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iTunes Help Needed

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by idratherjack, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. I've got a problem with my iTunes - recently all the new albums I've added (whether purchased from iTunes or imported from a CD) won't play, instead an exclamation mark appears next to them when I click them saying file cannot be located.

    I have my iTunes backed up on an external hard drive and all the older mp3s still play fine, but nothing from the last couple of months does. I know I could add them again but I really don't want to lose all my play counts! Is there a way round this and does anyone know why it's happened?

    Many thanks for any help!
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  2. You normally get the exclamation mark when you've moved the location of the files on your hard drive. Have you checked that the newer stuff is in the same folder as your other iTunes music?
  3. Yes, that's what I don't understand - it's all in the same folder and I haven't moved it on the hard drive.

    I checked with one single and re-added it but it comes on iTunes as a duplicate, but at least it plays! I suppose play counts don't matter that much and I can just add everything again if I have to and delete the ones that aren't playing. Thanks for the reply - sometimes I hate iTunes! You never had this bother in the olden days with CDs...
  4. I also run my iTunes library from an external drive, but make sure everything gets put onto there in one place. iTunes is a swine though, you have to keep an eye on it! Quite often I'll be importing a load of stuff, and for no reason the tracks go into the C drive instead, and I only find out later. So if I can, I try and constantly check everything that's added is going into the same (external) drive location from the start.

    It means I have no music on my computer (technically-speaking), but it stops iTunes becoming a war zone!
  5. I do this as well but for some reason everything also seems to save itself on the computer as well. I once found a folder with something like 40GB worth of duplicated music clogging up my hard drive.

    I don't really understand how it all works and have spent hours moving stuff into the correct folders (I particularly hate it when it saves Greatest Hits as compilations rather than as the artists).

    Anyway enough of that. I have an iTunes question (I actually have about 200 but 1 will do for now).

    I recently downloaded a mixtape on to my desktop and then moved this into my iTunes. From there there I put it into my iPod. So far so good. The problem is that whilst it appears successfully in both my iTunes and iPod when attached once I eject the iPod the artist doesn't show up at all.

    If I search for the album on my iPod it's there but the artist is nowhere to be found???

    Not that it really matters but my minor OCD can't cope.

  6. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    If you open the song in itunes (properties) are the artist and 'album artist' fields filled properly?
  7. Make sure the "compilation" tick-box, in the bottom-right corner, is unchecked. I always manually add and import stuff now, so nothing gets automatically put somewhere I don't want it. As long as you put the act's name in the two boxes provided, any GH should just show up like any normal album! For multi-artist compilations, just make the second "artist" box something like "various/various artists" and check that "compilation" box. It only took mr 6 years to master all this haha.
  8. Of course!!! What do you take me for :-)
  9. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    And you don't accidentally have the 'compilation' box checked?
  10. Ok folks I have numerous iTunes probs that I need help with and I know you lot can come to my rescue.

    I recently bought myself a lovely big desk top computer for my house. Up until now I've had my iTunes at the office but am now setting it up at home as well. This is quite a big task as I had 27,000 songs on my work computer (4,000 disappeared when a man came in to sort out my computer but we'll come to that later). I've been coming across multiple problems so will do them one by one. This make take until Christmas..............

    1 - Album Covers

    When you add a new CD you request that it gets the album artwork. Usually it does this but sometimes it either can't find it ot puts some hideous incorrect cover up which you sinply can't live with. It's easy enough to change this is you just search for the right artwork and manually copy and paste it into the artwork box when you edit info. But sometimes this doesn't work. It either refuses to copy or the nasty cover that has already been added refuses to move.

    I currently have this............


    As the cover to Babs' 'My Name Is Barbra' when obviously it should be this............


    You can imagine my horror!!!

    Any idea why some covers won't work or how I can change covers that stubbornly refuse to move.

    If you can solve this we'll move on to the really tricky stuff.
  11. I can confirm I have never been unable to manually add artwork ever ever ever. I only ever get artwork from iTunes if it's new/recent. They never have the right artwork for most of my older stuff, especially single sleeves. I have been no help at all... but I don't understand your problem. It's certianly not my experience. Are you sure you aren't adding it as well as, rather than replacing it? ie. you paste it in and it appears, but if you scroll up the first artwork is still there above it? You can add several covers in the info box, but it will only display the top one.
  12. ^ What he said; in the add info box for the artwork, it's possible to have more than one image there, and the original incorrect iTunes-sourced one may still be there..delete yours, and then see if it goes totally blank or not. If not, delete whatever else remains and then put your cover image in again.

    Also, make sure you check every artwork box for every track on an album; sometimes all it takes is one of them to still have the wrong/old artwork.

    One related thing which gets me is when, despite having all the relevant album info and tags correct for an album, it shows up a separate sleeve in coverflow for every track! My FGTH entries look a joke as a result...every track from Bang! gets its own repeated sleeve, whatever I do (wherever I go)....
  13. I can delete the incorrect one, but however hard I try a new one won't appear. It just refuses to take.

    I've done this on hundreds of occasions and the majority of times it works but every now and then the new pic just won't show of=r an old pic refuses to leave.

    I don't understand why anfunny2003 has never been able to add artwork? Are there different versions of iTunes that work differently?
  14. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    anfunny said he'd never been able nót to add it manually!
  15. Very odd! Maybe delete the track(s) completely, even from the iTunes media folder, and then re-import and try again. Also, make sure the image is coming from somewhere on your hard-drive (Pictures folder or similar).
  16. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Also, WAVs don't allow cover art for whatever reason.
  17. Has anyone had a problem since the most recent update of songs skipping/stuttering? It seems to happen when I'm loading a webpage.
  18. I just posted this in the off topic general iTunes thread, but as we're having artwork woes here as well I'll re-post ...

    On my iPhone 5, when I look at the 'albums' not all of the artwork is showing down the side in the list - some just show a musical note. When I play the tracks the artwork is there full screen, but just not in the 'albums' section. Does anyone know why this is and how I can rectify it?
  19. Oh yeah. HA!!!

  20. AH!!! I have no idea what a WAV is but it sounds like a possible reason. Looking at it a lot of the albums that won't work properly are ones that I've converted from vinyl so they are probbaly in a different format.

    We may have an answer!!!

    Love you guys.

    The next problem is one I'm sure we all have. It's called 'The Missy Elliot Dilema'. Will elaborate later.
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