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It's the K3 Singles Rate!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by WhenTheSunGoesDown, Nov 28, 2016.


    It's the rate you've all been waiting for! No, this isn’t the Sugababes rate. This is that other three member girl band with lots of line up changes. No, not Destiny’s Child. I'm talking about a European band. No, not fucking Atomic Kitten.



    Only Belgium's most iconic pop group! Yes, they’re Flemish, but not understanding the lyrics doesn’t matter! It’ll give you more time to focus on the production of their super catchy pop tunes.

    Since their inception in 1998, they’ve been one of the world’s most reliable sources for bubblegum pop, having released 45 singles in a span of 19 years. When will your faves?

    Because most of you probably aren’t overly familiar with K3, a short recap of their career so far:

    Their first line-up consisted of Karen Damen, Kristel Verbeke and Kathleen Aerts. After releasing a flop single (Wat Ik Wil), they participated in a live television show to select the Belgian entry for 1999’s Eurovision Song Contest, with a tragic perfomance of the song Heyah Mama. Though unsuccessful, they released the song as a single and it became a giant hit.

    Ten years and nine albums later singer Kathleen pulled a Siobhan and decided to call it quits. But because Karen and Kristel wanted to continue (and because the band was extremely lucrative for their label) an televised competition was launched to find a replacement member. A few months later, Josje Huisman joined the band. She stayed with K3 for six years.

    In 2015 the band announced that they were getting “too old for this shit” (paraphrasing) and another competition show was launched. Later that year they were replaced by three 20-year-olds, Hanne Verbruggen, Marthe De Pillecyn and Klaasje Meijer, whom, after a joint farewell/new line-up tour, took over as the new K3. Take notes, Sugababes!

    So far, K3 have released 15 albums (and 8 movies, 6 tv shows, 3 musicals and an unbelievable amount of merchandise. I hardly go a day without seeing a child wearing a K3 backpack) So in an effort to make this rate somewhat accessible to newcomers (and to preserve my own sanity), I decided against a full discography rate. They save all of their bops for single releases anyway!

    Most of K3’s output can roughly be sorted into four themes.

    Be nice to each other/war is bad (Alle Kleuren, 10.000 Luchtballonnen, Iedereen K3)
    Boats (Liefdeskapitein, Eyo!, Love Boat Baby)
    Pro-police propaganda (De Politie)
    and their favourite theme,
    Literally Nonsense (Heyah Mama, Yeke Yeke, Yippee Yippee, Oya Lélé, Kuma Hé, Ya Ya Yippee, MaMaSé, Eya Hoya, Loko Lé, Jodelee, Ushuaia)

    So if you’re in the mood for bubblegum pop, key changes, line-up changes and Congolese men yelling stuff at you before the chorus hits, please join me in the K3 Singles Rate!

    • Rate each song on a scale of 1-10 (.5’s are allowed).
    • Give your all time favourite an 11!
    • Please give me as much commentary as you can. It makes the reveals much more fun. (But don’t feel obliged to comment on every track. Sometimes there’s just nothing to say.)
    • Send your scores to me in a PM before the 8th of January, 10 PM GMT. Hopefully that gives y'all enough time to still vote after the holidays are done taking over your lives! I'll take this long ass time to highlight some of K3's many promo singles, from the hidden gems to the tragic messes.
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    Because of intense regional restrictions, there's a good chance most of these links don't work for you. Most of their stuff seems to be unavailable outside of Belgium and the Netherlands. So if that's the case for you, keep scrolling, I’ve put together three long ass mp3’s and posted them on for easy listening.

    (I originally made a couple of snazzy videos but then YouTube copyright swiped the hell out of them, then Vimeo had a weekly upload limit, has a video time limit and four sites later I gave up and just dumped them as audio files onto All that video editing work FOR NOTHING.)

    So here you go!

    The Karen/Kristel/Kathleen era:
    Wat Ik Wil
    Heyah Mama
    Yeke Yeke
    I Love You Baby
    Alle Kleuren
    Yippee Yippee
    Oma’s Aan De Top
    Hippie Shake
    Blub, Ik Ben Een Vis
    Mama’s En Papa’s
    Je Hebt Een Vriend
    De 3 Biggetjes
    Oya Lélé
    Frans Liedje
    Hart Verloren
    Zou Er Iemand Zijn Op Mars?
    Kuma Hé
    Borst Vooruit
    Ya Ya Yippee
    Dokter Dokter
    Je Mama Ziet Je Graag
    De Revolutie

    The Karen/Kristel/Josje era:
    De Politie
    Alice In Wonderland
    Hallo K3
    Waar Zijn Die Engeltjes?
    Zwaai Als Je Verliefd Bent
    Eya Hoya
    Loko Le
    K3 Loves You

    The Hanne/Marthe/Klaasje era:
    10.000 Luchtballonnen
    Love Boat Baby
    Iedereen K3

    I know I promised you uptempo bubblegum pop jams, so for new listeners who are discouraged by the first couple of midtempos I recommend maybe starting with Part 3. That’s when they really started embracing the four-on-the-floor. (And then loop back to discover all the other bops in Parts 1 and 2.)
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  4. This is the best thing I've ever read in my life. I'm so excited!
  5. omg! I'm so in! And I still owe you my favorite non-single tracks to each album. I think of doing the latter occasionally but I never get around to it. In my defense, I've been seriously pre-occupied with other artists music. But is time to get down to the K3 business!
  6. I knew I could count on you two to get your asses in here first!
    And very likely two of like, eight voters, so I'm very grateful for the support.
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  7. I am in.

    I am sorry if I am out of line kii but can we add the fabulous gay anthem for children Prinsesjes en Superman? I know it wasnot a single but it made quite the fuss! Ow and another fave that is missing is 'kusjessoldaten' en 'als het binnen regent'. Werenot those singles too? I could have imagined that. Only asking here; not demanding?
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  8. I do love Prinsesje & Superman for being a glorious anti-gender-norm anthem, but I was thinking of highlighting it during the voting period at some point.

    What songs were released as singles or just as music videos is a weird, nebulous area when it comes to K3, I compiled the list to the best of my knowledge/wikipedia/charts/research.
    Kusjessoldaten/Als Het Binnenregent/Jij Bent De Bom/Kus Van De Juf all got music videos for some kind of K3 Music Video Month, but don't seem to count as singles. I considered including them, but then I'd also have to include Parapluutje, En Ik Dans, Kitty, Meiden Van De Brandweer and about fifteen others, so to keep the list slightly manageable I decided to really stick to the singles. It's a shame because some of them are my faves too, but 45 songs is already a lot.

    I'll devote a couple of posts to some of their non-singles, so I absolutely encourage you to comment on those!
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  9. I'm already torn between about four or five different songs for my 11.
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  10. It is all good. Perfectly understandable!
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  11. You can definitely count me in after I finish the Alt Queens Rate.
  12. I just "skimmed" some of the songs and I think I have to partake, as there was one song which received an immediate 11 in my head. Then again, most of the other songs are just a bit too childish, sorry...

    Do they happen to have any Christmas songs, by the way?
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  13. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Going by it's overall treatment Drums Gaan Boem is considered a single too.
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  14. This is so wrong.
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  15. How rude (and true).
    No real Christmas songs I'm afraid, but I'm also not that familiar with their album tracks so maybe someone else can tell you about a hidden Christmas gem. I guess Jodelee is winter'y?
    And re: some of the super childish songs - I know! Personally not a fan either but it's worth it to get to the basic bops. I'm so curious to what your immediate 11 is!
    I thought it was just dumped on YouTube along with Kitty, En Ik Dans and some of those other songs? Then again, that's what they basically do with their singles as well...
    (I'm assuming I can count on your votes, by the way?)
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  16. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Yeah maybe I'm just thinking it because of how often it was performed on K3 Zoekt 3.

    Plenty songs of them got a video as part of a dvd/special but weren't proper singles.. then there's Dubbeldekkertrein which has a single cover but never got a video.. Trouwen also got a promo video..
    The ones of their last album all got an independent itunes release with its own artwork, so I consider them singles, but it's hard to figure out with them.
  17. My god, they have so many promo singles, sort-of singles and music videos I don't even know about! What the fuck is Dubbeldekkertrein even?
    The way they release stuff really is a mess. I guess at this point I just feel like sticking to this list to avoid ending up with seventy songs for people to score. It's already going to be tough enough to convince any newcomers to vote.

    But if enough people feel strongly about adding songs, it could happen of course. I'm a benevolent rate host!
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  18. I did a quick rate of the songs I'm already familiar with, and I'm counting about 10 10s so far. Not bad!

    I'm really looking forward to just sitting down and watching their videos one evening. I'm not a big fan of videos in general but I can't help but be cheered up by theirs. The stuff by the new girls isn't half bad either.
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  19. The 2009 album "MaMaSé" has a few tunes that sounds delightfully Christmas-ey. Particularly "Handjes draaien" & "Radio"! Those both have a nice Christmas-ey melodic jingle to them.
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