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iTunes Help Needed

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by idratherjack, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. Why does iTunes insist on adding artwork when you haven't asked it to? And why does it flatout refuse to let you delete and put in new artwork? It's so infuriating when you have iTunes OCD.

    Also, my iTunes has just randomly gone back to an older version...! Its so weird I just went on it the other day, and it's not the new one. I downloaded the update, and it's stayed the same. Has this happened to anyone else? It's driving me crazy
  2. I hope they put the cover flow option back on with the next update.
  3. This is why I never, ever update. I have no idea what version/year mine is from, but it's old. I like my Playlist folders! And coverflow.
  4. If I put a bunch of tracks in a playlist that are at different volumes, is there a control to make every track in that playlist, play back at the same volume ?
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  5. Select all - Get Info - Options - Volume adjustment.
  6. This might sound stupid, but I have never highlighted more than one track at a time.

    How do I select all ?
  7. Click a track and then hold down CTRL and click another one. If you truly mean you want ALL the tracks in your library highlighted just press CTRL + A.
  8. Control+A (Cmd+A), or click the first item in the playlist, scroll down to the bottom, and shift click the last one.

    Alternatively, I think iTunes has an option to select all (File->Select All or something)
  9. OK, I have 275 tracks in a certain playlist, and did the following (please tell me if it's wrong):

    Step 1) I right clicked on a single random track
    Step 2) I went up to the "Edit" menu and chose "Select All"

    --- At this point every track turned blue ---

    Step 3) I right clicked on top of the entire blue highlighted playlist
    Step 4) A menu came up & I chose "Get Info"

    -- At this point an iTunes message/ warning box came up saying "Are you sure you want to edit information for multiple items?" --
    (I chose "Yes").

    Step 5) A box came up called "Multiple Item Information" and I scrolled along to the "Options" tab
    Step 6) I left the "Volume adjustment" slider (unticked), at its default setting of "None"
    Step 7) At the bottom of the "Multiple Item Information" box, I clicked on "OK"
    Step 8) A white bar that is slowly filling up blue, has come up.

    Based on the above info, have I carried out this command right ?
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  10. ^ yeah, but if you want the tracks to be at a certain volume you should move the slider up/down a bit, 'None' may just leave the songs as they are.
  11. OK Guys, thanks for your help with this. (I was stressing out about it for so long).
  12. Why must iTunes Match think that Kylie's Almost a Lover is Cruise Control, it's so annoying! I wish you could choose to upload to iCloud if it matches the wrong song.
  13. Are people generally pleased with iTunes Match? I'm thinking of trying it out. Also, I was wondering if people had success matching things that were not in their country's store?
  14. I don't think I've ever had the problem of a wrong matching!
  15. So I answered my own question, I decided to try it out for myself. Turns out nothing that was available in other stores, but not in mine, got matched. I contacted iTunes telling them I had no use for it and they refunded me.
  16. Sorry to bump this thread, but does anyone know why iTunes suddenly decides to redownload a purchased file which is already in your library? I end up with 2 copies. This has happened to me a few times now. I just don't get why it does that.
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