums like TV + Film too. And he was acting like everyone are evils and he's the only good person here.

    I hope he's doing great.
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  11. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member


    @Alouder98 babe, don't listen to him. You are quite literally the nicest person in the whole subforum. You never start drama and honestly that's a difficult feat to pull off in this forum.

    As for roux/LOONA, sis, I hope you're doing better. I never outright hated you (or joined this mob mentality narrative that you're pushing). You were once such a joy in this forum. Yes, you had moments of being annoying but never to the degree that you displayed these past few months. I was hoping you'd come back to your former self so we could be buddies again (and drag Somi once in a while dddddd). But it never happened and I honestly just gave up on you.

    I wish you the best. I mean it. I really do.

    You're probably gonna come back in a few months time, aren't you?
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  12. I'm sorry but what's this "mob mentality" re-writing? We all loved roux until he started literally coming for us individually out of nowhere for no reason, so I won't really support this martyr rhetoric.
  13. He


    Yes, he was amazing and this rate proves it. We even DMed for a bit.

    But he started showing a bit of impatience to our carefree approach to k-pop, which I did not mind as much but made me want to engage less with him.

    What got him banned again? He was ok in in the general discussing thread.

    Also, @Alouder98, you're the sweetest.
  14. If he comes back again I hope he at least picks a better group to name himself after.
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  15. It wasn't a single thing. He was doing good until last week that he started being salty again specially after the K.A.R.D video and Twice teasers* and finally he posted that Seohyun video for the 2564th time because he thought people were purposely re-posting his posts and mods banned him from the General Thread. And then he made the '' Why you deleted the bullying thread'' thread which caused the him permanently ban.

    * It was funny when I asked him why he's being like this and he should respect other's opinions, he answered like this ( he wasn't wrong about Twice, though) kii :

  16. He


    Yeah, he just takes it too seriously when I think we are all happy to call Twice talentless but still bop to their great songs; also he stans that dreadful Loona project, with 1 good song out of 100 releases.

    His issue with KARD is a bit strange, especially blaming BM for things his brother said, jumping the gun on that n-word debacle, or getting worked up about them not having Korean fans.

    I hope he is doing well and nothing is really troubling him, though, because he could be quite fun and insightful.
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